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Are you looking for a trusted and verified removal company in Wirral? Look no further than Compare My Move! Our network of 17 Wirral removal companies has helped over 883 people move house in the last year.

Located in the of Merseyside, Wirral boasts excellent transport links and easy commutes. The borough has an abundance of green spaces, including Birkenhead Park, Central Park in Liscard and Arrowe Country Park.

Rest assured, all our removal companies are fully insured with Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance to give you peace of mind during your move. We can connect you with up to 6 professional removal companies so you can save up to 70% on your removal costs.

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    FAQs About Moving to Wirral

    We've researched everything you need to know about your move to or from Wirral. The average property price for 2022 stands at £243,602, while the rental price averages at £931 pcm. 

    Our data shows that the average removal company cost in Wirral is £748.38, with November being the favourite time to move in the area.

    Avg property price: £243,602
    Avg rental price: £931 pcm
    Avg removal costs: £748.38
    Best time to move: November

    How Much Are House Removal Costs In Wirral?

    The average removal company costs in Wirral are £748. Our data shows that Wirral movers paid an average low of £562 and an average high of £860. These costs are just averages and will depend on how far you’re moving, what services you require and how many items you’re taking with you.

    Comparing removal company quotes will ensure you’re getting the best possible deal for your move. Try comparing different months and days as some companies might have special deals during their off-peak times.

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    Average Removal Costs in Wirral 2021/2022
    Average Removal Costs in Wirral 2021/2022

    What is The Best Time of Year To Move in Wirral?

    Our data shows that November is the favourite time of year to book a removal company in Wirral, seeing 11.82% of moves being scheduled. October is the second favourite month to move in the area, seeing a further 11.08%. As many people avoid moving around the Christmas period, we can see why movers prefer to move in October and November to ensure they’re settled in time.

    April is by far the least popular month to book removals, with just 4.68% opting for a spring move. Spring is often revision and exam period in schools, with many families wanting to avoid disrupting their children’s workflow. March is also another unpopular time to book a removal company. Movers and packers in the area might have different rates during this month, which could explain the low number of moves.

    Popular Months to Move House in Wirral 2021/2022
    Popular Months to Move House in Wirral 2021/2022

    What is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Wirral?

    A popular trend throughout the UK, the most popular day to book a removal company in Wirral is a Friday, seeing a huge 32.76% of moves taking place. With the flexibility the weekend offers, many people opt for a weekend move as the extra time off work is welcomed. Monday is the second favourite, seeing 16.75% of people moving. With the whole week to plan for any disruption, we can see why a start of week move is preferred.

    Sunday is the least favourite day of the week to move house in the area, seeing as little as 5.17% of moves. With the main moving house services such as solicitors and estate agents being closed on Sundays, there’s no doubt a Sunday move adds stress to the experience. Tuesday is another unpopular time, with just 6.16% of moves taking place. Tuesday is often an expensive day to move in the UK, so it’s worth comparing costs for different days and months.

    Popular Moving Days in Wirral 2021/2022
    Popular Moving Days in Wirral 2021/2022

    Liverpool is the most popular location for Wirral movers outside of the borough, seeing 22.67% of moves. Birkenhead, Wallasey and Ellesmere Port are also popular locations for Wirral movers, seeing 21.33%, 20% and 18.67% of moves.

    During the last year, the average property price in Wirral is £243,602. The majority of sales in Wirral during the last year were of semi-detached properties that sold for an average price of £218,517.

    Detached properties in Wirral averaged at £416,543 during the last 12 months, while terraced homes cost £150,801. We can see why people chose Liverpool as the average property price in the area is £204,641.

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    Top Locations For Wirral Movers 2021/2022
    Top Locations For Wirral Movers 2021/2022
    • Liverpool

      Liverpool is the most popular location for Wirral movers, seeing 22.67% of moves taking place. During the last year, the average property price is £204,641, while the majority of sales in Liverpool during the last year were terraced properties which sold for an average price of £143,095.

    • Birkenhead

      A further 21.33% of movers went to Birkenhead where the average property price is £145,814 for 2022. The majority of sales in Birkenhead during the last year were of terraced properties that had an average sold price of £103,364.

    • Wallasey

      Wallasey is the third most popular location for a move outside of Wirral, seeing 20% of moves. The average property price in the area stands at £171,408 for 2022. Terraced properties proved to be the most popular amongst buyers, selling for £132,170 on average.

    • Ellesmere Port

      Another 18.67% of Wirral movers went to Ellesmere Port, where the average property price is £189,840 during the last year. Semi-detached properties were the most popular sale for 2021 and sold for an average of £174,224.

    Some Happy Wirral Movers

    Our Wirral removal partners go above and beyond to ensure a stress-free moving day, providing a reliable, confident and friendly service.

    But don’t just take our word for it: check out the beaming reviews from some very happy Wirral movers below. Let us know about your move and get removal quotes.

    "They made the move so easy, I highly recommend, brilliant service! "

    Meg Hopkinson on 30/04/22

    Moving from Liverpool

    "Excellent customer service with guidance on what to expect. The team of 2 movers worked flat out to collect, transport and then deliver our items. They did a great job from start to finish. "

    Robin Sellers on 28/03/22

    Moving from Liverpool

    "Two vans and four people turned up on time and completed loading and unloading, between Liverpool and Norley in half a day. Polite, hardworking and professional throughout. I would 100% recommend them."

    Jonathan Ayre on 08/03/22

    Moving from Liverpool

    "Very efficient, hard working and fastHelpful and obliging."

    Paul Boshell on 07/03/22

    Moving from Liverpool

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