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How to Move a Bed in 4 Steps

Martha Lott

Written by Reviewed by Marc Benger

23rd Aug 2018 (Last updated on 4th Jan 2021) 4 minute read

Moving to a new house brings with it so many factors to take into consideration. With moving day fast approaching, you'll want to start planning and preparing everything in advance for your house removals, even down to how you’re going to move and pack your bed.

Moving and packing your bed may seem like a difficult task and one many people will put off until the last minute, but with proper planning and preparation, it doesn't have to be hard.

We’ve created the ultimate step by step guide on how to move and pack your bed in 4 simple steps from how to pack your mattress to how to dismantle your bed.

This article will cover the following:
  1. How to Move a Bed - A Guide
  2. Step 1 - Pack The Mattress
  3. Step 2 - Dismantle The Bed
  4. Step 3 - Pack The Bed
  5. Step 4 - Move The Bed
  6. Save Money and Time on Your Move

How to Move a Bed - A Guide

Moving a bed without the help of a removal company doesn't have to be difficult. Follow these 4 simple steps to avoid any damage to your bed and the dismantled parts.

How to move a bed
  • Step One - Pack the mattress
  • Step Two - Dismantle the bed
  • Step Three - Pack the bed
  • Step Four -  Move the bed

We'll continue to break down each of the steps to give you a detailed step by step guide on how to move your bed. 

Step 1 - Pack The Mattress

To start moving your bed, first start by packing away your bedding. You'll want to carefully handle your mattress as it could easily get damaged during the process. Use a protective cover to wrap around your mattress to avoid any damage from other items.

Most removal companies will offer a mattress protector with their packing service, but you can easily do it yourself with items you already have in your house. If you don’t have a mattress protector, then wrap your mattress in old bed sheets or table covers and secure with tape. An extra layer of plastic sheeting will also act as extra protection. A useful moving house tip is to use a fitted sheet on both sides of the mattress as a first layer.

Avoid bending the mattress to fit into a protective cover, it will damage the springs and affect the shape. A moving checklist will help you stick to a structured plan for your move.

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Step 2 - Dismantle The Bed

Most removal companies will offer a dismantle service for furniture including beds, but if you’re keeping the costs down then you can do this yourself. It's worth checking the cost when requesting removal quotes just so you know how to plan your move. If you have the original instructions that came with your bed, then follow them.

To dismantle your bed, first clear away and pack the bedding and mattress. Next, unscrew the legs, footboard and headboard and place all the screws, nuts and bolts in to a plastic bag which should be attached to the bed, so you don't misplace it. 

Finally, with tape, attach the screws in their bag on to the leg or part that they belong to. By taking the time to do this, it will reduce any moving house stress by making the reassembling process of the bed easier and quicker. It'll also be useful to take pictures of where each part will go to make putting it back together as simple as possible. 

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Step 3 - Pack The Bed

Once you’ve dismantled the bed, make note of where all the parts and screws go and keep them attached to the bed in the removal van, this will make the task of assembling your bed simple.

Next, you'll need to carefully pack each part of the dismantled bed. Start by wrapping each part in old sheets or protective covers. To fully protect the bed parts, wrap each item in bubble wrap and extra protective covers after you've wrapped them in sheets.

If your bed is wooden, don't wrap the parts in bubble wrap. Only use bubble wrap after it's been covered in protective sheets. Any sort of plastic wrap will only cause damage to the surface of the wood. After packing, you should label the boxes so when it's easier when it comes to unpacking. To save an extra 10% on moving boxes, use code CMM10 when buying packing boxes.

Step 4 - Move The Bed

Your bed will be easier to move once it's been dismantled and packed, but some circumstances it may be difficult to move out of the room and downstairs. Give the removal company plenty of notice if you know it will be tricky to move your bed. They are trained professionals and have experience of moving awkward items. 

Prepare as well as you can to give the removal company easy access to the bed and its parts on moving day. This will be easier as you'll have decluttered and packed your everything already. If you're not paying for a packing service and if you can, carefully move the bed parts one by one downstairs so it's all ready for moving day.

Be sure to label that it's wooden parts of your bed so the removal company know not to stack anything on top or have close contact with something that could cause damage to it. 

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Save Money and Time on Your Move

Now that you know how to save time and money by packing and moving your bed yourself, why not save on your home removal costs too? We'll connect you with up to 6 removal companies in your area and save you up to 70% on the cost along the way. 

Martha Lott

Written by Martha Lott

Having written for Huffington Post and Film Criticism Journal, Martha now regularly researches and writes advice articles for everything moving house related.

Marc Benger

Reviewed by Marc Benger

Co-Founder and Director, Compare My Move

Co-founder and director of Compare My Move, Marc Benger has over 10 years of experience in the house removals industry.