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Moving to Chelmsford? Save on Your Property Conveyancing Costs

Buying or selling a home in the area of Chelmsford? You'll need a qualified surveyor to handle the legal side of the transaction. Here at Compare My Move, we can assist you by connecting you with up to 6 verified conveyancing solicitors in your local area.

Our partners undergo put a strict verification process before joining our network and our team ensures they are fully licensed. They must also be regulated by either the SRA, CLC, LSS, CILEx or LSNI.

It is an advantage to opt for a conveyancer that is familiar with the local area, which is why we match you with the most successful conveyancers in Chelmsford.

The role of conveyancing solicitors is to guide you through the legal aspect of the property transaction. If you are the buyer, they will arrange essential searches on the property and surrounding area. These can uncover both the environmental and legal aspects of the home.

Our Chelmsford Conveyancing Solicitors

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    FAQs About Conveyancing in Chelmsford

    The average property price in Chelmsford is £375,026, meaning conveyancing costs for selling £1,340 and £1,390 for buying freehold. The total conveyancing time is roughly 182 days.

    There is a medium to high risk of flooring from rivers and a low to medium risk of surface flooding. Radon gas levels are low but there is evidence of subsidence. 

    Why Hire a Chelmsford Conveyancer?

    When buying or selling a home in Chelmsford you will need to hire a conveyancer. They complete the legal aspects of buying and selling a home, along with the paperwork.

    Once you have accepted an offer or your offer on a home was accepted, you should instruct your conveyancer solicitor to begin the conveyancing process. This involves:

    • Drawing up and reviewing contracts
    • Paying disbursements
    • Paying stamp duty (if applicable)
    • Property searches
    • Exchanging contacts
    • Completion date

    Your conveyancer will be able to explain any legal jargon, answer any questions you have and liaise with other parties within the transaction. Be aware that if you buy a leasehold property, your conveyancer will complete the paperwork associated with this.

    Data taken from UK House Price Index.

    How Much are Conveyancing Solicitor Fees in Chelmsford?

    If you’re purchasing or selling a property in Chelmsford you will need to pay conveyancing fees. The average property price in Chelmsford is £375,026, meaning conveyancing costs for selling are £1,430 and £1,390 when buying a freehold.

    When buying a leasehold property, the average for the area is £1,560 and £1,490 for selling a leasehold property in Chelmsford.

    You will need to pay for a Local Authority Search. This costs £110.90 inc VAT according to the Chelmsford Council website. If you are buying a home, you will need to pay this in addition to your legal fees, other disbursements and stamp duty if applicable.

    Data taken from Compare My Move’s Moving House Calculator and UK House Price Index.

    How Long Does Conveyancing Take in Chelmsford?

    We found through our research that those hiring a conveyancer in Chelmsford can expect the process to take 182 days on average. When compared to the national average of 159 days, you can expect the process in this area to take longer.

    The full process from an offer being accepted to completion in Chelmsford takes around 297 days. This is 23 days longer than the national average which is 274 days.

    Keep in mind that every property transaction is different and the conveyancing process time scale will vary. Factors that influence the time scale of a property sale include the property being leasehold, delays in the chain or complications in the process. This is due to the extra steps and paperwork needed.

    Data taken from Get Agent.

    What to Expect From Conveyancing Searches in Chelmsford?

    Conveyancing searches are a vital part of the conveyancing process. It is part of your conveyancing solicitor's job to arrange these searches on your behalf. These searches can tell you essential things about the home you are looking to buy. They enable buyers to have a clearer idea of the chosen property and the surrounding area, flagging environmental or legal issues.

    Your conveyancer will arrange the following searches:

    • Water and Drainage Search
    • Environmental Search
    • Local Authority Search

    Checking the flood risks in the area, there is evidence of a medium to high risk of flooding from rivers, especially to the south and east of the area. The River Chelmer flows through the county of Essex, where Chelmsford is located. The areas around the River Chelmer are alerted with flood warnings during heavy rain. There is also a low to medium risk of flooding from surface water.

    According to Geobear’s Subsidence Map, the centre of Chelmsford appears to suffer from subsidence, increasing towards to north of the area. Levels are lower on the outskirts of Chelmsford.

    Radon Gas levels are very low in the area and shouldn't be a concern.

    Data taken from, Get The Data, Geobear's Subsidence Map, and UK Radon Map.