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Looking for a removal company in Medway? With an average moving cost of £1,295, we've helped over 1,500 movers save money in the area in last year. By connecting you with up to 6 verified and reviewed removal companies in Medway, we can take the stress out of your move.

Once the home of Charles Dickens, Medway has a rich history and offers affordable property. Just 30 minutes from London, it is the perfect commuter town for those looking for a cheaper alternative to London.

If you’re staying local and moving to Rochester, Chatham or Gillingham, one of our 16 local Medway partners can accommodate both local and long-distance moves.

Whatever your moving requirements are, our removal partners can tailor your move to suit you and your needs.

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    FAQs About Moving to Medway

    Our team has found the most timely information about moving within and from Medway. For those looking to buy a home in the area, the average property price is £267,371.

    Friday is the most popular day for moving house and August is the most popular month. The average cost of moving is £1,295 and when it comes to choosing a removal company, we connect you with the best in the business.

    Avg property price: £267,371
    Avg rental price: £984pcm
    Avg removal costs: £1,295
    Best time to move: August

    How Much Are House Removal Costs In Medway

    According to our research, the average cost of moving house in Medway is currently £1,295, with Friday being the most popular day to move. As a result, Friday is often a more expensive day to move, with cheaper options potentially available for less popular days. In Medway, this would likely be a Sunday as just 5% of our customers opted to move at the end of the weekend.

    Removal costs are largely based on the size of your property and the distance of your move, but the number of items you own can also contribute to the cost. The cheapest you can expect to pay in the area is £900, with the highest costing as much as £1,691. Don’t forget you can save up to 70% on the cost of your home move by comparing companies with us.

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    Average Removal Costs in Medway 2023
    Average Removal Costs in Medway 2023

    What Is The Best Time of Year To Move In Medway?

    Our research found that June is the most popular time of year to move house, with over 11% of our customers choosing to move at the start of the summer. With longer and lighter days and the potential for better weather, it’s no surprise that this is a popular time to move. The second most popular day is August, again most likely due to better moving conditions, but also because this is during the school holidays and will mean minimal disruption for families with children.

    If you are planning a summer move, be sure to book your moving company as early as possible as this time of year is often busy for companies.

    The least popular time of year to move in Medway is December, with just 6% of our customers in the area choosing to move during the festive season. Most likely this will be due to a combination of potentially poor weather conditions, shorter days, and less light, in addition to the holiday season which is often busy.

    November is also an unpopular time of year to move, with the same poor moving conditions to bear in mind. However, our research revealed September was also low down on the list, with just 7% of movers opting for this summer month. As September is when schools and universities resume, it is more than likely an unpopular time of year for families, teachers, and education professionals to move.

    Popular Months to Move House in Medway 2023
    Popular Months to Move House in Medway 2023

    What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Medway?

    We found that in Medway, Friday was the most popular day to move house, with almost 32% of our customers in the area booking a removal company on this day. As the gateway to the weekend, Friday offers ample time to move and settle into a new home, with minimal disruption to the working week. It is also ideal for families with children at school.

    With this in mind, Sunday proved to be the least popular day to move house in Medway, with just 5% of our users arranging a move on this day. In addition to potentially being inconvenient for those working throughout the week or with children who have school the next day, Sunday can also pose a problem as many estate agents and solicitors are shut. If there is a problem when moving in, it may not be addressed until the following day, causing disruption to the move.

    That being said, Sunday is likely to be a cheaper day to move house, while Friday will be more expensive due to its popularity.

    Popular Moving Days in Medway 2023
    Popular Moving Days in Medway 2023

    For those looking to move out of or within Medway, we’ve looked into our research to find the four most popular locations that our Medway users move to.

    According to our data, these four locations are Maidstone, Sittingbourne, Rochester and Sheerness. Maidstone is overwhelmingly the most popular, with over 25% of Medway residents moving to the area. By comparison, just 4% move to the area of Sheerness.

    Nearby Sittingbourne came in second, with 7% of our users moving just over 20 minutes away from Medway to this industrial town.

    To help you find your ideal home, our dedicated team of writers and researchers have looked into these four locations to bring you the average house prices in each area to help you accurately compare and budget.

    Top Locations For Medway Movers 2023
    Top Locations For Medway Movers 2023
    • Maidstone

      Maidstone is the largest town in Kent, located around 32 miles from London. The River Medway runs through the town, linking it with nearby Rochester. The average property price of £346,912, an 11% increase on the previous year. The majority of the sales were for semi-detached properties, at an average price of £349,398.

    • Sittingbourne

      This industrial town has lower property prices than both Medway and Maidstone, with an average house price of £285,007, with detached properties costing on average £425,332. The majority of sales in Sittingbourne in the last year were for terraced properties, selling on average for £232,660.

    • Rochester

      The historic town of Rochester, which is located within Medway, has an overall average property price of £304,072. This is an 8% increase on the previous year. Like Sittingbourne, terraced properties made up the majority of sales in Rochester over the last year. These sold for an average price of £264,542.

    • Sheerness

      Sheerness is the largest town in the Isle of Sheppey in north Kent. This civil parish is located beside the mouth of the River Medway, with sandy beaches found to the north. This is the cheapest area on our list, with an overall average price of £263,484. The majority of sales in the last year however were for detached properties, selling for an average of £344,232.