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Moving to Warrington? Save on Your Conveyancing Costs

If you’re considering purchasing a home in Warrington, it’s important to find a verified conveyancer to help with the legal aspects of the transaction. Compare My Move can match you with up to 5 of our licensed conveyancing partners, helping you save up to 70% on your conveyancing costs.

Rest assured, all of our conveyancing partners must go through a strict verification process prior to joining and must be regulated by the SRA, CLC, LSS or LSNI. Once you’ve found the right conveyancer for you, they will be responsible for arranging vital searches to inform you of the risks of flooding, ground stability, any issues concerning the property and its land.

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    FAQs About Conveyancing in Warrington

    Compare My Move’s content team have worked hard to answer all the important questions you have concerning your property purchase or sale in Warrington. Our research shows that the estimated cost for a full Local Authority Search in Warrington is £171.80, according to the Warrington Borough Council website.

    Our team also discovered that Warrington is a high-risk area for flooding, due to the River Mersey flowing straight through the centre. Warrington does not have high levels of radon gas but there is a slight risk of subsidence that homeowners should be aware of. 

    How Much Are Conveyancing Searches in Warrington?

    A major role your conveyancer will take on is organising the conveyancing searches on the land your property is located on. These provide buyers with an idea of the potential risks in the area such as whether it’s susceptible to flooding, whether there are planning permissions in place and whether the area was once used for mining or as a landfill site.

    These searches are essential to your property purchase and so it’s important you ensure you read the reports thoroughly. They will detail any current or future concerns that may affect your Warrington property and its future value and safety.

    The Local Authority Search and Environmental Search are both designed to ensure that significant legal or environmental risks are identified and considered alongside the purchase of the property. The Local Authority Search is explained in detail on the Warrington Borough Council’s Local Land Charges page.

    It will be split into two sections, LLC1 and CON29R. For a full search containing both sections, the price will be approximately £171.80 in Warrington. For the LLC1 section only, you can expect to pay £20, whilst CON29R costs £151.80. There are also additional CON29O enquiries that you can reuqest, all of which will cost £18 per enquiry. For additional parcels or copies, expect to be presented with added admin fees.

    Don't forget to speak to your conveyancer before the process begins to help you budget accordingly. They can take you through the searches they will be requesting and explain what they'll be looking for.

    • LLC1 Only

      £20.00 inc VAT

      This includes details of any restrictions or prohibitions on the land/property and any financial charges held against it. It is exempt from VAT.

    • CON29R Only

      £151.80 inc VAT

      This report includes approximately 85 sections which provide important environmental information about the property or area of land. It can reveal any building regulation information, drainage agreements, contaminated land, conservation areas, road proposals or schemes and any statutory notices against the property or area of land which may incur finance charges.

    • CON29O Enquiries

      £18.00 inc VAT

      This report includes 19 optional sections which provide environmental information about the property or area of land. It can reveal any noise abatement notices, road proposals, enterprise zones, common land notices and public paths affecting the property or area of land.

    • Standard Local Search (LLC1 and CON29R)

      £171.80 inc VAT

      This will contain both the Official compiled LLC1 report and the Official compiled CON29R.

    Local Authority Search costs taken from the Warrington Borough Council website, correct as of August 2020.

    What Are the Flood Risks in Warrington?

    For certain conveyancing searches, your conveyancer will contact the local water board who will then analyse the impact of flooding risks from nearby rivers, lakes and the sea. Historical data will also be taken into account and past flooding will be used to assess the area’s current risk level.

    Due to the River Mersey and areas such as St Helens Canal, Warrington is often considered a high-risk area for flooding. The Warrington Borough Council has a dedicated Flooding Advice page for concerned homeowners to view and receive the latest flood alerts.

    The UK Flood Risk Map depicts the highest risk as coming from the main rivers flowing through Warrington such as the River Mersey. Due to their proximity to this river, streets such as Wharf Street and Park Boulevard are often subject to flood alerts, making the conveyancing searches vital for those looking for homes here.

    The flood risk in Warrington mainly comes as a result of rivers within the area, with a slight impact also created by surface water. If you’re concerned your property is situated in a high-risk area, don’t be afraid to speak to your conveyancer and discuss the search results to help you make a more informed decision.

    Flood Risks in Warrington
    Flood Risks in Warrington

    Are There Ground Stability Concerns in Warrington?

    Due to its mining history, Warrington can be fairly susceptible to ground instability as the mines and mass of caves would’ve greatly impacted the area. Your conveyancer should organise a ground stability search as part of your conveyancing searches, allowing you to be more informed about any issues that could affect your property, such as subsidence.

    Due to its proximity to the densely-packed city of Liverpool, there will be areas of Warrington that will be at risk of subsidence. These locations can be seen on GeoBear’s UK Subsidence Map. Subsidence can be caused through pressure on the ground from densely-packed areas, or from a history of mining which can also add pressure.

    If a property suffers from subsidence, you will begin to see large cracks around the windows and door frames. If this continues untreated, the foundations of the property could misalign and the entire building could sink into the ground.

    If you’re concerned that Warrington’s mining history could affect the safety of your property, you could speak to your conveyancer about organising a separate CON29M Coal Mining Search. This will provide an in-depth analysis and allow you to discover more about the property’s immediate history.

    Ground Stability Search
    • Reveals instability issues from natural or man-made hazards.
    • Highlights historic and current landfill sites.
    • Identifies natural ground subsidence.
    • Recognises historic tin, coal, clay and any other mining activity.

    What Are the Radon Gas Levels in Warrington?

    The CON29 document that makes up part of the Local Authority Search will ask all the necessary questions concerning the threat of radon gas emissions near the property. Radon gas is a colourless and odourless gas that is created from the decay of natural, radioactive uranium within rocks and soil. Low levels of emissions are of no threat, but high levels can lead to health problems.

    According to the UK Radon Map, Warrington is not situated in a high-risk area. Areas closer to Chapelford have slightly higher levels but not enough to be of any real concern to local homeowners. Warrington homes have less than 1 in 100 chance of experiencing dangerous levels of radon. However, there are hotspots to take note of.

    According to the UK Government's Public Health England, some properties in the Great Sankey area, like streets such as Tankersley Grove and Maliston Road, are in a raised radon area. This means they will have a higher than average chance of experiencing high levels of radon emissions. A raised radon area has a maximum radon potential of 1%-3%.

    If you’re concerned about the level of radon gas in Warrington, don’t be afraid to ask your conveyancer to talk you through the CON29 document and the results it presents. Your conveyancer will be able to discuss whether the property you’re interested in is of any concern and can help you choose the next appropriate steps.

    Radon Gas Levels in Warrington
    Radon Gas Levels in Warrington

    Is Contaminated Land an Issue in Warrington?

    A key element of the conveyancing searches that will be organised is the search into Contaminated Land within the Warrington area. It will review historical land use, current and recent industrial use and waste and landfill, as well as whether any sites have previously contained harmful, dangerous substances.

    According to the Warrington Borough Council’s Contaminated Land Register, there has previously been one example of contaminated land in the area. Sankey Bridges was once declared as contaminated land but has since been remedied with all dangerous substances cleared. It’s important to review this public register frequently as new contaminated locations could be added.

    The Warrington Borough Council has a useful list of resources on their ‘What is Contaminated Land?’ webpage, where they provide users with links to their contaminated land strategy, advice and development. If you’re concerned your property may be situated on contaminated land, discuss the search results with your conveyancer and review the previously contaminated site if it’s located nearby.

    Contaminated Land in Warrington
    Contaminated Land in Warrington