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Moving House in Bracknell? Save Up To 70% On Your Removal Costs

Looking for the best moving companies in Bracknell? Compare My Move is a free online service that is designed to help users get connected with verified and reliable removal companies in their local areas. With over 23 removal partners operating across Bracknell, we have helped hundreds of movers from all across the town, saving them up to 70% on their moving costs.

Located only 11 miles east of Reading, 9 miles south of Maidenhead and 25 miles west of central London, Bracknell is the perfect commuter town. Despite being a large, residential town and part of the Greater London Urban Area, Bracknell is also surrounded by beautiful green spaces such as Swinley Forest and Crowthorne Woods.

Rest assured, no matter what the requirements, our dedicated removal partners can help you through the entire moving process. Every removal company that enters our network is verified by us and must provide proof of Goods in Transit insurance and Public Liability insurance to ensure both you and your items are completely protected.

Simply complete our easy online form and you’ll be matched with up to 6 experienced and reliable moving companies in your local area. Whether you’re moving across the road or across the country, our expert team at Compare My Move will be able to assist.

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    FAQs About Moving to Bracknell

    According to our data, the average cost of a removal company in Bracknell is £1,648, with June being the most popular month to move house. Don’t forget to compare removal quotes to help you save up to 70% on your final costs. 

    Our team also discovered that the average property price for the town is currently £386,765, whilst the average asking rent sits at £1,231 pcm. 

    Avg property price: £386,765
    Avg rental price: £1,231 pcm
    Avg removal costs: £1,648
    Best time to move: June

    How Much Are House Removal Costs In Bracknell?

    According to our data, the average cost of a removal company in Bracknell is £1,648. However, prices will vary depending on a variety of factors such as the distance to be travelled, the volume of items being moved and even the day of the week your moving date falls on. As an example of this, we found that the highest price made amongst users in the area was £1,838 whilst the lowest was £1,141. If you’re looking to add additional services such as packing service, this price will increase.

    To ensure you get the best price for your house move, compare removal quotes in Bracknell for a variety of months and days as many companies will have deals for the dates that are out-of-season. You may even save up to 70% on your overall costs in the process.

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    Average Removal Costs in Bracknell in 2021
    Average Removal Costs in Bracknell in 2021

    What Is The Best Time of Year To Move in Bracknell?

    Our team discovered that June is the most popular month to move house in Bracknell, with 11.72% of users choosing this time of year to relocate. Summer is often a popular season to move as the brighter days and warmer weather create the perfect conditions. It also means there are a number of school holidays to take advantage of, ensuring the chaos of moving house doesn’t disrupt students' education.

    Surprisingly, the least popular month to move house in Bracknell is July, with only 6.25% of users moving during this month. One possible reason for this may be an increase in competition, meaning many local movers may try avoiding a house move in the middle of summer as demand is so high. A summer move would also mean an increase in prices, possibly deterring many in the area.

    If you‘re able to be flexible with your moving date, try to compare removal quotes for a variety of dates as some companies will offer deals during unpopular months.

    Popular Months to Move House in Bracknell in 2021
    Popular Months to Move House in Bracknell in 2021

    What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Bracknell?

    As expected, Friday is the most popular day of the week to move in Bracknell, seeing 34.18% of moves taking place. As the gateway to the weekend, Friday provides movers with an extra few days to unpack and settle into the new home without disrupting the working week. The weekend is often popular amongst movers across the UK, so it’s not surprising to see Bracknell movers favour Friday for moving house.

    Sunday is the least popular month to move in Bracknell, seeing just 5.08% of users choose this day. As estate agents and conveyancing offices are usually closed on Sundays, it’s easy to see why many would avoid this day to relocate. With fewer professionals available to contact, a Sunday move brings an increased risk of delays and fewer channels for communication across the property chain.

    However, our previous research also discovered that Sunday is the cheapest day to move house across the UK. As Sunday and Tuesday were the least popular days in Bracknell, you may want to compare quotes for these dates to ensure a better deal. As they will not have high demand, many local removal companies may offer lower prices.

    Popular Moving Days in Bracknell in 2021
    Popular Moving Days in Bracknell in 2021

    After analysing our unique data, we can reveal that the most popular location for movers leaving Bracknell is Wokingham, with 7.35% of movers relocating here. For comparison, Bracknell currently has an average house price of £386,765, whilst Wokingham’s average sits at £518,252. Other popular locations included Reading, Crowthorne and Ascot.

    Over the last year, terraced houses were the most popular property types in Bracknell, selling for an average of £329,407. Semi-detached homes were also popular, fetching £400,069, whilst detached houses sold for an average of £584,734. Bracknell’s current overall average property price is 3% higher than the figure last recorded in 2019.

    To help you accurately compare locations, our team have listed the top 4 destinations for our Bracknell movers, including their average house price. All data presented below is correct as of November 2021.

    Top Locations For Bracknell Movers in 2021
    Top Locations For Bracknell Movers in 2021
    • Wokingham

      A popular town in England, Wokingham is first on our list with an average property price of £518,252. Over 7.35% of our users chose this location when moving out of Bracknell. Last year, detached houses were the most popular amongst local buyers, selling for an average of £667,472.

    • Reading

      Seeing 5% of movers, Reading is next on our list with an average property price of £389,708. This average has increased by 8% since 2018 and another 8% since 2019. Semi-detached houses are the most popular properties amongst buyers, selling for an average of £400,052.

    • Crowthorne

      Crowthorne saw 4.12% of our previous users book a removal over the last year and currently has an average house price of £535,393. This figure has seen an incredible increase in recent months, with the overall average being 18% higher than it was when last recorded in 2019. Detached homes are once again the most popular properties, fetching £687,163.

    • Ascot

      Holding the highest average on the list, Ascot saw 2.94% of users and has an average property price of £888,706. Whilst incredibly expensive, detached homes are the most popular houses amongst local buyers, selling for an average of £1,368,327. Semi-detached homes were also popular, fetching £561,237.

    Some Happy Bracknell Movers

    Our Bracknell removal partners go above and beyond to ensure a stress-free moving day, providing a reliable, confident and friendly service.

    But don’t just take our word for it: check out the beaming reviews from some very happy Bracknell movers below. Let us know about your move and get removal quotes.

    "Excellent !Nothing was too much trouble , excellent pricing and excellent customer service. We didn't move as it fell through but when we do move we will be definitely using this company without a doubt."

    Pamela Harvey on 10/01/22

    Moving from Reading

    "Helpful customer services Negotiated price .Hard working delivery team"

    Jane Cole on 17/12/21

    Moving from Reading

    "The team were absolute professionals and really removed the stress of moving. I would definitely recommend this team."

    Jonathan Kini on 15/04/21

    Moving from Reading

    "Peter was amazing, I was let down at the last minute by the removal company I had booked and Peter saved the day. He was able to book me in at very short notice. Great communications and they guys that did the move were efficient and professional. Highly recommended. I can't thank them enough!"

    Annabelle Newman on 14/04/21

    Moving from Reading

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