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With extensive knowledge and over 36 years of experience in surveying properties, Scott Architectural is a team of reliable chartered surveyors who aim to help both buyers and sellers by using their surveying and architectural expertise. We are a RICS regulated firm who provide first-class survey reports and a detailed knowledge of building construction techniques, both new and old.  

We can aid you in your moving process by providing reliable RICS homebuyers and building surveys on many construction types, allowing you to make an informed decision about the value of the property. We pride ourselves on the level of detail in our work and strive to ensure that you’re fully informed about the building in question.

Since September 2019
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Homebuyers Survey

When purchasing a house less than 80 years old and in reasonable condition, you will require our RICS homebuyers survey to gain a better understanding of the building and any defects it may contain. A property survey is highly important as it determines whether or not the property is a worthy investment by highlighting potential issues and the necessary repair costs.  

Our homebuyers survey will help you properly assess the property’s condition and calculate any potential repair costs that will be needed in the future. We will provide you with an in-depth report, highlighting any issues and defects and the necessary actions to take to fix them. Our reports are easy to read but we are also available if you need to discuss the results further and cut through the jargon.

Building Survey

If you’re considering buying a property, Scott Architectural surveyors will help by conducting an inspection of the building to help you properly assess its condition. Our RICS building survey is for older, more unusually constructed buildings or buildings that have had, or you’re planning to add, renovations to. 

The report will be much more thorough and detailed than the homebuyers survey report, containing specific information about the building's structure and any specific requirements tailored to you. It will highlight any damage to the property and will recommend the necessary repair work, ensuring you’re fully informed before continuing with the transaction.

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