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How Much Does a Home Report Cost?


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3rd Jan 2023 (Last updated on 21st May 2024) 3 minute read

When selling a house in Scotland, you will need to provide prospective buyers with a Home Report. On average, this costs between £585 and £820 according to RICS.

The price of a Home Report can vary depending on the size of the property, its value, age and the condition it is in. The surveyor you choose will determine the final price.

The report is designed to give potential buyers an overview of the condition of the home. This allows them to make an informed decision on the purchase.

  1. Who Pays for a Home Report?
  2. What Can You Expect to Pay?
  3. What is Included in the Cost?
  4. Arranging a Home Report
  5. Finding a Surveyor
  6. Learn More About Surveying

Who Pays for a Home Report?

As of December 1st 2008, sellers are legally required to have a Home Report when they put their home on the market. It must be arranged and paid for by the seller and be made available to all prospective buyers. If you're moving to Scotland from England this is important to be aware of as the process is different.

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What Can You Expect to Pay?

According to RICS, a Home Report can cost between £585 and £820. These costs will vary based on the type of property and the surveyor completing the survey.

Why Do Costs Vary?

Home Report costs can vary based on location, with many surveyors taking into account the time to travel to the property. They will also factor in the time it takes to inspect, value and report on the home.

Costs can also vary based on the home’s age, size and value. Large homes, older homes, homes of high value and those in remote locations will often have slightly higher Home Report costs. Properties that are conveniently located, small and low value will likely have less expensive reports.

What is Included in the Cost?

The Home Report will provide details of any work which may be required on the home. It will also detail the home's energy efficiency, its age and the building materials used.

The report is split into three parts:

  • Single Survey
  • Energy Report (which includes an EPC certificate)
  • Property Questionaire.

Both the Single Survey and Energy Report must be completed by a RICS registered surveyor.

It is the seller who completes the property questionnaire. If you are unsure of any part of it you can consult either your surveyor or speak with your conveyancer.

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Arranging a Home Report

If you’re looking to arrange a Home Report it is essential that the surveyor is RICS registered.

Although hiring a surveyor with knowledge of the local area is not mandatory, it can be an advantage. They may be able to provide a more accurate report based on similar properties. They might also have information about the surrounding area.

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Finding a Surveyor

At Compare My Move, we can connect you with up to 6 surveyors and save you up to 70% on your Home Report costs. Simply fill in our comparison form to find the right surveying firm for you. All our surveying partners have passed our strict verification process and will be RICS-registered.

Need a Removal Company?

Once your survey and property transaction goes through, you may need a removal company. Our surveying form lets you request removal companies in just a few extra steps. We can connect you with up to 6 removal companies and save up to 70% on your removal fees.

Learn More About Surveying

This is part of our guide to surveying. Next we look in more detail at the Single Survey element of the Home Report in Scotland. To learn more read: What is a Single Survey?


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