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Are you looking for the best removal companies in Chesterfield in 2023?

Written 9th Mar 2016 (Last updated on 1st Dec 2023)

At Compare My Move, we work with some of the best removal companies in Chesterfield. Whether you are moving locally or nationally, our partners can tailor your move to suit your plan. All our Chesterfield removal companies undergo our strict verification process. This includes checking they have Goods in Transit insurance and Public Liability insurance.

We've gathered the top 10 removal companies in Chesterfield so you can find the best company.

  1. Top 10 Best Removal Companies
  2. How We Selected These Companies
  3. How to Find a Removal Company
Best Removal Companies in Chesterfield
RankingRemoval Company
1 Clockwork Removals Sheffield, Leeds and South & West Yorkshire
2 Chamberlains Removals
3 O'Connor & Co Removals Limited
4 Bradford Removals Service
5 Atlant Removals Ltd
6 Henry Speights Removals
7 Specialised Movers
8 Three Shires Removals
9 Tigers Removals
10 Bradway Removals

10 Best Removal Companies

Here are the 10 best removal companies in Chesterfield for 2023 based on their 5 star reviews:

1. Clockwork Removals Sheffield, Leeds and South & West Yorkshire

A fantastic removal company to consider is Clockwork Removals Sheffield, Leeds and South & West Yorkshire. Providing exceptional customer service is at the heart of what they do. This means their team strives to offer a personalised service for all customers. They have amassed over 30 5-star reviews since becoming a partner in August 2018.

"Clockwork was excellent, everything from the layout of the quotation that we received and the breakdown of specific items to the service they provided on the day. They made the move go smoothly." - Kirk Buxton

Rating: 8.8 | Reviews: 43
Verified: 17 Aug 2018

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2. Chamberlains Removals

Another top removal company is Chamberlains Removals. They pride themselves on providing excellent customer service. They serve customers throughout Rotherham, having been operating as a removal company since 2015. With a lot of 5-star reviews, they are one of our best companies in the area.

"I am so glad we chose Chamberlains as our removal company. They made the day of our move run really smoothly and less stressful. They were polite, on time, fast, and really good value for money." - Julie Wilkinson

Rating: 10 | Reviews: 35
Verified: 26 Feb 2018

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3. O'Connor & Co Removals Limited

O'Connor & Co Removals Limited is one of the best reviewed removal companies. A family-owned company, they are a team of hardworking removalists who can move items from small apartments or large homes. They also offer a packing service and storage for those who need it.

"Friendly, professional family business caring and efficient would recommend them to anyone moving." - Mike Smith

Rating: 8.2 | Reviews: 26
Verified: 17 Jul 2018

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4. Bradford Removals Service

Bradford Removals Service have provided removal services since 1965. Their years of experience and being members of BAR emphasise that they are a trusted and reliable service to consider. Customer satisfaction is something Bradford Removals Service always strives to achieve. This can be seen through the positive reviews they have received.

"The team were great and were very careful with all my belongings. Thank you Bradford Removal Service! I would recommend to others." - Yvette Jordan

Rating: 7.2 | Reviews: 23
Verified: 23 Jun 2022

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5. Atlant Removals Ltd

Another top-rated removal company is Atlant Removals Ltd. Their team always goes above and beyond to ensure they are providing the highest quality removal service to their customers. Their removal vehicles are secure and well-maintained, and the team always takes great care when handling goofs. Atlant Removals Ltd are a dedicated removals company.

"Very polite guys took care of my goods. Everything was strapped to the van. Excellent thank you." - Wayne Farkas

Rating: 9.6 | Reviews: 13
Verified: 07 Sep 2021

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6. Henry Speights Removals

Henrey Speights Removals are a great company to consider because they aloways strive for excellence with the services they provide. They have years of experience in the removals industry and are highly rated as a result of this. They have gained many 5-star reviews since becoming a Compare My Move partner, and it's easy to see why. The team take the hassle out of your move and handle all of the details so you don't have to worry.

"The team were brilliant. Arrived on time and worked so hard to get the house packed and loaded quickly and efficiently. On moving-in day they were so helpful and the whole thing made my long-distance move so much less stressful." - Fiona Duffy

Rating: 9.6 | Reviews: 12
Verified: 26 Aug 2022

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7. Specialised Movers

Being members of the British Association of Removers, you know that the service Specialised Movers provide will be of a high quality. Specialised Movers joined our network in 2017. They provide home moves, specialist moves and storage options. They use modern and efficient removal techniques and methods, in addition to traditional values to provide the best possible service.

"They were perfect from start to finish. Great price and a very friendly team. I’d highly recommend them." - Ryan Suckley

Rating: 9.4 | Reviews: 5
Verified: 20 Sep 2017

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8. Three Shires Removals

Three Shires Removals offers a range of moving services. They are among the best companies in our partner network. The company pride themselves on providing a reasonably priced service to suit a range of budgets. They can also accommodate a range of move sizes, in addition to packing services and storage options.

"Fantastic, the best removal company I have used. They were so quick and mine was a long-distance move and to a flat on the third floor. I would have no hesitation in recommending this company, in fact, I have already." - Susan Anderson

Rating: 10 | Reviews: 2
Verified: 03 Oct 2022

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9. Tigers Removals

One of the top removal companies to consider is Tigers Removals. Providing first-class removal services, their team work closely to ensure all requirements are met. With over 25 years of experience in the removal industry, they offer a plethora of additional services including packing and storage solutions. They have been on our network since July 2022.

Not enough reviews
Verified: 05 Jul 2022

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10. Bradway Removals

Bradway Removals is among the best removal companies on our network. Their team are fully trained and insured, meaning that you can be assured your belongings will remain in the best possible condition at all times. They aim to provide high-quality removal solutions to suit all needs. They have been a partner in our network since July 2020.

Not enough reviews
Verified: 17 Jul 2020

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How We Selected These Removal Companies

Our team carefully considered the 10 best removal companies in Chesterfield by looking at their 5-star reviews. The companies with the highest number of 5-star reviews were chosen and included in our list.

Every review has been written by real Compare My Move customers. These customers have personal experiences of using the removal companies reviewed. The overall ratings were based on the overall moving day experience, customer experience and value for the money.

Our partners are required to pass our strict verification process, which involves:

  • Professional Company Checks: Each Compare My Move partner needs to prove they are a legitimate company. We always carry out verification checks to ensure this is the case.
  • Insurance and Safety: Public Liability and Goods in Transit insurance are required for partners to be accepted. This is to ensure that customers' goods are always protected during the moving process.
  • Online Presence: Compare My Move partners need to have an up-to-date website or Facebook Business page. Their contact details and location need to be displayed on the site with the correct details.
  • Positive Company Reviews: We read real customer reviews of each company before we accept them as a partner. This helps us to verify whether the company is providing a reliable and trusted service. It's important that customers are happy with the removal company used.
  • Qualifications and Certifications: We consider the qualifications and certifications a company has. These aren't necessary, but they help to show a company is trustworthy. Many of Compare My Move partners are part of BAR and Move Assured.
  • Code of Practice: Our partners need to abide by Compare My Move's Code of Practice. This makes sure that each customer receives a high-quality service. Partners should always contact customers within 48 hours of receiving their lead.

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How to Find a Removal Company

Compare My Move can help assist you with choosing a removal company in Chesterfield that is trusted and verified. You simply need to fill out our online form. We can then connect you with up to 6 different local removal companies, helping you to save up to 70% on your removal costs.

Alternatively, you can ask family and friends for suggestions. Before deciding on a removal company, it's useful to have several quotes to compare and contrast. This will give you a better idea of the services provided and overall costs.

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