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Searching for a dependable removal company in Burnley? With an average moving cost of £763, we’ve helped hundreds of movers across Burnley, connecting them with the best professionals in the business. All you have to do is complete our online form and you’ll be matched with up to 6 moving companies in your local area, helping you save 70% on your overall costs.

Famously known for the local Burnley football club, Burnley is a large town in Lancashire located only 21 miles north of Manchester. With a variety of excellent transport links, the town is fairly popular amongst commuters. No matter what the requirements, our expert team will get you packed up and on the move in no time. Rest assured, every removal company that enters our network is verified by us and must show proof of Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance to ensure both you and your belongings are protected.

Compare removal quotes today to find the best deals available in Burnley. By simply completing our online form you will be connected with up to 6 verified and experienced moving companies who can get you on the road in no time at all.

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    FAQs About Moving to Burnley

    Our team have answered all your vital questions concerning your move to Burnley. For those looking to buy property in the area, we found that the average house price is £120,568. If you’re looking to rent, the average asking rent is £472 pcm.

    We also discovered that the average cost of a removal company in Burnley is £763 whilst the most popular month to move house is August.

    Avg property price: £120,568
    Avg rental price: £472 pcm
    Avg removal costs: £763
    Best time to move: August

    How Much Are House Removal Costs In Burnley?

    After analysing our unique data, we discovered that average removal costs in Burnley are £763. Your final moving costs will depend on a variety of factors such as the size of your property, the distance to be travelled and whether you require additional services. Even something as simple as the day of the week you move can contribute to the cost, with popular days such as Friday being more expensive.

    Our team found that the highest price paid amongst our Burnley users was £763, whilst the lowest was £565 showing how much prices can fluctuate when moving house. By comparing removal quotes, you can save up to 70% on the cost of your house move, helping you stretch your budget even further.

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    Average Removal Costs in Burnley 2023
    Average Removal Costs in Burnley 2023

    What Is The Best Time of Year To Move In Burnley?

    According to our data, the most popular month to move house in Burnley is August, with 12.10% of users choosing this time of year to relocate. The summer months are often popular amongst movers in the UK, with the higher temperatures and brighter days creating the perfect moving conditions. August also means school holidays, ensuring families can move house without disturbing their children’s education.

    December, January and February were all the least popular months to move house in Burnley, each seeing only 4.46% of users. The winter months are often avoided by movers as the hazardous weather and plummeting temperatures create fairly unsafe travelling conditions. With the Christmas holiday falling in December, the winter months can also feel rather costly, meaning many families wait until the following season to ensure they can save up before beginning the moving process.

    One main advantage of a winter move, however, is lower prices. As this season sees fairly low demand, many moving companies will decrease their prices, helping you save more when moving house. If possible, make sure you compare quotes for a variety of moving dates to help you find the best deals available.

    Popular Months to Move House in Burnley 2023
    Popular Months to Move House in Burnley 2023

    What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Burnley?

    Our team discovered that the most popular day to move house in Burnley is Friday, with 35.67% of users choosing this as their moving date. Friday is a popular day amongst movers across the UK as it provides ample opportunities to slowly unpack and settle in without disrupting the following working week. As the gateway to the weekend, a Friday move allows workers to complete the process without disrupting their job too much.

    Sunday was revealed to be the least popular day to move in Burnley, seeing only 3.82% of removals. The working week looming close behind, it’s not surprising to see so many movers avoid this day of the week. A Sunday house move also comes with an increased risk of delays as many professionals’ offices such as estate agents and conveyancers are closed on this day, reducing the amount of communication throughout the property chain.

    However, you may not want to dismiss a Sunday move so easily as it’s also the cheapest day to move house across the UK. Days of the week that see less demand, such as Sundays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays in Burnley, will often come with lower prices due to the lack of interest. The earlier you compare removal quotes, the better deals you will find.

    Popular Moving Days in Burnley 2023
    Popular Moving Days in Burnley 2023

    If you’re considering moving out of Burnley, we’ve got you covered too! Our team has found the most popular locations for users leaving the town, including each area’s average property price for a more accurate comparison.

    According to our data, Clitheroe is the most popular location for movers leaving Burnley, with 9.20% of users choosing this destination. For comparison, Burnley currently has an average house price of £120,568, whilst Clitheroe has an average of £215,760. Other popular locations included Nelson, Accrington and Preston. No matter where you intend to travel, make sure you compare removal quotes before booking your move to ensure you find the best deals for you, helping you budget accordingly.

    Over the last year, terraced properties were the most popular homes amongst buyers in Burnley, selling for a very affordable average of £77,194. Semi-detached homes were also popular, fetching £154,050. No matter what the distance or volume of items to be moved, our dedicated removal partners will get you safely packed up and on the road in no time at all.

    Top Locations For Burnley Movers 2023
    Top Locations For Burnley Movers 2023
    • Clitheroe

      With 9.20% of users, Clitheroe is first on our list, currently showing an average property price of £215,760. The town's most notable building is Clitheroe Castle, displaying the local history and architecture. Terraced properties are the most popular amongst buyers in the area, selling for an average of £154,373 over the last year alone.

    • Nelson

      Nelson is next with 5.75% of users choosing this destination and a very affordable average house price of £94,989. Despite this low figure, the latest average is actually 24% higher than it was when it was last recorded in 2019. It is most definitely the cheapest area on the list, with terraced houses fetching £69,323 over the last year.

    • Accrington

      Seeing 4.60% of movers, Accrington has an average property price of £113,999. Local buyers appear to prefer terraced houses which sold for an average of £85,105 over the last year. Semi-detached homes were also popular, fetching £148,876, whilst detached houses sold for an average of £219,271.

    • Preston

      With an average property price of £177,530, a figure that has risen by 4% since 2019, Preston is another popular location amongst our Burnley users. Semi-detached properties were the most popular amongst buyers, selling for an average of £174,460.