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Looking for a removal company in the seaside town of Brighton? With an average moving cost of £879, we've helped over 2,150 people move home and save money in Brighton in the last year. We can connect you with up to 6 verified and reviewed removal companies in your local area, taking the stress out of moving day.

With the breathtaking Brighton Pavilion and a host of independent shops, restaurants and cafes, Brighton has something for everyone. We have 50 removal companies covering the Brighton area, each having undergone our strict verification process. Our dedicated business team diligently checks third-party reviews and company documentation, ensuring all companies joining us have both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance. Every removal company must also agree to our code of practice.

If you're moving within or from Brighton, compare removal companies with Compare My Move to save up to 70% on your moving costs.

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    FAQs About Moving to Brighton

    Compare My Move have answered all your questions and concerns about moving to Brighton. Our data shows that the average cost of a removal company in Brighton is £879, with August being the most popular month for a move.

    It's good to know that the average property price in Brighton is £451,993 and the average renting price is £2,014pcm. Whether you're buying or renting in Brighton, we can help save you money on your move.

    Avg. property price: £451,993​
    Avg. rental price £2,014
    Avg. removal cost £879
    Best time to move August

    How Much Are Removal Company Costs In Brighton?

    We've discovered that the average cost of moving house in Brighton is £879. For a modest-sized 3-bedroom home in Brighton, the average cost of a removal company is £1,110.

    Our data shows that the average highest price paid for a removal company was £1,081, with the average lowest removal company costing £678.

    Prices will vary depending on the distance of the move, which day of the week you book your removals company and the size of your home.

    To get the best deal for your move, compare removal quotes with Compare My Move to save yourself both time and money before the move!

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    Average Removal Costs for Brighton 2023
    Average Removal Costs for Brighton 2023

    Be Like Happy Mover Robert and Find the Perfect Brighton Removal Company

    Happy Movers highlights satisfied customers who received great service from Compare My Move and our partners. When Robert and his wife decided to move to a more peaceful area, they came to us to find a Brighton-based company to assist with the move.

    “They definitely made the whole move smooth, that was really, really super."

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    What Is The Best Time of Year To Move in Brighton?

    With 15.3% of removals booked for this month, August is the favoured time of year to move house in Brighton. This is also the favoured month for the rest of the UK which is unsurprising due to the warmer weather and longer days.

    Again siding with the majority of the UK, the least popular time of year to move in Brighton is Winter. February is especially unpopular with only 4.6% of removals happening then. If you can brave the cold and darker days, you may want to consider moving during this time to beat the masses and book your removal early.

    Remember, some removal companies run special deals during their low demand periods, so to ensure you get a good deal, compare removal companies to choose from a range of prices.

    Popular Months To Move in Brighton 2023
    Popular Months To Move in Brighton 2023

    What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Brighton?

    Many Brighton movers prefer to book their removals during the weekend, with Friday being the most popular. As it’s the gateway to the weekend, it’s easy to see why this day is perfect for moving house. With less traffic, more free time and the rest of the weekend to unpack, Friday is also the most popular day throughout the UK.

    Sunday, however, is the least popular day to move with only 6.6% of Brighton moves happening then. Despite it being a part of the weekend, Sunday means preparing for the upcoming week, with no spare days afterwards to allow you to unpack. However, it’s also the cheapest day to move house so it could be worth considering if you’re prepared to complete the process at the start of the week.

    Whatever day you decide for your Brighton house removals, we can compare and connect you with verified and trusted removal companies who will help with your move any day of the week.

    Best Day To Move In Brighton 2023
    Best Day To Move In Brighton 2023

    What Are The Top 4 Locations for Brighton Movers

    One of the most popular locations outside of Brighton for a house move is Hove, with almost 10% of all moves going here. Brighton and Hove were once separate towns until they became the city of Brighton and Hove in 2001. Currently, the average property price in Hove is £480,843, which is slightly higher than Brighton's average at £451,993.

    Other common and popular areas to move to are London, Worthing and Shoreham-By-Sea. London always appears on the list of top 4 locations to move to, despite its high property prices! With plenty of green spaces, cosy pubs and a wealth of job opportunities, it's not a surprise it keeps cropping up.

    The nearby Worthing offers more affordable property than Brighton, with the average being £342,254, so we can see why people are moving here. Below we look in-depth at Hove, London, Worthing and Shoreham-By-Sea to compare average house prices to help with your house hunt.

    Top Locations for Brighton Movers 2023
    Top Locations for Brighton Movers 2023
    • Hove

      Now a unitary authority, the city of Hove and Brighton has a combined average property price of £480,843. Hove has the highest percentage of movers travelling here from Brighton and is a very popular seaside resort in the UK. Despite the more affordable price of the combined city, some areas of Hove can reach prices up to £500,000 so it’s important to compare areas until you find something suited to your budget.

    • London

      London is a very popular destination with UK movers despite the rather high average property price of £798,758. This city boasts high employment opportunities, an increase in salary and a particularly diverse lifestyle. If you can afford the higher prices then it’s definitely a great contender to add to your house hunting list.

    • Worthing

      Only 10 miles west of Brighton, Worthing is another popular location for movers, with an average property price of £342,254. It’s a large and beautiful seaside town with unusual, vintage architecture and a variety of art-based entertainment to keep you occupied. From Worthing Pier to the Worthing Museum and Art Gallery, there’s plenty to do here for all interests.

    • Shoreham-By-Sea

      With an average property price of £429,551, Shoreham-By-Sea is next on the list and is situated close to Brighton City Airport for added convenience. Shoreham Beach is also just south of the town with stunning views and a peaceful atmosphere.

    What Are The Average Property Prices In Brighton?

    The start of 2021 saw a 11.2% yearly increase of house prices in Brighton, with the average being £451,993. The property market has made a recovery in Brighton since the -0.3% dip in June 2020, with prices rising slowly month by month.

    Detached properties saw a yearly increase of 12.3%, the property type that saw the biggest yearly price increase. Flats were the most in-demand property type in Brighton over the last year, selling for an average price of £312,491. Terraced properties sold for an average of £486,004 and semi-detached properties sold for £495,275.

    The sale of existing properties was much higher than the demand for new-build properties in Brighton, seeing a yearly house price increase of 7.8%. Below we'll explore areas in Brighton to help with your house hunt, comparing house prices and local information.

    Average Property Prices in Brighton 2023
    Average Property Prices in Brighton 2023
    • Portslade

      A western suburb of Brighton and Hove, Portslade is the cheapest area we’ve found with an average property price of £344,669. With an array of beautiful seaside homes and Edwardian buildings, there’s plenty to choose from. There’s also a number of good schools and a friendly community making it the perfect place for young families.

    • Saltdean

      A perfect blend of city life and the quiet atmosphere of the Downs, Saltdean is next on the list with an average property price of £424,622. If you’re looking for quaint, picturesque homes, Saltdean boasts a variety of cute cottages and bungalows, as well as more spacious properties like detached and semi-detached homes perfect for growing families.

    • Moulsecoomb

      Containing one of the three major sites of the University of Brighton, Moulsecoomb is perfect for potential students and those looking to live in a more lively area. The average property price is currently £312,030 with terraced houses, modern flats and more to choose from.

    • Patcham

      Patcham has great transport links making it perfect for commuters, as well as having an average property price of £447,481, adding it to the list. From family-friendly detached homes to smaller, more contemporary apartments, this area is the perfect home for all personality types.

    What Is The Average Rent In Brighton?

    If you're not ready to buy a house in Brighton, there's plenty of options to rent in Brighton. To help you compare and set your budget, the current average asking rent is £2,014 pcm, with one-bedroom flats costing £876 pcm and two-bedroom houses averaging at £1,464.

    We've put together a list of some of the cheapest areas to rent in Brighton, helping you save more in the long run. We've looked at Shoreham-By-Sea, Portslade, Aldrington and Kemptown to bring you the cost of renting a one-bedroom flat and a two-bedroom house.

    Rest assured, whether you're buying or renting in Brighton, we can compare up to 6 verified and trusted removal companies for you to help save you time, money and stress on your Brighton move.

    Average Rent in Brighton 2023
    Average Rent in Brighton 2023
    • Shoreham-By-Sea

      First on our list is the rather affordable area of Shoreham-By-Sea with an average asking rent of £1,246 pcm. For those looking for a single flat or smaller homes, you can expect an average rent of around £752 pcm, whilst large 2-bedroom houses will be higher at £1,101 pcm.

    • Portslade

      As well as being an inexpensive area for overall property prices, Portslade is also a good choice for those looking to rent as the average asking rent is currently £1,011 pcm. If you’re a young professional, student or just looking for a smaller home, 1-bedroom flats are at an average of £901 pcm. However, 2-bedroom houses are at an average of £1,222 pcm.

    • Aldrington

      Despite being situated in the Hove section of the Brighton and Hove unitary authority, Aldrington is still a rather affordable area to consider, with an average asking rent of £1,441 pcm. If you’re looking for a 1-bedroom flat you can expect an average of £1,003 pcm whilst 2-bedroom houses are at an average of £1,490 pcm.

    • Kemptown

      Another possible area to research is Kemptown with an average asking rent of £1,412 pcm. Here, 1-bedroom flats average at around £1,090 pcm, whilst larger properties like 2-bedroom houses average at £1,482 pcm.