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What is Subsidence?

Subsidence is when the ground beneath your property compresses or sinks, creating an unbalanced foundation. As the ground becomes unstable, the foundations become misaligned, affecting the property’s structural safety and often its overall value.

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Plants That Can Damage Your Property

There are several plants that can damage your property which your surveyor will highlight if they’re found during the property survey. The main plants to be aware of are: Japanese Knotweed, Oak, Willow and Poplar Trees, Lime and Pine trees, English and Common Ivy.

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What Is A Restrictive Covenant

What is a Restrictive Covenant?

Restrictive covenants state what an owner can or can’t do with their home or land, restricting their use of the property in some way. They are binding conditions or clauses written into a property’s deeds or contract that prevents the homeowner from completing certain acts or alterations.

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What Is Indemnity Insurance

What is Indemnity Insurance?

A Local Authority Search is a query into the local area and land where the property you are hoping to buy resides. Local Authority searches are a vital part of the conveyancing process and are undertaken as part of the property searches that come with buying a house.

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What To Do If You Inherit A House

What To Do If You Inherit A House?

Inheriting a property after a relative or loved one has passed away can bring a mixture of emotions. Understanding how to prepare for the process will help to make inheriting a house seem less daunting. You are likely to be faced with deciding what to do with the property: you won’t have to make an immediate decision in most cases.

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