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Renowned for its prestigious University and historic architecture, Cambridge is popular with tourists, students and residents alike.

Rest assured, all of our removal partners have both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances to protect you and your items. Each business must go through our strict verification process before joining the network, ensuring they can work to our high standards. You’ll only be connected with the best in the business when using our services.

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    FAQs About Moving to Cambridge

    To help with your move to Cambridge, we’ve done all the vital research for you. Our unique data shows that the average removal company cost in the city is £1,317. We also discovered that June is by the far the most popular month to move with Friday being the most favoured day to move house. 

    The average property price for Cambridge is currently £461,935, with the average asking rent standing at £1,142 pcm. No matter what the requirements, our dedicated removal partners will get you moving in no time. 

    Avg property price: £461,935
    Avg rental price: £1,142
    Avg removal costs: £1,317
    Best time to move: June

    How Much Are House Removal Costs In Cambridge?

    Our unique data revealed that the average cost of moving house in Cambridge was £1,317. However, the final price will vary depending on your personal circumstances and requirements. You can compare removal companies by completing our easy online form, saving you up to 70% on the cost of your removal. Just to show how much the price can fluctuate, we discovered that the lowest price for a house move in Cambridge was £988, whilst the most expensive was as high as £1,645.

    Our data also discovered that the average cost for moving a 3-bedroom house in the area was £1,317. If you’re looking to save money during the process, you may want to consider a Sunday move as we found it was the cheapest day to book a removal in the UK. However, if your schedule doesn’t allow it, simply compare removal quotes to ensure you’re matched with the best in the business.

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    Average Removal Costs in Cambridge 2023
    Average Removal Costs in Cambridge 2023

    What Is The Best Time of Year To Move In Cambridge?

    When researching removals organised by Cambridge movers, we discovered that June was the most popular month to move house. According to our data, 13.24% of movers in this area chose a June move, closely followed by March with 12.62%. As June is a summer month, it’s easy to see why this time of year is so popular. Summer days often result in perfect moving conditions with longer days and brighter, warmer weather.

    What’s interesting to see is that whilst March came out as the 2nd most popular month, the percentage of moves for the following months of April and May plummeted. As exam season begins creeping in during April, it’s likely that many families would prefer not to disrupt their children’s revision by moving house. This could also explain March’s popularity, as families organise their moving day before the introduction of school exams.

    The least popular month was September, with only 4.05% of moves organised at this time according to our data. Again, the explanation for this could be school-related as families are often reluctant to organise the chaos of moving house during the time where their children are preparing to return to school.

    Popular Months to Move House in Cambridge 2023
    Popular Months to Move House in Cambridge 2023

    What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Cambridge?

    According to our data, Friday was the best day to move house in Cambridge, with an overwhelming majority of 28.82% of moves organised for the last day of the week. This isn’t surprising as a Friday house move often results in the homeowners having the following weekend to settle in and gradually unpack. It creates a slightly more relaxed atmosphere where you don’t feel rushed into unpacking and getting the home ready.

    Our data also discovered that Sunday was the least popular day to move house in the area, with only 4.67% choosing this day. With many estate agents and conveyancing offices closed on this day, it’s not surprising that many homeowners are reluctant to book a Sunday move. The lack of communication between these professionals can sometimes cause delays and disrupt the transaction for everyone involved in the property chain.

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    Popular Moving Days in Cambridge 2023
    Popular Moving Days in Cambridge 2023

    What Are The Top 4 Locations for Cambridge Movers?

    Considering moving out of Cambridge? Our research can also help you narrow down your choice of locations. When our users were booking removals outside of the city, there were 4 specific locations that stood out as the most popular alternatives. Rest assured, whether you’re moving across the road or across the country, our removal partners can cater for all requirements and types of house moves.

    According to the UK House Price Index, Cambridge currently has an average house price of £461,935. However, the most popular destination when moving out of the city was London, with over 10.5% of movers choosing this location in 2019. Ely, Newmarket, and Saffron Walden followed closely behind according to our data.

    To help with your research and house-hunting experience, our dedicated team have taken the latest average house prices from Rightmove. We’ve researched each location mentioned above and have provided an overview of their latest sold house price.

    Top Locations For Cambridge Movers 2023
    Top Locations For Cambridge Movers 2023
    • London

      According to the property website, rightmove, London’s average sold house price is an eye-watering £790,833. London is often a popular location amongst movers across the UK, with a wealth of job opportunities, museums, galleries, diverse cultures and amazing nightlife.

    • Ely

      With a lower house price than both Cambridge and London, Ely averages at around £340,406. With the majority of property sales being for detached homes, Ely is a great area for growing families and those looking for a little extra space.

    • Newmarket

      Another fairly affordable location, Newmarket has an average sold house price of £291,064 according to rightmove. This area has a history of fairly affordable property prices with the latest average only increasing by 8% since 2019.

    • Saffron Walden

      Located in Essex, Saffron Walden has an average house price of £425,628. It is a quaint market town 15 miles south of Cambridge with many beautiful green spaces and interesting local history.

    What Are The Average Property Prices In Cambridge?

    The average house price in Cambridge according to the UK House Price Index is £461,935. After taking a major dip between May and October 2020, the average property price has since started to increase as the housing market in the UK recovers from the COVID19 pandemic. In January 2021 alone, the average house price increased by 2%, making the overall annual increase a massive 6.4% compared to the previous year. In February 2021, the average once again saw a monthly increase, this time by 1.4%.

    Our research also discovered that the average price for new-build homes in Cambridge currently sits at £592,193, whilst existing properties have an average of £441,069. This can be vital information for first-time buyers in the area. Despite having the opportunity of being supported by a number of government-run Help to Buy schemes, for many Cambridge movers, new-build homes may actually be too expensive when it comes to taking your first step onto the property ladder.

    To help narrow down your choices, we’ve listed a number of the best areas to live within the Cambridge postcode. We have included each location’s average property price for comparison, with all data taken from Rightmove.

    Average Property Prices in Cambridge 2023
    Average Property Prices in Cambridge 2023
    • Chesterton

      With an average sold house price of £446,379, Chesterton is the first location on our list. The majority of property sales were for detached homes, making it a great place for growing families. It is also situated 2.4 kilometres north of Cambridge Station, making it a possible choice for anyone commuting.

    • Girton

      The village of Girton has an average property price of £555,289, according to rightmove. We also discovered that house prices have increased by 24% compared to the previous year in this area, showing how its popularity has quickly increased. It lies 2 miles northwest of Cambridge.

    • Gwydir Street

      Despite the hefty average price of £571,250, Gwydir Street is a popular choice for movers in the area. The street’s peak property price was at £688,889 in 2016, meaning there could be a few investment opportunities should you be looking for homes with potential.

    • Teversham

      Last on our list is the small village of Teversham which currently has an average house price of £583,850. It is located only 3 miles from the centre of Cambridge and is a fairly quaint and quiet location that appeals to many families and retirees.

    What is the Average Rent in Cambridge?

    If you’re not ready to commit to buying a home in Cambridge just yet, then renting may be the better option. There are a variety of renting opportunities in the city, with the average asking rent at £1,142 pcm, according to the property portal Zoopla. Rest assured, no matter what the requirements, our removal partners will accommodate your specific moving needs.

    To help you narrow down possible locations, we’ve researched the average renting prices across Cambridge. As a comparison, the average asking rent for 1-bedroom flats in the city is £869 pcm, whilst the average asking rent for 2-bedroom houses is much higher at £1,528 pcm.

    As part of our research, we’ve compiled a list of nearby areas where the cost of renting appears to be slightly more reasonable. There is a range of options to choose from, with some areas close to the city centre and others that simply fall within the Cambridgeshire postcode. Below, we’ve included the most popular areas we could find and have included their average asking rents. To cater to a variety of situations, we’ve also included the average price for 1-bedroom flats and 2-bedroom houses.

    Average Rent (pcm) In Cambridge 2023
    Average Rent (pcm) In Cambridge 2023
    • Camps End

      A hamlet near Castle Camps, Camps End is a cosy location with an average asking rent of only £853 pcm. If you’re searching for a fairly small property, 1-bedroom flats currently average at £587 pcm. For those wanting something a little bigger, 2-bedroom houses average at £923 pcm.

    • Bar Hill

      Bar Hill is a purpose-built village that is located 4 miles northwest of Cambridge. The current average asking rent is £956 pcm, whilst 1-bedroom flats average at £739 pcm and 2-bedroom houses average at around £945 pcm.

    • Cherry Hinton

      Only 3 miles from the city centre, Cherry Hinton is a suburban area of Cambridge with an average asking rent of £1,020 pcm. For those searching for small flats to call home, 1-bedroom flats average at £785 pcm. However, if you require something more spacious 2-bedroom houses average at £1,135 per month.

    • Girton

      Girton is a village and civil parish in Cambridgeshire, containing around 1,600 households. It is situated only 2 miles from the city centre and has an average rent price of £1,213 pcm. Here, 1-bedroom flats average at £667 pcm whilst 2-bedroom houses average at £897 pcm.