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10 Best Schools in Newport


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22nd May 2023 (Last updated on 11th Aug 2023) 5 minute read

One of the biggest things anyone with children needs to consider when moving to Newport is what schools are available. Having 81 primary schools and 21 secondary schools in the Newport City Council area, there’s plenty to pick from.

Luckily, Newport has no shortage of primary and secondary schools that set a standard for excellence.

In this guide, we’ve selected 5 of the best primary and secondary schools in the Newport area.

  1. 5 Best Primary Schools in Newport
  2. Cost of Living Next to the Best Newport Primary Schools
  3. 5 Best Secondary Schools in Newport
  4. Cost of Living Next to the Best Newport Secondary Schools
  5. Save on Your Newport Move

5 Best Primary Schools in Newport

1. Glasllwch Primary School

Glasllwch on Newport’s western border offers a fantastic academic curriculum to an intimate pool of around 250 children, aged between 3 and 11. Hidden amidst a sea of privately owned residences, the surrounding area is quiet for the youngsters. Many pupils progress naturally from the onsite nursery, allowing the school to nurture a safe atmosphere in which the kids can laugh and learn.

2. St Mary’s R.C. Primary School

This Catholic school has received praise from assessors for creating a caring and happy community among its roughly 350 students. St Mary’s scored well across the board, being particularly noteworthy in the fields of ‘Student wellbeing, care and support’, ‘Leadership’ and ‘Parent Partnership’. This demonstrates an eagerness among teachers to foster clear communication with pupils and parents alike.

3. St Joseph’s Junior and Infants School

Found in the densely populated eastern Newport area, St Joseph’s accommodates just under 200 students according to recent figures. Of the current attendees, roughly 18% have special educational needs, indicating a strong teaching programme for SEND children. St Joseph’s Juniors scored ‘Excellent’ in all areas but 1 in its latest Estyn report as a sign of quality Estyn report.

4. Clytha Primary School

Located in Ridgeway, Clytha Primary School hosts around 250 pupils from throughout northwestern Newport, including a portion who attend the onsite nursery. The school enforces a strong emphasis on tolerance, respect and inclusivity. This trait that is reflected by the school scoring ‘Excellent’ in the areas of ‘Wellbeing and attitudes to learning’ and ‘Care, support and guidance’.

5. St Michael’s R.C Primary School

Just south of Newport city centre, St Michael’s takes in around 250 students from throughout Newport’s inner city areas. Having achieved a ‘Good’ rating across the board during Estyn’s most recent visit, St Michael’s scores more consistently than most inner-city schools in general. Reviews from parents give credit to the ongoing support and encouragement given to both pupils and parents by the St Michael’s faculty.

Cost of Living Next to the Best Newport Primary Schools

If you’re considering moving nearby, please use these figures as a rough guideline for the average rent and house price near each Newport school:

Primary SchoolAverage House Price (£)Average Rent (£)
Glasllwch Primary£446,500£840 pcm
St Mary's R.C Primary£255,127£822 pcm
St Joseph's Junior and Infants£189,746£858 pcm
Clytha Primary£446,500£840 pcm
St Michael's R.C Primary£239,262£795 pcm

*Data taken from Rightmove and Houses For Sale & to Rent

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5 Best Secondary Schools in Newport

1. Bassaleg School

Nestled in one of Newport’s most sought-after residential areas, Bassaleg School provides a safe haven for learning in western Newport. Bassaleg School integrates an online and smartphone app to streamline absences, appointments and pay for school meals, resulting in a more contemporary educational experience.

As to recent figures, the school accommodates around 1,750 students across 8 years, with student ages ranging between 11 and 18. According to SchoolGuide, Bassaleg has an amazing 75.8% of students achieving 5+ GCSEs graded between 4 and 9, which is almost 20% above the national average (56.6%).

2. St Joseph’s R.C. High School

Located in the southwestern district of Duffryn, St Joseph’s scored consistently well across the board in its last inspection. The school houses around 1,500 students between aged 11 to 18, having recently moved into more modern buildings to improve classroom comfort and onsite services.

To complement the 4 fields in which it was ranked as good, St Joseph’s excelled in terms of Care, Guidance and Support, showing an ongoing effort to protect and nurture pupil progression. St Joseph’s latest exams showed promising results, with an average of 65.6% of students securing 5+ GCSEs with grades between 4 and 9, 9% more than the national average.

3. Caerleon Comprehensive School

Being ranked 6th in the WalesOnline Best Secondary Schools in Wales 2-18 awards, Caerleon Comprehensive is a go-to for Newport residents living in northern districts like Caerleon, Ponthir and Langstone. Accommodating roughly 1,500 students including those in sixth form, Caerleon is currently the only Newport state school providing German class as an option in its curriculum.

Caerleon Comprehensive retains a current percentage of 76% for students achieving the 5+ GCSEs grade 4-9 threshold, demonstrating a strong quality of learning in recent years.

4. The John Frost School

Formerly known as Duffryn High School, The John Frost School is another school servicing southwest Newport. Providing an extensive curriculum to over 1,400 students aged 11-18, The John Frost School is renowned for providing an array of extracurricular activities.

During the previous Estyn assessment, The John Frost School scored ‘Good’ in the areas of ‘Wellbeing and attitudes to learning’, ‘Care, support and guidance’ and ‘Leadership and management’. The school also has a dedicated facility for autistic students, currently operating with around 20 participants.

5. Newbridge School

The most distant of the schools on this list, Newbridge School is found in the town of the same name, roughly 10 miles northwest of Newport itself. Owing to the more remote location, the school houses just under 1,000 students, aged 11-16 (meaning it does not have a sixth form).

Having scored ‘Good’ overall in its latest Estyn review, 44% of 2022’s students managed to secure 5 or more GCSEs with a grade between A* and A. These students scored particularly well in the fields of science, history and geography.

Cost of Living Next to the Best Newport Secondary Schools

When you’ve narrowed down your ideal secondary school, use the following average house prices and rental rates as a guide when looking for property:

Secondary SchoolAverage House Price (£)Average Rent (£)
Bassaleg School£290,885£840 pcm
St Joseph's R.C£228,470£795 pcm
Caerleon Comprehensive£236,151£800 pcm
John Frost£228,470£795 pcm
Newbridge School£187,117£527 pcm

*Data taken from Rightmove and Houses For Sale & to Rent

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