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    FAQs About Conveyancing in Croydon

    Our passionate team at Compare My Move has done all the research for you, answering your vital questions regarding conveyancing in Croydon. Our team discovered that, according to Croydon Council, a full Local Authority Search will cost a major £305.

    We also discovered that due to the River Wandle and an influx of service water, many Croydon properties are at risk of flooding. Subsidence is also a potential issue for many homebuyers here. However, the risk of experiencing severe levels of radon gas is low, with average levels being detected throughout most of the town. 

    How Much Are Conveyancing Searches in Croydon?

    One of the key roles your conveyancer will take on is organising the relevant conveyancing searches on the land on which the property you’re interested in resides. The results of these searches will inform you of various pieces of information, including any potential risks within the area, whether there are planning permissions currently in place and if the location has been previously used for mining, affecting the ground’s stability.

    Conveyancing searches are essential for any property purchase and so it’s important you read the results carefully as they may affect the property’s value or future saleability. They will provide details of any current or future concerns about the property and land you’re investigating. For more information, these searches are further explained on the Croydon Council website.

    One of the vital searches your conveyancer will arrange is the Local Authority Search. This is usually split into two sections: LLC1 and CON29. The cost for these documents are listed in the table opposite - we visited the Croydon Council Local Land Charges webpage to ensure accuracy and provide fully calculated costs that include VAT.

    For the full Local Authority search, the cost in Croydon is £305. If you’d like to purchase the LLC1 document alone the fee is £35, whilst the single CON29R form is £270. There are additional enquiries and parcels that can be requested but these will require an added fee. If you would like copies of any of the documents, such as planning consents and refusals, the cost is currently £12.

    • LLC1 Only

      £35 inc VAT

      This includes details of any restrictions or prohibitions on the land/property and any financial charges held against it. It is exempt from VAT.

    • Optional enquiry (CON29O - charge per enquiry)

      £36 inc VAT

      Individual questions from CON29R or CON29O can be requested. These added enquiries can include information concerning road proposals, public footpaths and common land and village greens.

    • CON29R Only

      £270 inc VAT

      This report includes approximately 85 sections which provide important environmental information about the property or area of land. It can reveal any building regulation information, who maintains the road the property is on, the planning history of the property, traffic schemes, compulsory purchase orders, proposed tree preservation orders and other notices that may affect the building.

    • Basic local authority search (LLC1 and CON29R)

      £305 inc VAT

      This will contain both the Official compiled LLC1 report and the Official compiled CON29R.

    Local Authority Search costs taken from the Croydon Council website, correct as of January 2021.

    What Are the Flood Risks in Croydon?

    As part of the Environmental Search, your conveyancer should arrange a flood risk search on the area you are looking to buy in Croydon. The report will be sent to you to review before the transaction is finalised, as the results may affect the property’s value and your decision to continue with the purchase. Don’t be afraid to raise any concerns with your conveyancer once you’ve read the report.

    If the property you’re interested in is within the vicinity of the River Wandle, the need for a Flood Risk Report will be much greater. Areas such as Riverside Close are often subject to flood alerts and so the property may have suffered previous damage or will be at risk of flooding again in the future, affecting its value. Properties located close to the river have a 1-3.3% of flooding each year.

    According to the UK Flood Risk Map, the potential for surface water flooding is also a concern in Croydon. Whilst the majority of properties have a low to medium risk of flooding from surface water, there are certain streets that are labelled as high risk. This means that the properties within have over a 3.3% chance of flooding each year, highlighting the importance of the Environmental Search. Properties close to Croham Road or Brighton Road are examples of this.

    If you discover that the property resides in a high or medium risk area, it’s essential you discuss the report with your conveyancer to assess the situation. It would also be wise to hire a professional property surveyor to uncover any damage that may have been caused by previous floods.

    Flood Risks in Croydon
    Flood Risks in Croydon

    Are There Ground Stability Concerns in Croydon?

    The Environmental Search should also include a ground stability search to uncover any unstable ground beneath or surrounding the property. The results of this may highlight issues with subsidence, landslides, previous mining sites or any other factors that could cause ground instability in Croydon.

    The ‘UK Subsidence Map’ depicts Corydon as a medium risk area. Due to its proximity to London, this isn’t surprising as highly-populated cities like these are often subject to higher risks of subsidence. When a piece of land contains many densely-packed buildings, the ground below weakens and becomes unstable, often resulting in subsidence occurring. Corydon properties will likely be affected by this, especially those closest to England’s capital.

    Another factor that can affect ground stability is the presence of clay soil. The ‘England and Wales Clay Hazards Map’ places Croydon within an area that is labelled as both a Hazard Level D and Hazard Level E. This means that some of the clay soil in Croydon will be prone to shrinking and swelling when exposed to an extreme change in temperature or when under pressure. Hazard Level E is the most alarming and so it would be wise to discuss the conveyancing search results with your conveyancer, should you uncover the property is within this area of Croydon.

    Ground Stability Search
    • Reveals instability issues from natural or man-made hazards.
    • Highlights historic and current landfill sites.
    • Identifies natural ground subsidence.
    • Recognises historic tin, coal, clay and any other mining activity.

    What Are the Radon Gas Levels in Croydon?

    According to the ‘UK Radon Map’, Croydon contains low to medium levels of radon gas emissions. Radon gas is a natural, radioactive gas that is formed by the decay of natural uranium found in rocks and soil. It is colourless and odourless, with low levels being found throughout the entirety of the UK. However, despite being natural gas, it can cause health problems should you be exposed to it in high doses.

    Radon gas is actually one of the leading causes of lung cancer, beaten only by tobacco use. This proves how vital it is that you uncover the level of emissions in the area you’re purchasing a property. Once the conveyancing searches are complete, you should carefully review the reports and discuss the level of radon emissions with your conveyancer.

    Whilst the majority of Croydon has a 1-3% chance of experiencing high emissions, there are a number of concerning areas you should be aware of. Streets such as Fawcett Road and The Waldrons are in raised radon areas, meaning the properties here will have a higher chance of experiencing a raised level of emissions. These are the locations that may display higher than average emissions and will require a more thorough investigation.

    Whilst the majority of Croydon has an average level of radon gas emissions, there are pockets of the town that may result in alarming readings. When viewing homes, make sure you discuss this factor with your conveyancer and that you read through the results of the conveyancing searches carefully before committing to the sale.

    Radon Gas Levels in Croydon
    Radon Gas Levels in Croydon

    Is Contaminated Land an Issue in Croydon?

    Another key factor of the conveyancing searches is the Contaminated Land Searches that your conveyancer will organise. This will assess historical land use, recent industrial use and nearby waste and landfill sites. If an area is recognised as ‘contaminated land’, it will typically contain substances or pollution that can cause significant harm to properties, animals or residents.

    According to the Croydon Council’s Contaminated Land Register, no sites within the borough have been legally determined as contaminated land. This may be amended or updated should new evidence arise, but as of January 2021, there are 0 contaminated sites in Croydon for buyers to be aware of. However, it’s important to keep viewing this register when possible.

    If you suspect that the land you’re interested in has signs of contamination, you can report it to your local council or read their updated Contaminated Land Guidance to gain a better understanding of what to look out for. A clear plan for remediation should also be displayed on the council’s website, should you wish to investigate further.

    Contaminated Land in Croydon
    Contaminated Land in Croydon