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When buying a new home in Milton Keynes, it’s important you find a verified, trusted conveyancer to help you through the legal aspects of the buying process. They will explain any legal jargon and arrange the vital conveyancing searches that will inform you of any legal or environmental issues concerning the property you’re interested in.

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    FAQs About Conveyancing in Milton Keynes

    To help you learn more about properties in Milton Keynes, our dedicated team have researched everything you’ll need to know about potential risks and costs. Compare My Move found that the cost of a full Local Authority Search is £202.75, according to Milton Keynes Council’s website.

    Our research also found that Milton Keynes is not high-risk for radon gas or subsidence, but there is a risk of flooding in certain areas. There are 13 examples of previously contaminated land, all of which have been fully remedied. 

    How Much Are Conveyancing Searches in Milton Keynes?

    The conveyancing searches are a vital part of the buying process for homeowners. To help you begin your Milton Keynes house-hunting journey, we’ve uncovered the average cost of the Local Authority Search in this area, allowing you to budget accordingly.

    The Local Authority Search is a query into the local area and land where the property you’re interested in resides. It will come in two parts, LLC1 and CON29, both of which will be priced by the Milton Keynes local council. Each individual search is explained on the council’s Land Charges page.

    If you require a Standard Local Search where CON29 and LLC1 are submitted at the same time, the cost in Milton Keynes is currently £202.75, including VAT. Be aware that this is fairly expensive compared to other UK cities. You can also request an additional section called CON29O which will cost £25 for each printed enquiry or £40 for each supplemental enquiry.

    For CON29 enquiries only, the price for one parcel of land is £152.75 (inc. VAT), or £52.50 (inc. VAT) for each additional parcel. For the LLC1 the cost is £50.00 for one parcel of land. You can see a full breakdown of the Local Land Charge Fees on the Milton Keynes Council website.

    • LLC1 Only

      £50.00 inc VAT

      This includes details of any restrictions or prohibitions on the land/property and any financial charges held against it. It is exempt from VAT.

    • CON29 Enquiries

      £152.75 inc VAT

      This includes approximately 60 enquiries. It provides vital information such as recent statutory notices, Compulsory Purchase Orders and any building or road proposals that may impact the property.

    • CON29O Enquiries

      £25.00 inc VAT

      Notices concerning land maintenance, environment and pollution, application on roads by private bodies and completion notices. This is submitted along with your standard enquiry form.

    • Standard Local Search (LLC1 and CON29)

      £202.75 inc VAT

      This will contain both the Official compiled LLC1 report and the Official compiled CON29.

    Local Authority Search costs taken from the Milton Keynes Council website, correct as of August 2020.

    What Are the Flood Risks in Milton Keynes?

    Identifying the risk of flooding should also be included in the Environmental Search. This includes ordering a Flood Risk Indicator report from the Land Registry. Due to the Grand Union Canal, the River Ouzel and the River Great Ouse, this search is vital for homeowners in Milton Keynes.

    When viewing the UK Flood Risk Map, you can see that Milton Keynes has a few areas that are considered as ‘high risk’ due to their proximity to the canal and rivers that flow through the land. Homes near Willen Lake are particularly at risk, making this conveyancing search very important for those searching for homes in the Willen area.

    Streets such as Simpson Road and Grove Way are also prone to flood alerts due to the Grand Union Canal passing through. This greatly increases the chance of potential flooding and so you should discuss the situation with your conveyancer if you believe the property is situated in this area.

    Surface flooding is also an issue in Milton Keynes, as shown in the flood risk map previously mentioned. This should also be included in the Flood Indicator Report given to you by your conveyancer.

    If you’re concerned about any potential risk of flooding, it would be worth reading Milton Keynes Council’s page on Flood and Water Management/Drainage as it provides the council’s flooding strategies and how the drainage is monitored. It also provides past flood investigations for added peace of mind.

    Flood Risks in Milton Keynes
    Flood Risks in Milton Keynes

    Are There Ground Stability Concerns in Milton Keynes?

    Milton Keynes has a brief history of mining, but mostly, the many redevelopments are what will impact the ground stability. By conducting a ground stability search, your conveyancer will discover any possible issues such as subsidence, risk of landslides and whether the property is located near mining areas.

    Milton Keynes is not as densely packed as many other UK towns and cities, but there are pockets that are more prone to subsidence. The UK Subsidence Map highlights these areas, showing the potential risk of subsidence where the ground can weaken and shrink. It does not have a majorly high risk but it’s important to locate your postcode to see if it resides in one of these few pockets.

    There have also been previous examples of landslides in Milton Keynes, but the number isn’t that high making it less of a concern compared to other areas in the UK. The GeoSure Landslides Map does show a speckling of high-risk areas surrounding Milton Keynes, so it may be worth discussing the issue with your conveyancer to see if your property could be affected.

    Ground Stability Search
    • Reveals instability issues from natural or man-made hazards.
    • Highlights historic and current landfill sites.
    • Identifies natural ground subsidence.
    • Recognises historic tin, coal, clay and any other mining activity.

    What Are the Radon Gas Levels in Milton Keynes?

    The Environmental Search will also uncover the level of radon gas emissions in the area surrounding the property. Radon gas is a natural, colourless and odourless gas that is formed by the radioactive decay of small amounts of uranium that occur in rocks and soils. This gas will be found in many locations but particularly in rural areas.

    To help you make your decision, your conveyancer will inform you of the amount of radon gas in the area and whether it is a concern. Radon gas can be harmless in small doses as it does occur naturally. However, in greater amounts, it can cause health problems.

    We’ve viewed the UK Radon Map to see the level of emissions in Milton Keynes. The centre has very low levels of emissions making it a safer area with one home in a hundred chance of experiencing unhealthy levels. However to the left of Milton Keynes, just on the outskirts, the levels are greatly increased. Keep this in mind when you’re house-hunting in this area as the levels of radon gas could be dangerous.

    If you’re concerned about the results of the Environmental Search, don’t be afraid to speak to your conveyancer. They will carefully explain what it means for you as a potential homeowner and will advise you on the next steps to take.

    Radon Gas Levels in Milton Keynes
    Radon Gas Levels in Milton Keynes

    Is Contaminated Land an Issue in Milton Keynes?

    If an area is considered as contaminated land, it means that there will be substances that could cause significant harm to people, property or protected species. There may also be significant pollution or risk of health issues due to radioactivity, or simply a piece of land previously used as a landfill.

    There have been many developments throughout Milton Keynes over the years, potentially causing certain areas of contaminated land. The Milton Keynes Council has a very helpful page on Contaminated Land, providing a link to their Contaminated Land Strategy and advice for future land developers.

    They also provide a link to their Contaminated Land Public Register, which outlines 13 examples that have previously been investigated and remedied. The most recent example provided was in 2011 where a residential property had a heating oil leak from the feed pipe to the boiler. This was immediately investigated and soon remedied once the correct action was taken.

    It’s important to read the Contaminated Land Public Register as the property you’re interested in may be included on the list. If so, your conveyancer will inform you of the action taken and advise you on the next steps. If the property is not situated on contaminated land, it’s still vital to understand the council’s strategy in case the area becomes contaminated in the future.

    Contaminated Land in Milton Keynes
    Contaminated Land in Milton Keynes