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What is the Cost of Selling a House in Scotland?

Adele MacGregor

Written by

24th Sep 2021 (Last updated on 10th Mar 2023) 5 minute read

The average cost of selling a house in Scotland is £6,284, based on the average house price in Scotland of £187,517. The total cost of selling a house in this part of the UK depends on a few factors including the house size and value.

You will also need to factor in estate agent and solicitor fees and the cost of a Home Report. Understanding the selling process in Scotland can prepare you for the costs involved. Below we look at what the costs cover and what it means for your house sale

  1. How Much Does Selling a House Cost in Scotland in 2021?
  2. Estate Agent Fees
  3. Solicitor Fees
  4. Home Report Fees
  5. Removal Company Costs
  6. Capital Gains Tax
  7. Next Steps of Selling a House

How Much Does Selling a House Cost in Scotland in 2021?

According to the House Price Index published in July 2022, the average price of a house in Scotland was £187,517. Using this figure as a basis, we have calculated that the average cost of selling a house in Scotland is £6,284.

In addition to this article, you can use our moving house calculator to help work out the cost of your house sale

Below we’ve set out the average cost of selling a house in Scotland. Be aware that these are averages based on data correct as of Q3 2022. The true cost of selling a house will vary depending on the size and value of your property.


Estate Agent Commission (at 1.5%)




Home Report


Removal Company Cost




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Estate Agent Fees

Cost of an estate agent: £2,813 (1.5% commission fee)

In Scotland, many estate agents are commission-based. According to, you can expect estate agent fees of around 1% to 3.5% of the sale price of your property. We calculated that an estate agent fee of 1.5% for the average property price in Scotland of £187,517 would be £2,813.

Be aware that the above is an estimate. The fee for your sale will depend on the percentage your estate agent takes and how much the property sells for.

In Scotland, many solicitors offer estate agent services and conveyancing under one roof. This is known as a “Solicitor Estate Agent”. As conveyancers, they will handle the legal aspect of your property sale. They will also be responsible for marketing your property and vetting potential buyers.

Solicitor Fees

The average cost of conveyancing: £1,690

A solicitor is required when selling your home across the UK. For conveyancing in Scotland, this can cost around £1,690 depending on the size and price of your property. Besides the legal work undertaken, conveyancing costs also cover any fees to third parties.

If you opt for a Solicitor Estate Agent, the costs of a solicitor and estate agent will be combined in one fee. It is possible to use separate estate agents and solicitors in Scotland, although less common. If you choose to use a separate estate agent and solicitor be aware that you will have two separate fees to pay.

Scottish solicitor estate agents are usually members of Solicitors and Property Centres. They are also bound by the Law Society of Scotland guidelines.

Under the guidelines, gazumping is highly discouraged. If you accept a higher, second offer from a buyer, your solicitor must withdraw from acting on your behalf.

As a result, you will have to find another solicitor to complete the sale. This will cost you both time and money, adding to the overall cost of selling your home.

If you don't know how much you will be expected to pay, you can use our Conveyancing Fees Calculator.

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Home Report Fees

Cost of a Home Report: Between £585 and £820

The cost of a Home Report will depend on the size of your property. According to RICS, this can cost between £585 and £820. Unlike in the rest of the UK where the buyer arranges a survey, in Scotland it is the responsibility of the seller. A copy of the a Home Report is then provided to potential buyers.

This is designed to give the buyer an overview of the property. It will also indicate any issues and the energy efficiency of the home before they commit to buying.

The Home Report includes a Single Survey and Energy Report, which are both completed by a RICS surveyor. The third is a Property Questionnaire which is completed by the seller.

A Home Report is a legal requirement in Scotland and failure to produce one can result in a local authority penalty charge of £500.

Removal Company Costs

Removal company cost: £1,181

A removal company will cost on average £1,181. This is based on an average 3-bedroom house move in the UK, with a distance of 50 miles. Unlike the surveying and conveyancing process, removals are the same across the UK.

The cost of your house move will depend upon a few factors. This includes the size of your home, how much you are moving, the distance to your new home and the company you hire. For example, moving from England to Scotland will be more expensive than moving locally within Scotland.

The average removal cost in Glasgow for a 3-bedroom house is £665, according to our data. in Edinburgh, the average cost for a 3-bedroom house move is £1,781.

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Capital Gains Tax

We have not included Capital Gains Tax in our estimation of selling a house in Scotland. Capital gains is a tax on the profit you make on selling a property, but it doesn't usually apply to your main home.

If you are selling second homes or a buy-to-let property, you will need to factor this into the cost of selling.

Currently, the tax is charged at a rate of 10% on the gains. This is a tax on the profit you make if it has increased in value, not the overall amount the property sold for. There is currently a Capital Gains Tax tax-free allowance of £12,300.

Next Steps of Selling a House

This has been part of our selling a house guide. Once you have a better understanding of the selling timeline, you can start to look at the value of your house. In the next article we look at how to value your house before putting it up for sale. To learn more read how much is your house worth.

Adele MacGregor

Having worked at Compare My Move for over four years, Adele covers topics such as the conveyancing process across the UK, property surveys, home moves and storage.