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Moving to Peterborough? Save on Your Conveyancing Costs

If you’re searching for a new home in Peterborough, Compare My Move can connect you with up to 5 licensed conveyancers within our network. We can even save you up to 70% on your conveyancing costs in the process. 

For added peace of mind, all of our conveyancing partners must go through our strict verification process prior to joining us and they must be regulated by the SRA, CLC, LSS or LSNI. As your conveyancer will be responsible for organising the vital conveyancing searches and explaining any legal jargon, it’s important you hire the most trusted and professional in your local area. 

There are currently many new developments being built in Peterborough, such as Hampton Township which is situated in the northwestern edge of the city and is due to be completed in 2020. The aim is to build up to an additional 22,000 homes throughout 2020 to accommodate the area's continuous growth. 

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    FAQs About Conveyancing in Peterborough

    Compare My Move’s dedicated content team has done all the vital research for you, answering all your questions about conveyancing in Peterborough. Our research shows that the full cost of a Local Authority Search is approximately £147, according to the Peterborough City Council website. 

    Our team also found that the River Nene and other bodies of water cause many areas of Peterborough to be medium to high risk of flooding. We found that the risk of subsidence and radon gas, however, is fairly low with only a few sections facing potential problems. 

    How Much Are Conveyancing Searches in Peterborough?

    As part of the conveyancing process, you conveyancer will organise searches on the land on which your property resides. These searches will inform you of any risks within the area such as flooding risks, if there are planning permissions in place and any other details concerning past mining works or other types of industry that could impact the health of the land. 

    The conveyancing searches will be essential to your property purchase which is why it’s important you find a verified conveyancer to correctly organise them. Don’t forget to read the reports thoroughly for further detail on any current or future problems that could arise in the Peterborough area.  

    One of the major searches is the Local Authority Search that is split into two sections, LLC1 and CON29. The costs of these searches will vary depending on location and other admin charges. However, the Peterborough City Council does depict the price list on their Local Land Charges page. For the single LLC1 form, the cost stands at £15, whilst the single CON29R form is £132. You can also request the CON29O form which costs £36 per enquiry.

    • LLC1 Form

      £15 inc VAT

      This consists of a search of the Local Land Charges Register. The LLC1 relates to all subsisting local land charges e.g. conditional planning applications, tree preservation orders, listed buildings, conservation areas, smoke control orders, road agreements, etc. It is exempt from VAT.

    • CON29R Form

      £132 inc VAT

      This is a questionnaire with information from various council departments. It contains Part 1 standard questions revealing any planning applications, building regulations, road proposals or schemes, compulsory purchase orders, enforcement actions, and formal/informal notices.

    • CON29O Optional Enquiries

      £36 inc VAT

      The CON29O is a set of optional additional questions to ask the local authority.

    Data taken from the Peterborough City Council website, correct as of August 2020.

    What are the Flood Risks in Peterborough?

    Due to the River Nene and other bodies of water in the area, there are many parts of Peterborough that are considered as ‘medium’ or ‘high risk’ of flooding. The Peterborough City Council has a Flood Risk Management Strategy where homeowners can find out what areas are at risk and view the council’s action plan for any future flood-related issues. 

    According to the UK Flood Risk Map, properties near the River Nene are at most risk, with a greater than 3.3% chance of flooding each year. Roads such as Wistow Way and Bailey Way are in this high-risk area so it’s vital you speak to your conveyancer when viewing a property in these streets. 

    On the map, you can also see a very large part of Peterborough that is at medium-risk of flooding. Areas labelled as at ‘medium-risk’ have a 1%-3.3% chance of flooding, even with the defences that are already in place. If your property resides in this location, it would be wise to research the building’s history and see if there are any previous cases of flooding. 

    Your conveyancer will organise the conveyancing searches and uncover information by the local water board to analyse the impact of flooding risks from nearby rivers and bodies of water. Historical data should also be taken into account on any previous flooding issues. If you’re concerned the property could be greatly affected by flooding risks, speak to your conveyancer and ask them to take you through the search results for further information. 

    Flood Risks in Peterborough
    Flood Risks in Peterborough

    Are There Ground Stability Concerns in Peterborough?

    Another factor that will be addressed during the conveyancing searches, is ground stability. As part of the Environmental Search, your conveyancer should arrange a Ground Stability report which will be undertaken on the home and surrounding area in Peterborough. 

    One issue that could arise is the risk of subsidence. This is when the ground beneath your property compresses or sinks, creating an unbalanced foundation and structural issues with the building. According to the UK Subsidence Map, Peterborough is not at high-risk of subsidence. There are small pockets that have a low to medium risk, but overall, many homeowners will likely not face the worry of dealing with subsidence. 

    However, there have been Environmental Searches for properties in Peterborough that have uncovered issues with ground instability. Morris Street, in particular, has been reported to being within 50m of an area with a potential of ground instability. Although this should not cause any major problems, it would still be wise to speak to your conveyancer or surveyor to highlight any previous or future problems that could arise from this. 

    Ground Stability Search
    • Reveals instability issues from natural or man-made hazards.
    • Highlights historic and current landfill sites.
    • Identifies natural ground subsidence.
    • Recognises historic tin, coal, clay and any other mining activity.

    What Are the Radon Gas Levels in Peterborough?

    The CON29 document that is part of the Local Authority Search will ask all the necessary questions concerning the threat of radon gas in the area your property is located. Radon gas may be colourless and odourless, but it is also radioactive as it is created from the natural uranium that decays in rocks and soils. Low emissions are normal and not considered a threat, but high levels can cause health problems. 

    This document will determine whether your property is in or located near a high radon area. According to the UK Radon Map, Peterborough is not at risk of high radon emissions. Closer to Longthorpe, the level of radon emissions does begin to increase, but Peterborough itself is labelled as ‘low risk’ making it safe for homeowners.

    Properties located within the centre of Peterborough contain a less than one in a hundred chance of experiencing high levels of radon gas. There is a large area between Peterborough and Leicester that has a much higher chance of experiencing dangerous levels of emissions and so those searching for houses on the outskirts of the area should read their search reports thoroughly. 

    Radon Gas Levels in Peterborough
    Radon Gas Levels in Peterborough

    Is Contaminated Land an Issue in Peterborough?

    Another vital element of the Environmental Search your conveyancer will organise is the Contaminated Land Search. This will review any historical land use as well as current industrial use. It will also analyse contaminated land liability. Industrial activity has affected many areas of the UK with Peterborough also experiencing contamination. 

    This search will provide you with a professional assessment of any risks that would label the area as ‘contaminated land’ as defined by Part 2A of the 1990 Environmental Protection Act. If you read the report, it will reveal if the property has passed the inspection or if further action is required. 

    Peterborough City Council currently charges for requests concerning information with relation to contaminated land. This service currently costs £195. However, Peterborough has a history with contaminated land making this search important for many homeowners. In 2015, the local council had to deal with contaminated land on one of its largest roads costing an extra £4.5m. If this occurs near a residential area, it could mean extra costs or stress for you in the future. 

    Contaminated Land in Peterborough
    Contaminated Land in Peterborough