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Welcome to Henry & Son Ltd, where quality moving services are what we do best. We are a family run business and the premier choice for your home removals and storage needs in Leicestershire and Warwickshire. With over 80 years’ experience in the removals industry, we are the number one choice for quality and value when it comes to your removal and storage needs. Simply put, when you choose Henry & Son Ltd for your removals and storage, you really can’t lose.

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Since January 2016
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  • Kelly Wilson from Hinckley on 27/07/2017

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    Really helpful crew and made our moving day so much easier than it would have been. Definitely worth the money and would recommend them to anyone looking for a brilliant removals company.

    Warren Henry of Henry & Son Ltd replied:
    Hi Kelly,Thank you so much for taking time to write this review. Thank you for your business and we all hope you settle into your new home quickly. God Bless, Warren & Team.

  • Alan Adler from Loughborough on 7/07/2017

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    They damaged my large 6foot aquarium on delivery and when it broke flooding the house with 600 litres of water, they sidestepped the issue claiming 7 day insurance rule (it was 9 days) leaving me with several thousand pounds worth of loss and damage.

    The moving team were great, but the attitude on my claim was appalling no one even said sorry to hear of your problems.

    This companies views customer service as "give us your money any problems you are on your own!"

    do not trust thme

    Warren Henry of Henry & Son Ltd replied:
    Dear Alan, I am dissapointed to read your review. We reacted quickly when you contacted our office, insurance underwriters were contacted the same day and your crew were interviewed. The tank was in perfect condition when we left your new home as verified by you and the team on the day.Unfortunately your claim was not covered and the results are bad reviews all round for our company. We will accept these and move forward and wish you the very best in your new home.Warren Henry

    More Information

    Home Removals

    We are a home removals company that understands the need for high levels of trust and reliability. We pride ourselves on offering a high quality, bespoke removals service to all our customers, aiming to give our customers 100% satisfaction in everything we do. Our highly skilled house moves team are expertly trained and experienced, constantly striving to exceed the expectations of our customers.


    As well as home removals, we can help with the disposal of unwanted items. We can dismantle or erect timber buildings and sheds and we can also offer a full house cleaning service after items have been professionally and safely disposed of.

    Packing Materials

    We sell a wide variety of cartons, boxes and packing materials to help you prepare for your move. Well packed belongings will help you save money on moving day and reduce the risk of broken items during transit to the new property. You will also find that well-packed belongings will be easier to stack, load and unload, helping to create a smoother running move for you and your family. We can also pack your belongings for you if you are short on time or want to avoid this time-consuming chore.


    We have a comprehensive range of storage options that make self-storage easy, from home storage on a long or short-term basis, our easy self-storage options will be ideal for you. Our storage facilities are safe, clean and secure.

    Van Rental

    With our modern Vauxhall Movano vans, you will be able to move whatever you need at a time and speed that suits you. Our van rental services can be used for moving house or delivering and collecting your belongings from our self-storage units, or anything else you may need a van for.

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