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Many packing and moving companies offer a variety of packing services for an extra cost. These typically include a full, part, fragile or self-pack service as well as the option of providing clients with the wrapping materials.

Your house removals team will have professional packers and movers on hand to help. They'll have the necessary experience in packing and loading a wide variety of items. Our partners can also help with packing for international moves, fragile packing for moving antiques and large furniture packing.

Get connected with up to 6 verified removal companies to save on your packing today. All our removal partners are fully insured with both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance so you know your personal belongings will be in good hands.

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How does our packing service work?

Find out what to expect when you use our packing service:

  • Fill in our form: Enter your contact details and information about the job. There'll be a section where you can specify what type of packing you need.
  • Get connected with matches: You'll see up to 6 removal companies on your screen where you can learn what they offer.
  • Talk about job details: The companies will then reach out to you to discuss further details for the job. You should tell the removal company all your packing needs.
  • Choose company: Once you've been given quotes and more information on what the companies can offer you, you can now pick a company.
  • Packing begins: Our removal companies will arrive at your property usually a couple of days before the move to begin packing.

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Main types of packing services

The most popular packing services movers choose are:

Full packing service: Most packing and moving companies offer a full-packing service as standard. This means the team will arrive at your property a day or two before the move, and pack up your whole home. They can pack a range of items including plates, cutlery, books and artwork, organising their packing room by room. This packing service is ideal if you don’t have the time or energy to pack your home for moving day or you require a last-minute move.

Part-packing service: Another removal packing service is the part-pack service aimed at those who don't require all items to be packed. If you’re capable and have the time to pack some items but need help with certain items such as bulky or awkward furniture, this service will be ideal for you. You’ll have to let the removal company know which items they will be packing, then they can tailor their quote depending on the difficulty of the items.

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Additional packing services

You can also opt for the following types of packing:

Owner-packed service: If you want to pack for your move yourself, then most packing and moving companies provide an owner-packed service. They can provide you with the packing materials and equipment at an extra cost so you can safely pack your personal belongings.

Fragile packing service: If you have any valuable or fragile items you’d like packed with extra care, it’s worth getting a fragile packing service when moving house. The professional packers will pack your delicate glassware and china using bubble wrap and packing techniques to eliminate the risk of damage.

Piano packing service: Most packing and moving companies offer additional removal services to help with unique items such as pianos. They will be trained and experienced in using equipment to protect the piano when being carried out of your home and into the vehicle.

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    Packing options for different types of moves

    Different types of house move will require certain packing services to ensure full protection of your personal belongings. Learn the best type of packing service required for your move type.

    International moves - Part-load packing services are commonly used for an international move. We work with insured and trusted international removal companies to make your overseas move smooth, whether you're going by sea, air or road freight.

    Moving fine art and fragile antiques - Packing and moving art or fragile items require specialist services. Many of our partners offer antique and fragile item packing services to provide full protection and peace of mind during your move.

    Moving large furniture - A blanket wrap packing service is best suited for large pieces of furniture that can't be disassembled. It will help protect your furniture from scratching against other items. Rest assured, our removal companies always arrive fully equipped and prepared.

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    How much does a packing service cost?

    A removals packing service for a 3-bedroom house will cost £250 on average.

    The price includes the cost of 30 large packing boxes and the labour for packing. The cost of packing and moving house will depend on how many items you’re taking with you and whether you require a full or part packing service.

    Average packing service costs based on a 3-bed house:

    • Loading and unloading - £806
    • Packing services and materials - £250
    • Dismantling and reassembling furniture - £125

    Data taken from our removal company cost article.

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    Is it worth paying for packing?

    Although a removals packing service is an additional cost to factor in, it can save you money in the long run. You may also choose to tip the removal company if you’re happy with the packing service provided.

    If you’re not confident in safely packing your valuable items, you risk damaging them during transit. A removal company will have a team of professional packers that have the skills and experience to securely pack your items. A packing service comes with many advantages over self-packing:

    • Ideal for last-minute moves
    • Helps if you're too busy to pack
    • Take care of heavy and awkward items
    • Items are protected with professional equipment
    • Avoid damage if done yourself

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    Removal insurance explained
    What’s included in a removal quote?

    Is there anything they won’t pack?

    There are certain items that removal companies won’t pack and move as they are classed as dangerous items. These are some of the items that removal companies won’t pack.

    • Nail polish remove, paints and paint thinner
    • Lighter fluid, petrol, aerosols and fireworks
    • Oxygen bottles, propane cylinders and motor oil
    • Matches, radio-pharmaceuticals and cleaning solvents
    • Batteries, firearms, fire extinguisher

    To learn more, read what not to pack when moving house.

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    Can moving companies help pack for storage?

    Many moving companies will also offer self-storage services for an additional fee. According to the Self Storage Association UK, the average storage costs in the UK are £23.94 per square foot. If your chosen removals company does not own or have access to storage facilities, they may still be able to help you pack for self-storage.

    To protect your possessions from any risk of damp or damage whilst in storage, you'll need high-quality packing materials. These are items many removal companies will be able to provide. Their team should also have experience in moving large and awkward items. This means they should be able to help when loading and unloading your belongings at the unit.

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    Packing FAQs

    Q. Can I use my own packing materials?

    A. If you don’t use a packing service, you can use your own packing materials. The movers will still load your self-packed items on to the van.

    As part of a self-packing service, you can opt to pack and use your own packing equipment. Alternatively, you can do the packing yourself and the removal company can provide the necessary equipment if needed.

    Q. How long before moving day would the packing service take place?

    A. Depending on the type of packing service, the movers and packers will arrive at your home a day or 2 before the move. This is to ensure everything is ready to go on the day. For a full packing service, they will likely pack 2 or more days prior to moving day. If you’re using a part-pack or self-pack, the movers will arrive a day before, depending on their schedule.

    Q. Does the packing service come with full insurance?

    A. All Compare My Move partnered removal companies must have Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance. This will cover you from any loss or damage to items while they are being moved. It’s worth noting that this cost should be included in the final removal cost and should not be an extra charge. To learn more, read our guide on removals insurance.

    Q. Do moving companies dismantle furniture

    A. The majority of packing and moving companies will offer furniture dismantle and reassemble services. Make sure you discuss exactly what needs to be dismantled so they can give you an accurate quote for the service.

    A lot of furniture like beds, wardrobes, tables and desks need to be dismantled. But if you lack the experience, you should use professional movers to minimise the risk of damage to your items as well as yourself.

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