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Used by over 750,000 movers in the UK
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Are you in need of an experienced removals company in Stowmarket? Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 of the most highly-skilled removal firms in the area. We have a strong network of over 20 companies operating within the area, helping hundreds of local users every year.

Stowmarket is the largest town in the Mid Suffolk district with ongoing plans for further development as part of an area action plan. Whether you’re moving across the street or across the country, our partners are here to help. Every removal company that enters our network is 100% verified and fully insured with Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance to protect both you and your belongings.

From detached, double bay Victorian houses to modern new developments, there are properties to suit every personality type. No matter what the requirements, our team of removal experts will match you with the most trusted and dependable moving companies in Stowmarket. We can even help you save up to 70% on your moving costs during the process.

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    FAQs About Moving to Stowmarket

    Our team works hard to research everything you need to know about your move to Stowmarket. Our data shows that the average removal cost in the area is £937 with August being the best month to move.

    We found that the average property price in Stowmarket stands at £253,999. You can expect to pay around £857 pcm to rent property in the area.

    Avg property price: £253,999
    Avg rental price: £857 pcm
    Avg removal costs: £937
    Best time to move: August

    How Much Are Removal Company Costs In Stowmarket?

    According to our unique data, the average cost of moving house in Stowmarket is £937. This is the average cost of a removal company calculated for a Friday move in the UK, the most popular day to move house in the area. However, your final costs will vary depending on a variety of factors such as the volume of items being moved, the exact location of the property and the distance travelled.

    Even details as simple as the day of the week can affect the cost of your removal. For example, Tuesday is the most expensive day to move house, increasing the price up to £1,110. The cheapest day to move is actually a Sunday, seeing an average cost of just £717.

    To ensure you find the best possible deals in Stowmarket, make sure you compare removal quotes as early as possible. You could save up to 70% on your final cost, ensuring you have more cash to put into making your new house a home.

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    Average Removal Costs in the UK 2023
    Average Removal Costs in the UK 2023

    What Is The Best Time of Year To Move In Stowmarket?

    We can reveal that the most popular month to move house in Stowmarket is August, with 11.59% of removals booked at this time. Summer is often viewed as the most popular time of the year for movers, so it’s not surprising to see August achieve the top spot.

    With higher temperatures, longer days and clear skies, summer creates the ideal conditions for moving house. It’s also the perfect time for families to move as they can take advantage of the school holidays, ensuring their children’s education is not disrupted by the moving process. This fact may also encourage university students to move at this time, as their terms will have ended, again allowing them to move without causing disruption to their revision and lectures.

    May proved to be the least popular month to move house in Stowmarket, seeing just 5.64% of removals booked. With exam season in full swing, many families may be tempted to avoid a May move to lessen the pressure on any children who might be sitting exams at this time. However, if the month suits your schedule, you may find some Stowmarket companies are reducing their prices during May as less demand can sometimes mean lower prices.

    Popular Months to Move House in Stowmarket 2023
    Popular Months to Move House in Stowmarket 2023

    What Is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Stowmarket?

    After reviewing our data, we can reveal that Friday is the clear winner for the most popular day to move house in Stowmarket. Approximately 28.52% of users chose this day of the week when booking removals. This is a recurring trend across the UK as the following weekend allows movers to have additional days off to unpack and settle into their new homes. This allows for any problems to be solved before or gradually during the working week.

    Sunday is the least popular day to move house in Stowmarket, seeing just 5.41% of removals booked. Many estate agents and solicitors will be closed on this day, resulting in fewer channels of communication throughout the property chain. This can increase the risk of delays and discourage movers from wanting to complete on this day. However, Sunday also proved to be the cheapest day to move house in the UK.

    Don’t forget to compare removal quotes for a variety of dates if you can be flexible with your moving day. Days such as Tuesday and Sunday may see lower prices in Stowmarket as they appear to be the least popular with local movers and homeowners.

    Popular Moving Days in Stowmarket 2023
    Popular Moving Days in Stowmarket 2023

    What Are The Top Locations for Stowmarket Movers?

    Our team discovered that Ipswich is the most popular location for our users moving out of Stowmarket, with 18.06% of removals booked. Property prices in Stowmarket are currently cheaper with an average house price of £253,999. However, the difference is only slight, as the average property price in Ipswich is £259,422. Other popular locations included Bury St. Edmunds, London and Thetford.

    Whilst property prices in Stowmarket have remained fairly similar to that recorded in 2019, the latest average has actually increased by 6% since the peak price of £240,499 in 2018. Over the last year, buyers appeared to favour semi-detached homes in the area, selling for an average of £257,370. Terraced properties were also popular, averaging £210,012.

    To help with your house hunt, we’ve researched local house prices in each of the locations listed above.

    Top Locations For Stowmarket Movers 2023
    Top Locations For Stowmarket Movers 2023
    • Ipswich

      Ipswich’s latest average house price has increased by 5% since 2019, making it £259,422 currently. Over 18% of our users booked removals in this location over the last year, making it the most popular on our list. Local buyers favoured semi-detached houses last year, selling for an average of £250,141.

    • Bury St. Edmunds

      Seeing 10.32% of users, Bury St. Edmunds has an average property price of £318,915. This latest figure is actually 2% down on the previous year. Terraced houses also accounted for the majority of property sales, with an average sold price of £282,319. Semi-detached homes were also popular, fetching £296,344.

    • London

      A favourite amongst many British movers, London saw 3.55% of users and has an average house price of £797,198. London is unsurprisingly the most expensive location on our list. Over the last year, flats accounted for the majority of property sales with an average sold price of £592,521.

    • Thetford

      With 3.15% of users and an average property price of £227,744, Thetford is next on our list. This latest figure has actually risen by 9% since 2019, showing a steady increase in local house prices. Local buyers favoured terraced houses last year, which sold for an average of £178,262.