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Man and Van Prices

The average cost of a man and van is between £36 and £120 per hour, depending on how many team members you need and the size of the van. Man and van businesses can assist with small moves and deliveries, such as picking up furniture from Facebook Marketplace on your behalf. With various vehicle and team sizes available, you can choose the company that best suits your criteria.

In this guide, we’ll take you through the various man and van prices you can expect depending on the team size and vehicle.

Man and Van Costs

Here are the average hourly costs for a man and van company:

Basic Transit Van


Large Transit Van


Luton Van


How Much Does Man and Van Cost Per Hour?

The average hourly rate for man and van is between £36 and £120 per hour. Most man and van companies charge an hourly rate with a 2 or 3-hour minimum charge.

Some businesses have a fleet of vehicles and multiple team members on hand, meaning that they can accommodate a wide range of requests. However, some companies have one or two employees and specialise in smaller jobs.

Always check whether the quote your company provides is inclusive of everything. Certain aspects of the job may require an additional fee such as toll fees. You can compare removal companies to save money on your move.

Here are the average hourly costs for man and van businesses:

Size of Van

1 Team Member

2 Team Members

3 Team Members

Basic Transit Van£36£54£66
Large Transit Van£57£74£93
Luton Van£83£97£120

*Data taken from an average from Check-a-Trade, Man With Van London, A Man With a Van London, and What Removals

Our users save an average of £700 on their small move

Verified and Trusted Moving Companies

Used by over 1 million movers in the UK

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How Much Does Man and Van Cost Per Day?

Booking a man and van costs an average of £149 to £255 for a ½ day and £279 to £469 for a full day. If your move requires thorough planning, your man and van company may offer a fixed price rather than an hourly rate. A ½ day slot typically means 4 hours while a full day is 8 hours. As with the hourly rates, your total cost is dependent on how many team members you hire. The size of the vehicle may also be a contributing factor to the final cost.

Here are the average daily rates when hiring a man and van:

Length of Time

1 Team Member

2 Team Members

3 Team Members

1/2 Day (4 Hours)£149£195£255
Full Day (8 Hours)

*Data taken from an average from Check-a-Trade and What Removals

How Are Costs Calculated?

Your total man and van cost will take various factors into consideration to ensure the business meets your criteria. It’s important to remember that the more team members you need, the higher the cost will typically be.



Accessibility issues relate to how difficult the move will be for your man and van to complete. This includes moving to a flat that requires climbing up flights of stairs or carrying heavy items such as furniture down narrow halls. Your man and van team may need to take more time to ensure your belongings are not damaged as they are carried to your property. In turn, this will drive up the price.

There may also be difficulties for those moving into a house. If your movers have to park far away or the house is located on a road that is difficult for the van to access, this can increase the total moving cost.


Amount of Time

Most man and van businesses offer an hourly rate as they specialise in carrying out small and quick moves. However, for those embarking on a larger job, it may be cheaper to book the man and van for either a ½ day or full-day slot.

The company will consider how much needs to be moved to determine the amount of time it will take for the move to be completed.



Most man and van companies operate in their local community and surrounding areas. However, others may provide services further afield across the region. For those moving a further distance, expect to see your moving cost increase. This is due to the higher amount of fuel and labour that will be used for the journey.



Removal services in cities such as London, Manchester, and Edinburgh tend to cost more compared to smaller towns across the UK. Whether you are moving hundreds of miles or nearby, you'll need to keep this in mind when using a local man and van company.


Optional Extras

There may be additional upgrades that you can take advantage of such as professional packing services. This is dependent on the man and van company you use. However, bear in mind that additional services will likely add an extra charge to your total cost.

If you choose to have more assistance with your move, make sure your man and van company provides a quote that includes all costs to avoid hidden charges on moving day.


Van Size

The size of the van will likely be a major factor in the overall cost as they cost more to run, especially when moving longer distances. Most man and van companies will only have a single vehicle; however, some may have a couple of vans allowing them to cater to different size moves.

Man and van businesses will likely have a basic transit van, a large transit van, or a Luton van. A company using a basic transit van will charge less than those using a Luton van due to the limited space and lower petrol costs.

Our users save an average of £700 on their small move

Verified and Trusted Moving Companies

Used by over 1 million movers in the UK

compare now

Man and Van vs Removal Company

Man and van businesses and removal companies have major differences that relate to how they operate and how much they charge.


Number of Employees

Man and van companies are typically operated by no more than a handful of employees compared to removal companies. They usually have one van while removal companies have a wide range of vans.


Areas of Operation

Another important difference is that man and van businesses tend to operate in their local area. Larger removal companies work across a variety of locations, with some even providing moves nationwide.



Due to these differences, a man and van service tends to cost a lot less than a removal company. They are often seen as a more affordable option compared to traditional movers. The average removal company cost is £806 for a 3-bedroom house. This does not include optional extras such as packing services, which can add an extra £250 on average.

Finding a Man and Van Company

Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 Man and Van companies operating in your area. Simply fill in our man and van comparison form to compare quotes and save up to 70% on your total man and van costs.

All our man and van partners have passed our strict verification process to join our network. This process includes providing proof of Public Liability and Goods in Transit insurance to protect your items.

You can also ask friends and family members for recommendations if they have recently used a man and van service for their move. In these instances, always research the company online and read existing reviews beforehand. This will ensure that the company suits your requirements while remaining within your budget.

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