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Here at Nifty Business Movers, we are all about commercial relocations. We specialise in office removals. IT relocation and business storage. We are powered by ‘Function’, one of the biggest providers of specialist office moves of the last 12 years. When you get in touch with Nifty, we will aim to offer you a quote on the same day. When you use our service, you won’t be blindsided by any hidden costs. We pride ourselves on our unique guarantee. We will manage to move you on time and within the agreed budget with no hidden costs and without losing valuable business time or you will get your move for free.

We will send a surveyor to your premises within just a day or two and aim to have a more accurate quote to you the next day. Your surveyor will be able to fully assess the needs and requirements for your commercial move, taking into account the business, how it operates and how departments interact with each other. From this, we will quickly establish the volume of furniture and equipment to be moved and any specific requirements and considerations involved, such as parking permits or restrictions, access issues, IT relocations and furniture or equipment that need dismantling and reassembling.

Since April 2017
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Office Removals

As industry leading experts, we are fully aware of the importance of an efficient office move, particularly in a busy, bustling city like London. Whatever the size of your company, with our 12 years of commercial removals experience, we have got you covered. When you choose Nifty Business Moves, we will carry out a free, no obligation 15- minute survey and offer a quick quote. We will ensure that you will get all the appropriate workforce, equipment and vans for your move so that you do not lose valuable business time. We understand the importance of maintaining productivity and keeping staff disruption to a minimum. Our London based firm specialises in Office Moves and can offer you a cost-effective service designed to meet your needs. Moving in London can often come with parking restrictions and access issues, we know the London area well enough and how to arrange the appropriate permissions, keeping the costs of such instances down.

IT Relocations

Professional and efficient IT Relocations are paramount to a successful office relocation. Often the IT equipment and set-up are critical in business. We work towards a successful ‘Monday Morning Moment’ when we aim to have all of your staff arrive at their new workstations to find all devices set up and working. We focus on all the little details, even down to screens being positioned perfectly.

Storage Solutions

Often, storage solutions are required when moving your office/work-base. Places like Central London, in particular, are usually short of space and taking up extra space will cost a considerable amount of money.

Here at Nifty Business Movers, we have a manned storage facility, so we can offer you short or long-term business storage solutions. Whether it’s just a few boxes of paperwork or your entire office suite, if storage is needed for a time during your business relocation process, we can help.

We offer a range of storage solutions including containerised storage, archived storage, palletised storage, loose storage and trade storage.

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