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You’ll need the help of a conveyancer if you’re buying or selling property in Kingston upon Thames. Compare My Move can compare and connect you with up to 5 licensed London conveyancers or conveyancing solicitors in Kingston.

Rest assured, we only work with verified and accredited conveyancers. All our partners are accredited by either the SRA, CLC, LSS, LSNI or CILEx and are always closely monitored by our dedicated business team.

We can even help you save up to 70% on your conveyancing costs for your move to Kingston. Your conveyancer will guide you through the conveyancing process, explaining anything that crops up that will affect you or the property.

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    FAQs About Conveyancing in Kingston

    We've done the research to bring you everything you need to know about conveyancing in Kingston. Our research reveals that the average cost of a Local Authority Search in Kingston is £108.

    The flood risk from the River Thames is high in Kingston, but most postcodes have a medium risk. There is virtually no threat of radon gas in the area or contaminated land. However, there is some presence of subsidence. Your conveyancing searches will reveal a deeper analysis.

    How Much Are Conveyancing Searches in Kingston?

    When buying a house, you’ll require conveyancing searches. These searches are a vital part of the conveyancing process and will help you learn about any important changes about the land surrounding the property you’re buying.

    They’re made up of the Local Authority Search, Environmental Search and Water and Drainage Search, but the Local Authority Search will be the main search we’ll focus on. The information revealed could influence your decision to go ahead with the property sale or not, potentially avoiding some expensive or difficult scenarios.

    According to Kingston’s council website, the cost of a Local Authority Search is £108. This is made up of the LLC1 and the Con29 forms, with Con29 enquiries costing £84.00, Con29 optional enquiries costing £6.00 each and CON29 additional parcels of land £18.00 each.

    Your solicitor will usually have their enquiries once they’ve received the results of the search. Kingston’s council charge £48 for each question from your solicitor's own written enquiries. Rest assured, your conveyancer will be responsible for ordering searches and examining the results.

    • LLC1 Search and Con29

      £108 inc VAT

      This is the full Local Authority Search made up of the LLC1 and Con29.

    • LLC1 Official Search Additional parcel of land

      £6 inc VAT

      This is the cost of an additonal parcel of land.

    • Con29 Enquiries

      £84 inc VAT

      This is made up of Part 1 and Part 2 forms to reveal any road proposals, compulsory purchase orders, public paths etc.

    • Con29 Optional Enquiries

      £6 inc VAT

      If you need further enquiries answered.

    • Solicitor's own written enquiries

      £48 inc VAT

      If your solicitor has any further enquiries.

    Local Authority Search costs taken from the Kingston's Council website, 2021

    What Are the Flood Risks in Kingston?

    The environmental search will reveal if there is a flood risk for the property you’re buying and the land surrounding it. If the search reveals a risk of flooding, then your solicitor can order further flood risk searches for an even more in-depth look.

    There is a high risk of flooding from the River Thames in Kingston, which means that each year this area has a chance of flooding from rivers or seas of greater than 3.3%. However, most Kingston upon Thames postcodes are medium flood risk, with some low, and high flood risk postcodes.

    The centre of Kingston has a very low risk of river and sea flooding, which means that each year the chance of flooding is less than 0.1%. However, the borough of Kingston upon Thames is affected by surface water flooding according to the council’s strategic flood risk assessment.

    Kingston council has also revealed that 57 properties are at risk of flooding in zone 3b, 1144 in zone 3a and 1103 in zone 2. They have a detailed plan set out in their strategic flood risk assessment and your solicitor will be able to advise you on any flood risk issues.

    Flood Risk in Kingston
    Flood Risk in Kingston

    Are There Ground Stability Concerns in Kingston?

    As part of the conveyancing searches, a ground stability search will be carried out. This will reveal any issues affecting the ground surrounding the property such as subsidence, risk of landslides and proximity to past and present mining areas.

    According to Geobear’s UK Subsidence Map, there are signs of subsidence throughout Kingston, with some areas at high risk and most areas at medium risk. Nearby London has the highest risk of subsidence in the UK due to its dense population and architecture.

    Subsidence can be easy to spot during your initial viewing by keeping an eye out for any large cracks. Both the conveyancing searches and your property survey can reveal this. Your solicitor will help advise you on any negative outcomes.

    Ground Stability Search
    • Reveals instability issues from natural or man-made hazards.
    • Highlights historic and current landfill sites.
    • Identifies natural ground subsidence.
    • Recognises historic tin, coal, clay and any other mining activity.

    What are the Radon Gas Levels in Kingston?

    Radon gas is a natural gas that’s present throughout the UK and comes from rocks and soil. Most of the time it’s harmless, but it’s hard to detect as it’s colourless and odourless. If subjected to large amounts of radon gas, you can become seriously ill.

    Your conveyancing searches will highlight any threat of radon gas near the property you’re buying. As it is present in most areas, don’t be alarmed if you see it in the search results. The main thing is that the level is low. 1-3% is typically the average potential of radon gas present.

    According to the government’s UK Radon Gas Map, there is hardly any threat of radon gas in Kingston, with the borough being in the lowest band of radon potential of less than 1 % of homes above the Action Level.

    Radon Gas Levels in Kingston
    Radon Gas Levels in Kingston

    Is Contaminated Land An Issue in Kingston?

    During your conveyancing searches, you’ll learn if the land underneath or surrounding your property is contaminated. It’s important to know about contaminated land because it can pose a threat to you, your house and protected species.

    There doesn’t seem to be any documented issues regarding contaminated land in Kingston, but your environmental search ordered by your conveyancer will provide a detailed report on any cases of contaminated land that could affect your property.

    Contaminated Land in Kingston
    Contaminated Land in Kingston