Increasing numbers of people are looking to ditch their lives in the city and relocate, especially in light of the coronavirus pandemic, with many choosing to move closer to the coast in search of a more laidback way of life by the sea.

It's easy to see why, with the UK being home to some stunning seaside towns and villages, but upping sticks and moving to the coast can be an expensive choice not forgetting the hidden costs such as solicitors fees for buying a house.

We've ranked over 150 coastal locations on factors such as average house price, sunshine and beach ratings to identify the best places to relocate by the sea.

The Best Places to Relocate



Average Temperature Annual Precipitation Average Water Quality Score (out of 3) Beach Review Score (out of 5) Average House Value Median Full-Time Salary Overall Score





We looked at over 150 coastal towns and villages in the UK and ranked them on the following factors, giving a normalised score out of 100 for each factor, before taking an average overall score.

Average Temperature/Annual Precipitation

Both sourced from

Average Water Quality Score

The quality of beach water, scored out of three, according to the Environment Agency. If a town had more than one beach, we took an average of the scores for each beach.

Beach Review Score

The average review score for the town's main beach according to reviews left on Google.

Average House Value

The average house value in the town according to Zoopla.

Median Full-Time Salary

The median full time salary in each town according to the Office for National Statistics' earnings and hours worked, place of residence by local authority dataset (table 8).