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Are you moving to Stockport and searching for the best conveyancer? You’re in the right place! Compare My Move can compare and connect you with up to 5 licensed conveyancers or conveyancing solicitors in Stockport. We can even save you up to 70% on your conveyancing costs

Rest assured, we only work with licensed conveyancers and conveyancing solicitors that are accredited by the CLC, SRA, LSS and LSNI. Our dedicated business team carries out a strict verification process on all conveyancers before they are allowed to join us. 

When you’re buying a property in Stockport, it’s important to hire a licensed conveyancer or conveyancing solicitor. They will take care of the legal side of buying a house, organising conveyancing searches and exchanging contracts. 

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    FAQs About Conveyancing in Stockport

    At Compare My Move, we have done the research so you know everything you need to for your conveyancing in Stockport. Compare My Move found that the cost of a full Local Authority Search is £144, according to Stockport council’s website.

    Our research shows that Stockport has high levels of radon gas with parts of the town being at high risk of future flooding. There are some ground stability concerts, but everything we have featured will be revealed in your conveyancing searches. 

    How Much Are Conveyancing Searches in Stockport?

    Conveyancing searches are an important part of the conveyancing process. They are made up of a Local Authority Search, an Environmental Search and a Water and Drainage Search. Conveyancing searches will be organised by your conveyancer and they will reveal any legal or environmental issues regarding the property or area around the property.

    The main conveyancing search will be the Local Authority Search that will be provided by Stockport council. The Local Authority Search is made up of two parts, the LLC1 and the CON29 form. According to Stockport Borough Council, the total cost for a full Local Authority Search will be £144.

    For the LLC1 alone it will cost £6 and £138 for the CON29 form only. For each question on the CON290 form it will cost £16.80 and £38.40 for an extra parcel of land. Your conveyancer will be responsible for arranging these searches and explaining them to you. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of hiring a conveyancer to take care of the legal side of buying a house.

    • LLC1 Certificate of Search

      £6 inc VAT

      The LLC1 form is an Official Certificate of Search on the Local Land Charges Register and will reveal important information on the property or land you plan to buy.

    • CON29

      £138 inc VAT

      The CON29 form is a set of enquiries and questions into the property and land you plan to buy.

    • Full search LLC1 and CON29

      £144 inc VAT

      This is the cost for a full Local Authority Search including both the LLC1 and CON29.

    Local Authority Search costs taken from the Stockport Council website, correct as of September 2020.

    What are the Flood Risks in Stockport?

    As part of your Environmental Search, your conveyancer will let you know if there’s any risk of flooding in Stockport. In order to do this, your conveyancer will order a Flood Risk Indicator report from the Land Registry.

    As the River Goyt joins the River Tame at Stockport, forming the River Mersey, parts of Stockport are at high risk of flooding, with a greater than 3.3% chance of flooding each year. Little Moor and Middle Farm are where the town is most at risk of sea and river flooding. 

    Stockport Council has a Local Flood Risk Management Strategy in place to manage local flood risk. The document states that whilst it’s not possible to prevent all flooding, especially due to climate change, there are actions they can take to reduce any flood impacts on the community. 

    If your conveyancing searches reveal any risk of flooding, your conveyancer can then request a further flood risk search that is far more detailed. You shouldn’t underestimate the importance of hiring a licensed conveyancer or solicitor for your purchase as it’s a vital part of the buying process. 

    Flood Risks in Stockport
    Flood Risks in Stockport

    Are There Ground Stability Concerns in Stockport?

    As part of your Local Authority Search, your conveyancer will organise a Ground Stability Search. This will discover issues such as subsidence, risk of landslides and whether the property is located near mining areas. 

    A cause for ground stability concerns is subsidence. Stockport has a rich industrial history, which is known to cause subsidence. Stockport is located in Greater Manchester, which according to the UK subsidence map suffers from subsidence. Densely populated cities are at high risk of subsidence as the ground is weaker. 

    Another cause of unstable ground can be landslides. A UK Landslide Potential Map shows that areas of Greater Manchester have a moderate and sometimes significant risk of landslides. Rest assured, your conveyancing searches will reveal any risk of landslides, subsidence and ground stability concerns.

    Ground Stability Search
    • Reveals instability issues from natural or man-made hazards.
    • Highlights historic and current landfill sites.
    • Identifies natural ground subsidence.
    • Recognises historic tin, coal, clay and any other mining activity.

    What Are the Radon Gas Levels in Stockport?

    Radon Gas is present throughout the UK, with some areas more at risk of being exposed to higher levels of the gas than others. As part of your conveyancing searches, your conveyancer will find out if the property or area is subject to high levels of the gas.

    Stockport has elevated radon potential levels, with the maximum radon potential being 1-3%. Particularly the centre of Stockport and outskirts are exposed to the highest level of radon in the town. Near the area of Romiley, there is a higher level of the gas, with a maximum radon potential of 3-5%. 

     Radon gas is an odourless and colourless gas that isn’t usually a threat. However, it’s vital to find out if there are high levels in your new areas as if you are exposed to the gas over a long period of time it can increase the risk of lung cancer. You conveyancer will be able to inform you of any threat. 

    Radon Gas Levels in Stockport
    Radon Gas Levels in Stockport

    Is Contaminated Land an Issue in Stockport?

    Contaminated land is identified as land that can cause harm to the public or the environment. It can be land that was once used as a factory, landfill or mining. Stockport has a history of contaminated land like most places in the UK, including sites that used a variety of substances. Some of the contaminated land has been caused by natural presence, whereas some is a result of road traffic.

    Stockport Council currently has a list of around 1,300 sites that have been highlighted as potentially contaminated that include historic industrial sites, closed landfills and small ponds. The council says that these sites do not pose a significant risk, but have these sites as a priority for further inspection.

    However, the council has a Contaminated Land Strategy in place to identify any contaminated sites and deal with them accordingly. Your conveyancer will organise conveyancing searches that will highlight if your property or the area you plan to buy has any risk of contaminated land.

    Contaminated Land in Stockport
    Contaminated Land in Stockport