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Looking for a trusted residential removal company in Christchurch? Compare My Move has a network of over 20 experienced removal partners operating across the town and surrounding areas. We have helped 431 users across Christchurch in the last year, connecting them with up to 6 dependable moving companies to help with the job. It takes just one online form and a few simple details and you’ll be packed up and on the move in no time.

With award-winning beaches and coastal nature reserves, Christchurch is popular amongst both tourists and movers across the UK. There are a variety of property types to explore as well as many older buildings should you be searching for a more traditional feel for your new home. No matter what the requirements, we can connect you with the right removal company for the job.

Every removal firm that enters our network must show proof of both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance and continually follow our Code of Conduct. This ensures that both you and your belongings are fully protected when moving house with our partners.

Our Christchurch Removal Companies

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    FAQs About Moving to Christchurch

    According to our research, the average property price in Christchurch is £409,381. However, if you’re looking to rent your new home instead, the average asking rent is £1,509 pcm.

    August proved to be the most popular month to move house in the area, whilst Friday was the most popular day. The average removal cost in Christchurch was calculated at £4,175.70.

    Avg property price: £409,381
    Avg rental price: £1,509 pcm
    Avg removal costs: £4,175.70
    Best time to move: August

    How Much Are Removal Company Costs In Christchurch?

    Our expert team calculated the average cost of moving house in Christchurch at £4,175.70. However, the final quotation you receive will vary depending on a number of factors such as the volume of items being moved, the exact location of your property and even the day the removal is arranged.

    When researching the varying prices, we discovered that the highest cost paid for in the area was as much as £7,568.74 whilst the lowest was £583.93. It’s also important to note that you may face higher charges should you request additional services such as packing and self-storage. Most experienced removal companies will add this cost onto your final quote after initial contact, but it’s good to be prepared in advance.

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    Average Removal Costs in Christchurch 2021/22
    Average Removal Costs in Christchurch 2021/22

    What Is The Best Time of Year To Move In Christchurch?

    After analysing our unique data, we found August to be the most popular month to move house in Christchurch with 13.62% of users opting for this date over the last year. Summer is typically seen as the favourite season to move across the UK due to the higher temperatures, longer days and brighter weather. It also means that students moving house don’t have to worry about the process disrupting their education as there are numerous holidays to take advantage of.

    Despite the summer months bringing optimal moving conditions, they also bring higher removal costs due to increased competition. Perhaps this is why June was the least popular month to move house in Christchurch, seeing only 5.06%. As demand increases, many removal companies are forced to raise their prices, meaning many people also choose to delay their moving date.

    If you’re looking to beat the competition, make sure you compare removal quotes as early as possible to secure the best deals. If you’d prefer to book out-of-season, know that April, June, July and October were the least popular months in Christchurch, potentially resulting in less competition.

    Popular Months to Move House in Christchurch 2021/2022
    Popular Months to Move House in Christchurch 2021/2022

    What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Christchurch?

    Following the majority of the UK, the most popular day of the week to move house in Christchurch is Friday, seeing 33.85% of users. This isn’t surprising as a Friday move means less time off work as you have the day to complete the journey and unload and then the following weekend to slowly unpack and settle in. It often results in a less stressful and more enjoyable house move as the working week isn’t greatly interrupted.

    However, Sunday proved to be the least popular day to move in Christchurch, with only 3.11% of users opting for this day of the week. This result is also in line with the rest of the UK. Due to many estate agents and conveyancing offices being closed, a Sunday move can often bring delays and disruptions in the property chain. It can also mean a rushed unpacking process as some people wouldn’t want it to impact the following weekdays.

    Previous research also revealed that Sunday is the cheapest day of the week to move house in the UK, meaning there are advantages to consider before booking. Don’t forget to compare removal quotes before choosing a company to ensure you find the best deals in your local area.

    Popular Moving Days in Christchurch 2021/2022
    Popular Moving Days in Christchurch 2021/2022

    What Are The Top Locations for Christchurch Movers?

    Our expert team discovered that Bournemouth is the most popular location for our users moving out of Christchurch, with 14.47% choosing this destination. For comparison, the average house price in Christchurch is £409,381 as of April 2022, whilst in Bournemouth, the average is £327,127. Other popular locations included Poole, New Milton and Ringwood.

    According to the property portal, rightmove, the latest average property price in Christchurch has increased by 2% since 2019. It also states that detached homes held the majority of sales in the area over the last year, selling for an average of £583,827. Flats were also popular amongst local buyers with an average sold price of £217,088. Semi-detached houses had an average sold price of £346,787.

    Our goal at Compare My Move is to help our users through every step of the moving process. With that in mind, we’ve listed the top 4 locations for our Christchurch movers, including each area’s average house price as well as some helpful facts concerning the local property types and house prices.

    Top Locations For Christchurch Movers 2021/2022
    Top Locations For Christchurch Movers 2021/2022
    • Bournemouth

      With 14.47% of users and an average property price of £327,127, Bournemouth is the most popular destination according to our data. The latest average recorded is only 1% up on 2019 but 14% up on the 2019 peak price of £286,573. Flats proved to be the most popular property type in the area, selling for an average of £238,009.

    • Poole

      Poole saw 8.18% of removals booked and currently has an average house price of £467,496. This latest figure has increased by 9% since 2019, showing a moderately steep incline. Over the last year, detached homes were the most popular property type, selling for an average of £681,014.

    • New Milton

      New Milton has an average property price of £429,733, a figure that has risen by 7% since 2019. The area saw 6.29% of our previous users with detached houses being the most popular amongst buyers over the last year. This property type sold for an average of £561,633. Flats were also popular, selling for an average of £243,358.

    • Ringwood

      Ringwood is next on the list with 5.66% of removals booked by users leaving Christchurch and an average house price of £496,980. As with most of the locations listed, Ringwood saw a fair increase in house prices since 2019, with the latest figure up by 8%. Despite a very high average sold price of £710,012, detached properties were the most popular in this area.

    Some Happy Christchurch Movers

    Our Christchurch removal partners go above and beyond to ensure a stress-free moving day, providing a reliable, confident and friendly service.

    But don’t just take our word for it: check out the beaming reviews from some very happy Christchurch movers below. Let us know about your move and get removal quotes.

    "Excellent quality and service. "

    Neil O'shaughnessy on 25/04/22

    Moving from Bournemouth

    "Spot on, absolute gentlemen. Took great care and were great to work with. Highly recommend."

    Matthew Drew on 15/04/22

    Moving from Bournemouth

    "Courteous, and caring from start to finish. I was pleasantly surprised at how well it went because I had been cost driven. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the company."

    Jane Moores on 01/04/22

    Moving from Bournemouth

    "Cannot recommend these guys enough. Extremely friendly, on time and made our move as stress free as possible. "

    Carol Pearce on 24/03/22

    Moving from Bournemouth

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