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Moving to Manchester Alone


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26th Mar 2019 (Last updated on 31st Jan 2024) 6 minute read

Moving alone can be daunting, especially if you’re new to the city. But, as I’m sure everyone keeps telling you, it’s one of the most exciting experiences you’ll ever have! Moving to Manchester alone provides you with so many new opportunities and experiences, you just have to take each step one at a time.

In 2022, a census from the Office of National Statistics declared that over eight million people lived alone in the UK with numbers still on the rise. Whether you’re a student looking for the best areas to study or you just want the peace that comes with living alone, Manchester is the place for you!

Before finding the best Manchester moving company, have a browse of our helpful guide and discover what could be waiting for you when you take the plunge and move to Manchester alone.

  1. 1. Diverse Accommodation on Offer
  2. 2. The Best Areas to Live Alone in Manchester
  3. 3. Employment Opportunities are Never-Ending
  4. 4. Living Costs for One
  5. 5. Travelling Around Manchester is Easy
  6. 6. The Best Places to Meet New People

1. Diverse Accommodation on Offer

Property prices in Manchester vary greatly depending on location, size of the property and if you’re sharing with flatmates. But it’s always good to research your options. Moving to Manchester offers diverse accommodation and quaint rooms to rent. From modern house share opportunities to quirky, quieter rooms, you’ll find the perfect place to call home.

According to Rentoo, the average rent in Manchester is £1,148 per month. For those looking to buy, the average asking price in Manchester is £293,534. The average price of flats in Manchester is around £193,813 but this will depend on the area you’d like to live in.

2. The Best Areas to Live Alone in Manchester

There are a variety of places to live in Manchester that are perfect for a range of buyers. There are so many places to consider that it can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially on your own. To help narrow down your search, we’ve compiled a list of affordable areas to live alone in Manchester.


Voted one of the best places to live in 2023 by the Sunday Times, Sale is perfect for those wishing to live outside of the city centre, whilst also being close enough to never miss out. It’s a thriving commuter town with easy access to the M60 motorway and a Metro-link Network. With live concerts and a well-loved rugby club, it’s a place suited to those looking for activities to meet neighbours.

According to Rightmove, in the last year terraced properties sold for an average of £313,466 and flats for £194,430.


Another alternative when moving to Manchester alone is Blackley. A suburban area, it’s 4.5 miles from Manchester city centre and offers a perfect balance of suburban and city life. There are a variety of bus lines available as well as Metro-link trams for easy commuting.

According to Rightmove, in the last year, terraced properties sold for an average of £168,929 and the average price of all houses sold was £209,785. Which is well below average for the whole of Manchester.


Surviving Roman forts, old mills and quaint cobbled streets are all mixed alongside modern, high-end bars and restaurants in Castlefield. Filled with intriguing history and fantastic festivals, there’s so much to explore.

According to Rightmove, in the last year, flats took up the majority of sales and had an average asking price of £250,629. Terraced houses had a lower asking price than flats in Castlefield at £195,000.


Fallowfield is another great place when moving to Manchester alone. It’s 3 miles south of the city centre and is a highly popular area for students with the Fallowfield Campus situated in the north.

According to Rightmove, in the last year, terraced houses took up the majority of sales and had an average asking price of £224,009. Flats had a low average purchase price in the last year at £152,302.


A mere 1 mile from the city centre, it’s perfect for those wishing to live in an animated area, so you never miss out on events or opportunities. From rugby clubs to art galleries, there’s something for everyone in Salford.

According to Rightmove, flats were the most popular sold properties in Salford in the last year, and on average sold for £200,279. The overall average price of sold properties in Salford was below the Manchester average at £227,025.

3. Employment Opportunities are Never-Ending

According to Talent, the average yearly salary is £37,500. Key employment sectors in Manchester include media, finance, logistics, IT, engineering and manufacturing as well as health and education. It’s a thriving city that’s bursting with opportunities for those moving alone. The city has a large student population suggesting that many see the potential it has and the opportunities it provides.

For the creative types, ITV and the BBC have regional headquarters in Manchester, providing job opportunities in TV and digital media. With a variety of schools and universities, there are many options for those looking to work in education, whilst the number of major hospitals encourages those in pharmaceuticals or health and social care.

4. Living Costs for One

As the cost of living is more affordable, many people have decided to move from London to Manchester. So why not join them? If you decide to treat yourself to a meal out, the average price in Manchester is £15 according to Numbeo, with a well-deserved pint averaging at £5. If you’re looking to travel short distances, a one-way ticket costs on average £2 for most local transportation.

Numbeo also calculated that the average monthly cost for one person living in Manchester is £837.70 (excluding rent). As a brief comparison, the average monthly costs without rent in London is £1,102.30, £264.60 more per month than in Manchester. This difference in costs can really help you save for the future.

5. Travelling Around Manchester is Easy

Whenever you’re moving somewhere alone, it’s important to get to know the area. It can be nerve-wracking at first, the thought of getting lost is always there. But it doesn’t have to be difficult! The trams are a popular and affordable form of transport in Manchester, taking you through the city and nearby suburbs.

According to Numbeo, the average cost for a monthly transportation pass in Manchester is £80. With 2 main train stations, there’s easy access to surrounding cities like London, with at least 3 trains running every hour. Perfect for commuters, the M6 is easily accessible and Manchester Airport is close by for those wishing to travel further.

6. The Best Places to Meet New People

From a pamper day at local health lounges to solo trips to Manchester Museum, there’s a range of activities to try when you move to Manchester alone. Solo trips are a great way to explore the area, but it’s also important to interact with others to completely settle in (I know, sounds terrifying but bear with me). Manchester is a hub of entertainment with plenty of opportunities to make new friends. Obviously being a football fan would give you an easy start, but if not, there are plenty more activities to try.

With over 200 languages spoken in Manchester, it’s a diverse and multicultural city catering to all personality types. The Whitworth Art Gallery was Art Fund’s Museum of the Year in 2015 making it perfect to connect with fellow art lovers. If you still haven’t found a kindred spirit, the Northern Quarter is bursting with artistic talent.

There are a number of vintage clothing and record shops to explore and the music scene is iconic with multiple festivals to be introduced to. The Frog and Bucket Comedy Club is great for a drink and a laugh, whilst the Old Trafford Stadium is where you’ll find all the football fans. Never be afraid to venture out and introduce yourself. As much as alone time is vital, the best way to settle in is to get out!

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