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Used by over 1 million movers in the UK
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Are you searching for a reliable removals company in Derby? With an average moving cost of £1,610, Compare My Move has helped over 800 Derby movers in the last year alone. No matter what the requirements, we can connect you with up to 6 verified moving companies in your local area, completely taking the stress out of the moving process.

A city in Derbyshire Country, Derby dates back as far as Roman times but rapidly developed throughout the Industrial Revolution especially. With traditional Victorian terrace housing and a variety of new-builds, there are a number of property types to view in this area. We have over 14 professional and high-quality removal companies operating across Derby - all of which have been verified by us and reviewed by you. To complete our verification process, our New Business team will check third-party reviews, check their company documentation and ensure they have both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance.

To remain within our network, every partner must adhere to our code of practice and provide users with quality services. Don’t forget to compare removal quotes before your move to Derby to help save up to 70% on your overall costs.

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    FAQs About Moving to Derby

    To help you through the moving process, Compare My Move has answered all your vital questions concerning your move to Derby. Whether you’re looking to buy or rent in the city, we’ve collected all the relevant data you could need. According to our research, the average property price in Derby is £180,687, with July and August being the most popular months to move house.

    If you’d prefer to rent in the city, the average asking rent is £640 pcm. Our unique data found that the average removal cost for Derby is £1,610 - but with Compare My Move, you could save up to 70%, helping you save money when you need it most. All of our removal partners are fully insured and verified to ensure a more professional house move.

    Avg. property price: £180,687
    Avg. rental price: £640
    Avg. removal cost: £1,610
    Best time to move: July and August

    How Much Are Removal Company Costs In Derby?

    Our unique removals data discovered that the average cost for moving house in Derby is £1,610. However, prices will vary depending on a variety of factors such as the distance to be moved, the location of the property and the removal company you choose to work with. Even the day of the week you choose as your moving date can have a significant impact.

    To show how prices can fluctuate, we discovered that the lowest average cost for moving house in the area is £1,022, whilst the highest average is £2,197. If you’re looking to move to a 3-bedroom house, the average cost you can expect to pay is £1,610. Don’t forget to compare removal quotes to save up to 70% on your final moving costs, saving you both time and money during the process.

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    Removal Company Costs in Derby 2023
    Removal Company Costs in Derby 2023

    What's The Best Time of Year To Move in Derby?

    With 13.14% of our users choosing both July and August as their preferred months, it’s safe to say that summer is a favoured time amongst many Derby movers. This isn’t surprising as the summer weather often creates the perfect moving conditions. With brighter days, warmer weather and plenty of free time due to the school holidays, it’s an ideal time for many families to move house in the area.

    Derby movers aren’t the only ones who prefer a summer moving date! The rest of the UK also seem to agree as August is also the most popular time to move house overall. This will likely mean increased competition so it’s vital you compare removal quotes as early as possible to book the time slot that best suits you. Use Compare My Move today to beat the competition and match with a range of verified removal companies in your local area.

    According to our research, November and December are the least popular months to move house in Derby, with both only accruing 4.57% of our confirmed removal dates. This isn’t very surprising as the winter months are often avoided amongst movers due to the dark, dreary weather and the threat of snow delaying traffic. However, if you require a winter house move, this may mean a more efficient booking process as there will be less competition and so many time slots available to you.

    Popular Months to Move in Derby 2023
    Popular Months to Move in Derby 2023

    What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Derby?

    With 28.29% of Derby users choosing a Friday move, it is the most popular day of the week to move house in this area. A weekend move often ensures you have plenty of free time to unload and unpack before the working week begins again. It allows many movers with the much needed time to slowly recover from the chaos of moving day and settle into their new home.

    However, with the start of the working week closely following, Sunday is the least popular day to move house. Only 6.29% of our users chose this as their removal day in Derby. This is fairly understandable as it’d be difficult to prepare for work immediately after the chaos of moving house. Trying to unpack in between school and working hours can be stressful and rather difficult, which is why many prefer to wait until the weekend.

    It’s also important to highlight that Sundays mean the closure of many estate agents and conveyancing offices. With this lack of communication throughout the property chain, it can sometimes make the process more stressful and mean movers have an increased risk of encountering delays.

    Derby's Favourite Moving Day 2023
    Derby's Favourite Moving Day 2023

    What Are The Top 4 Locations for Derby Movers?

    Thinking about moving out of Derby? Rest assured, all of our removal partners have helped hundreds of movers leave the area, ensuring they get to their new homes with absolute ease. Whether it’s to upsize, for work opportunities or simply a need for change, we have everything you need to know to help you move out of the city as efficiently as possible.

    The most popular destination for many of our Derby movers is Nottingham, with over 8.11% of removals having been booked here. Ilkeston, London and Burton-on-Trent are also popular locations to move to. No matter what the requirements, our verified removal partners will ensure you get there as swiftly and safely as possible.

    To help you through the house-hunting process, we’ve included the average house price for each location mentioned above. Of the four listed, London is by far the most expensive with an average of £497,948. As a comparison, the City of Derby currently has an average property price of £180,687.

    Popular Locations for Derby Movers 2023
    Popular Locations for Derby Movers 2023
    • Nottingham

      Nottingham pre-dates Anglo-Saxon times, with Nottingham Castle built in 1068. The current average house price is £167,843 which is slightly cheaper than the average for Derby. There are a number of new-builds to view within the area as well as a variety of Right to Buy opportunities.

    • Ilkeston

      With 4.32% of users choosing this destination, Ilkeston is a town in the Borough of Erewash that currently has an average property price of £162,239. From semi-detached family homes to modern flats, there are a variety of property types to choose from. The town is situated near both Derby and Nottingham and is also close to the M1 motorway should you be looking to commute.

    • London

      London is often a popular location amongst movers across the UK. It is the more expensive destination on our list with an average house price of £497,948. With higher salaries, easy commuting and a thriving nightlife, it’s no surprise that London has made it onto yet another popular locations list.

    • Burton-on-Trent

      A market town in Staffordshire, Burton-on-Trent has an average property price of £224,138. It is a town known mostly for its long history of brewing, with around 8 breweries still working to this day. It has great transport links and is situated on both sides of the River Trent.

    What Are The Average Property Prices In Derby?

    As previously mentioned, the average property price in the City of Derby is £180,687 as of May 2021, according to the UK House Price Index. Prices took a large dip in March 2020 after the spread of the COVID-19 virus. However, they have been steadily increasing since, growing as the housing market recovered. By January 2021, the town saw an annual increase of 6.8% and 8.6% the following month.

    As expected, detached properties are selling for the highest currently with an average price of £277,262. If you’re searching for something a little more affordable, terrace houses have an average price of £144,393 whilst flats and maisonettes average at £104,258. It’s also important to note that new-build properties are amongst the more expensive in the city, with an average cost of £213,168.

    To help you search for your dream home, we’ve listed some of the cheapest and best areas to live in Derby. We have used sources such as rightmove as a guide to help provide accurate averages that will aid in your comparison. Don’t forget to compare removal quotes before booking your moving date to ensure you get the best deal for you.

    Average Property Price in Derby 2023
    Average Property Price in Derby 2023
    • Pear Tree

      An inner-city suburb in Derby, Pear Tree is the cheapest area on our list with an average property price of £110,461. This price has increased by 13% since 2019 with the most popular property type amongst buyers being terrace houses. These property types sold for an average of £103,250 last year, whilst semi-detached homes sold for an average of £141,708.

    • Allenton

      Only 3 miles south of the city centre, Allenton has an average sold house price of £125,650. This average is only 6% more than the average cost in 2019, but it is 15% up on the 2017 peak of £108,824. According to rightmove, semi-detached homes were the most popular amongst buyers last year, with an average price of £130,276.

    • Alvaston

      With an average house price of £157,939, Alvaston is next on our list. The fairly affordable village has existed since the eleventh century but saw rapid expansion in the second half of the 19th century. Semi-detached properties are again the most popular property types in the area, selling for an average price of £147,738 last year alone.

    • Chaddesden

      Chaddesden is a large, residential suburb with an average property price of £164,129, according to rightmove. This average sold house price is a 10% increase on the average in 2019. Again, semi-detached homes were the most popular properties amongst buyers in the area, with an average price of £154,326. Detached properties were a close second, with an average price of £223,988.

    What Is The Average Rent In Derby?

    For those who would prefer to rent in Derby rather than purchasing a new home, we’ve discovered that the average asking rent in the city is £640 pcm. We’ve used reliable property websites such as Zoopla to find some of the cheapest areas to rent within the Derby area code. To help with your comparison, we found that as of July 2021, 2-bedroom houses have an average asking rent of £653 pcm in the city, whilst 1-bedroom flats average £444 pcm.

    There are a number of rental properties available in Derby so you don’t necessarily need to purchase a home to move and settle into the city. Below, we’ve listed 4 areas to rent in Derby, including their average asking rent and a range of property types to suit everyone.

    No matter what the requirements, Compare My Move can connect you with verified and professional removal companies to help you through every step of the moving process.

    Average Rent in Derby 2023
    Average Rent in Derby 2023
    • Allenton

      With an average asking rent of £482 pcm, Allerton is first on our list of some of the cheapest areas to rent within Derby. For those searching for a cosy property to call home, 1-bedroom flats have an average of £401 pcm. However, if you’re searching for something a little more spacious, 2-bedroom houses currently average £394 pcm.

    • Alvaston

      Alvaston is a village and ward of Derby with an average asking rent of £488 pcm. This area is fairly commuter-friendly as it’s situated on the A6, only 3-miles from the city centre. 1-bedroom flats currently have an average asking rent of £457 pcm, whilst 2-bedroom houses average £724 pcm.

    • Allestree

      Another suburb and ward of the city of Derby, Allestree has an average renting price of £623 per calendar month. If you’re looking for modern flats or apartments, you can expect an average asking rent of around £514 pcm. However, larger properties such as 2-bedroom houses average at £793 pcm.

    • Mickleover

      Another affordable area our research discovered is Mickleover with an average asking rent of £704 pcm. Mickleover is a large village where 2-bedroom houses currently average at £676 per month. If you require something a little smaller, 1-bedroom flats average at £477 pcm.