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    FAQs About Moving to Bolton!

    Compare My Move have researched the all-important information for your upcoming move to Bolton. We’ve discovered that the average cost of a removal company in Bolton is £788, with August being the most popular month for a house move.

    The average property price in Bolton is £196,194 and the average rent is £897 pcm. Keep reading to reveal the best day to book a removal company and the highest and lowest removal costs to expect.

    Avg property price: £196,194
    Avg rental price: £897
    Avg removal costs: £788
    Best time to move: June

    How Much Are Removal Company Costs In Bolton?

    Our unique data can reveal that the average cost of a removal company in Bolton is £788. This is the average price for a 3-bedroom move in the area. Our previous Bolton movers also saw an average low price of £592, with the highest cost for a removal company being £984.

    The true cost of your removal company will vary depending on your location, distance travelled, and the time of year and day of the week of the move. To ensure you get the best price for your removal company costs, it’s important to compare quotes from a few companies to weigh up your options. Try comparing different days of the week as some companies might offer certain discounts on days that are in low demand.

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    Average Removal Costs in Bolton 2023
    Average Removal Costs in Bolton 2023

    Best Time of Year to Move House in Bolton?

    The best time of year to move home in Bolton is June, with 12.61% choosing a summer move. There’s no surprise that August is another popular time for a move, with the summer offering lighter and warmer days. A further 12.16% of Bolton movers opt for a summer move.

    December is the least favourite month for our Bolton movers, with just 3.75% of people booking their removal company for then. With many people seeing family and friends over the Christmas and New Year period, as well as spending money over the festivities, people avoid moving house around this time of year in general.

    It's worth noting that the time of year will affect your removal company cost. If you're flexible with your moving date, you should compare different months of the year for your move to ensure you get the cheapest price for your move.

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    Popular Months to Move House in Bolton 2023
    Popular Months to Move House in Bolton 2023

    Our data shows that the best day of the week for a house move in Bolton is Friday, with a huge 31.23% of all Bolton movers choosing this day. Surprisingly, Monday is the second favourite day for a move, with a further 15.32% opting for a move at the start of the week.

    With the weekend providing extra time off work to settle in after the move, we’re not surprised why it’s such a popular time to move house. It’s important to book your removal company well in advance if you’re after a Friday or Saturday move as this is the most popular time amongst our UK movers.

    Sunday is the least favourite day to book a removal company in Bolton, with just 4.50% opting for a move heading into a Monday. Tuesday is another day Bolton movers avoid, with only 9.01% choosing a mid-week move. You may find that some removal companies will offer special deals if certain days are quiet for them.

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    Popular Moving Days in Bolton 2023
    Popular Moving Days in Bolton 2023

    What Are The Top Locations for Bolton Movers?

    The most popular area for a house move out of Bolton is Manchester, with 7.66% of all moves going to the city. With a lively music scene and endless independent shops and pubs, we can see why Manchester is so popular.

    The average house price in Bolton is £196,194, with terraced properties being the most popular property sales in the last year, averaging at £129,110. Preston and Wigan offer more affordable property than Bolton's average, with houses averaging at £175,836 and £164,340 respectively, so we can see why they're are popular.

    Below we explore all 4 locations to reveal the average property prices in each area as well as some important information to help with your search.

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    Top Locations For Bolton Movers 2023
    Top Locations For Bolton Movers 2023
    • Manchester

      Manchester saw semi-detached properties being the most popular over the last year, selling for an average of £267,731. With plenty of bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as a thriving music scene, Manchester’s property prices are fairly affordable at £243,330

    • Chorley

      During the last year, the average house price in Chorley was £211,981, with detached properties selling the most at £312,034. The majority of sales in Chorley last year were detached properties, selling for an average price of £312,034.

    • Preston

      Once voted the best city in the north west to live and work, Preston’s property prices remain low at £175,836. Offering great transport links to the Lake District, Manchester and Liverpool, Preston saw semi-detached properties selling for an average price of £172,234 in the last year.

    • Wigan

      Located on the River Douglas, Wigan’s property scene remains affordable, with the average house price at £164,340. An excellent commuter town, Wigan boasts a range of property types from contemporary semi-detached homes to stately Victorian homes.