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Are you looking to hire a conveyancer in Croydon? Here at Compare My Move, we can help you with this. We can connect you with up to 6 conveyancing solicitors in Croydon. All our partners are qualified and experienced, providing you peace of mind when using their services.

The conveyancers we work with are required to pass our strict verification process. This ensures they are providing clients with the best possible service. We have high standards that need to be met. All our partners are regulated by one of the following - LSNI, CLC, LSS, SRA or CILEx. They can all be relied upon and provide an accurate and efficient service.

The conveyancing process is an integral part of the home buying and selling process. It's important to work with a company and solicitor you can trust. Conveyancers are responsible for ensuring your house transaction has been legally completed. Your conveyancer will explain the legal jargon. They will also arrange everything required for your mortgage completion.

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    FAQs About Conveyancing in Croydon

    Conveyancing fees in Croydon are £1,490 on average when buying a freehold property. To sell a home in Croydon, based on the average house price freehold solicitor fees are roughly £1,430. The average time it takes for a conveyancer to complete their process is 159 days.

    Croydon is a ‘hotspot’ for both Japanese Knotweed and subsidence due to the densely-packed buildings that cover the land. A local, verified surveyor should be able to highlight these issues, reporting on any concerns you may have.

    Why Hire a Croydon Conveyancer?

    Hiring a conveyancer is necessary when you buy and sell a house. They will assist you through the entire legal process and complete any necessary tasks and paperwork. From exchanging contracts to undertaking conveyancing checks.

    Croydon is based in South London and is a popular place to live. From April 2021 - April 2022, there were 4,754 existing properties sold in Croydon. 73 new builds were sold in the area. Detached houses have seen the biggest increase in price, rising by 12.3%.

    After you have placed an offer on a property, you need to notify your conveyancer as soon as possible. This enables them to carry out their job quickly and efficiently. It helps to ensure they can complete the searches and paperwork. The conveyancing process includes:

    • Various conveyancing searches
    • Contract checking
    • Contract exchanges
    • House offer agreement
    • Set date for completion day
    • Communications with your mortgage lender
    • Payment of stamp duty

    This is based on purchasing and selling a freehold property. If you're buying or selling a leasehold property, the steps are more complicated. As a result, the conveyancing process will take longer to complete.

    This data was taken from UK House Price Index.

    How Much are Conveyancing Solicitor Fees in Croydon?

    Conveyancing fees are calculated based on the type of property you're looking to buy or sell and its location. Conveyancing fees in Croydon are £1,490 on average when buying a freehold property. The average cost of buying a leasehold property is £1,650.

    To sell a home in Croydon, based on the average house price freehold solicitor fees are roughly £1,430. When selling a leasehold property, the cost is estimated at £1,580.

    With a range of different properties available in this large London town, Croydon has an average property price of £423,776. The conveyancing figures are based on this.

    You will also need to pay for a full Local Authority Search. This is conducted by your solicitor. According to the Croydon Council website, a Local Authority Search will cost £305 including VAT. Legal fees, conveyancing searches and conveyancing disbursements

    This data has been taken from Compare My Move's Cost of Moving House Calculator and UK House Price Index.

    How Long Does Conveyancing Take in Croydon?

    In Croydon, the average time it takes for a conveyancer to complete their process is 159 days. The national average is 156 days which isn't too dissimilar.
    From listing a house to its completion, it takes 297 days. From comparing the conveyancing process to the start and completion, you can see how lengthy it can be.

    The type of property you're purchasing will have an impact on how long the conveyancing process takes. Leasehold properties take longer in comparison to freehold properties.

    This is because there are extra steps that need to be taken when buying this type of property. Your solicitor will need to fill out extra paperwork about this.

    Data extracted from Get Agent.

    What to Expect From Conveyancing Searches in Croydon?

    The conveyancing process includes three main searches:

    • Water and drainage search
    • Environmental search
    • Local Authority search

    These provide a clear idea of any potential environmental or legal issues surrounding the property and the local area.

    Given that Croydon is located in a populated area of London it's more likely to experience subsidence. The UK Subsidence Map shows that Croydon is in an area that is a hotspot for subsidence. Croydon isn't at a particularly high risk of flooding.

    Croydon is a hotspot for Japanese Knotweed. This is a potential issue given that it can impact the sale of properties. Sellers are legally required to state this in their conveyancing TA6 Property Information Form.

    The majority of Croydon has a Radon gas percentage of 1-3%, which displays that it's present in the area.

    As a large London town, there are some areas of Croydon that are densely packed. This places pressure on the ground under properties, which can lead to issues such as subsidence.

    Data taken from Geobear's UK Subsidence Map, Get the Data, Your Local Guardian, and UK Radon Map.