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Moving House in Worthing? Save Up To 70% On Your Removal Costs

Looking for a removal company in Worthing? With an average moving cost of £937, we have helped over 2,100 people move home and save money across the seaside town in the last year. Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 verified removal companies, taking the stress out of your house move

Ideally located, Worthing is 90 minutes from London via train and 20 minutes from the seaside resort of Brighton. All removal companies must agree to our code of practice and our dedicated business team checks third-party reviews. We also carefully check company documentation to ensure every company has both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance.

If you're moving within or from Worthing, compare removal firms with us to save up to 70% on your removal costs.

Our Worthing Removal Companies

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    FAQs About Moving to Worthing

    Our team have done all the hard work for you and have researched everything you need to know about your Worthing move. Our data has shown that the average removal cost here is £937, with the most popular month to move being July. Don’t forget to compare removal quotes early to beat the competition.

    A beautiful seaside town with some dazzling views, Worthing is a popular location for many tourists as well as British movers. The average property price for the town sits at £342,254, with the average asking rent currently at £961 per calendar month.

    Avg property price: £342,254
    Avg rental price: £961
    Avg removal costs: £937
    Best time to move: July

    How Much Are House Removal Costs In Worthing?

    As the majority of moves in Worthing occur on Fridays, the average cost of moving house currently sits at £937. Depending on your personal circumstances, it would be wise to avoid a Tuesday move as it’s typically the most expensive day to move house. If you choose to move on a Tuesday, it could increase the price up to £1,110

    Despite it being the least popular moving day for Worthing users, it’s recommended to book a Sunday for your moving date as it’s the cheapest day to move house. If your moving date falls on a Sunday, you could be looking at a saving of 21% with the average cost being reduced down to £717.

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    Average Removal Costs in Worthing 2020-2021
    Average Removal Costs in Worthing 2020-2021

    What is The Best Time of Year To Move in Worthing?

    The most popular month to move house in Worthing is July, with over 11.36% of our users choosing this date for their move. This isn’t surprising as summer is often a popular season for British movers. With the warmer weather, longer days and school holidays ensuring the perfect conditions for the move. Understandably, no one wants to move their king-sized bed in the dark.

    With only 6.04% of users choosing it as their moving date, December is the least popular month to move house in Worthing. Again, this isn’t surprising as many British movers avoid the winter months for their move. Many avoid December especially, as the run-up to the Christmas holidays is often a chaotic time as it is, even without having to pack up your items and relocate. Christmas also means that many offices will be closed, which could potentially limit communication throughout the property chain, causing delays.

    Whether you’re looking for a winter or summer move, don’t forget to book fast to avoid any potential competition. By comparing quotes with Compare My Move, you’ll be connected with up to 6 reliable removal companies whilst also saving up to 70% on the overall cost of your move.

    Popular Months to Move House in Worthing 2020-2021
    Popular Months to Move House in Worthing 2020-2021

    What is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Worthing?

    As the weekend often provides movers with additional time to unpack and settle in, Friday is the most popular day to move house in Worthing. Over 26.75% of removals were booked on this day last year, giving movers the following weekend to get organised and enjoy their new home.

    However, with only 4.43% of movers choosing this day, Sunday is the least popular day to move house for Worthing users. Sunday is often avoided by movers as the following working week brings too much chaos for people to peacefully unpack and settle in.

    Don’t forget to use Compare My Move to ensure you’re working with the best companies in the business. All of our removal partners are fully-insured and verified by us, ensuring they can work to the high standards you expect and deserve.

    Popular Moving Days in Worthing 2020-2021
    Popular Moving Days in Worthing 2020-2021

    If you’re thinking of moving out of Worthing, then worry not as we’ve got that covered too! Our expert team has helped hundreds of movers leave the town, connecting them with the most professional movers for the job.

    The most popular destination for our Worthing movers is Brighton, with an impressive 17.49% of users moving to this area. Other popular locations include Hove, Eastbourne and London. Whether it’s for job opportunities, a change of scenery or simply to be closer to family, there are multiple reasons you may be leaving Worthing and our removal partners are here to help.

    No matter what the reasons, fill out our simple online form to compare removal quotes and find the best prices for you. It’s important to get organised as early as possible to ensure a stress-free and efficient move for you and your family.

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    Top Locations For Worthing Movers 2020-2021
    Top Locations For Worthing Movers 2020-2021
    • Brighton

      A constituent part of the city of Brighton and Hove, Brighton is a popular seaside resort with an average property price of £423,442. It’s a very popular area for tourists as well as British movers, with a vibrant community and an amazing music and arts scene. From beautiful bungalows by the sea to grand semi-detached houses, there’s plenty of properties for everyone.

    • Hove

      Hove is another popular seaside resort with an average property price of £458,468. Originally a small fishing village, it’s rapid growth has seen its popularity rise with many movers flocking to its dazzling coastline. From traditional terrace houses to spacious detached houses, there’s plenty to view in Hove.

    • Eastbourne

      Another popular destination for Worthing movers is Eastbourne, with an average property price of £297,435. Continuing with the seaside theme, Eastbourne is another area where the properties have a beautiful view of the coastline. Whether you’re looking for terrace houses close to the town centre or cosy flats on the coast, Eastbourne definitely has a lot to offer.

    • London

      London is often a popular choice for many British movers, even with the hefty average property price of £496,269. With plenty of job opportunities, higher salaries and a plethora of entertainment, it’s unsurprising that so many people make the move to England’s capital every year.

    What Are The Average Property Prices In Worthing?

    Throughout 2019, Worthing’s average property prices fluctuate each month, according to the UK House Price Index. In December 2019, the average property price dipped by -1.1%. It started to increase throughout the start of 2020 and now currently sits at £342,254. The majority of sales in the area were for flat, however, which have a much lower average price of £211,152.

    On the higher end of the scale, detached properties sold for an average of £501,995, with semi-detached properties selling for an average of £374,030 over the last year.

    Below we've looked at four locations within Worthing and their average house prices. The cheapest of these areas is Lancing, with an average property price of £300,134.

    Average Property Price For Locations in Worthing 2020-2021
    Average Property Price For Locations in Worthing 2020-2021
    • Broadwater

      First on our list is Broadwater with an average house price of £351,909, according to Zoopla. The neighbourhood is centred around a large, grassy area that’s known as 'Broadwater Green'. With terrace houses and spacious detached homes, it’s a very family-friendly area to live.

    • Goring-by-Sea

      Goring-by-Sea, also known as Goring, currently has an average house price of £370,351 and lies 2.5 miles west of Worthing town centre. There’s also a long beach within the area, with a large expanse of sand as well as pebbles.

    • Lancing

      A beautiful village in West Sussex, Lancing currently has an average property price of £300,134. With a mix of mid-rise coastal, urban homes and farms, there’s a variety of options to consider here.

    • Tarring

      Tarring, officially known as West Tarring, is situated on the A2031 road, 1.2 miles from Worthing town centre. The current average property price sits at £321,222, making it the most expensive location on our list.

    What is the Average Rent in Worthing?

    If you’re considering renting in Worthing rather than purchasing a property, then rest assured, we’ve got that covered too. Our dedicated team have done all the research for you and have discovered some of the cheapest areas to rent within the Worthing postcode.

    We’ve listed 4 areas to help with your house hunt. We’ve also included information about the location as well as its average asking rent as determined by the property website, Zoopla. For comparison, the current average asking rent for Worthing is £961 per calendar month.

    Whether you’re renting or buying a home, our partners will do all the heavy lifting for you, ensuring a more efficient and stress-free move.

    Average Rent (pcm) In Worthing 2020-2021
    Average Rent (pcm) In Worthing 2020-2021
    • Lancing

      With the cheapest current rent, Lancing is at the top of our list with an average asking rent of £577 pcm. If you’re searching for a cosy flat to call your own, 1-bedroom flats average at £591 pcm and 2-bedroom flats average at £901 pcm. However, if you want something bigger, 1-bedroom houses have an average asking rent of £511 pcm.

    • Broadwater

      Next, we have the neighbourhood, Broadwater with an average asking rent of £717 pcm. For those looking for spacious properties, 2-bedroom houses currently have an average asking rent of £1,248 pcm, whilst 1-bedroom houses have an average of £598 pcm. If you’re looking for 1-bedroom flats, you can expect an average rent of around £687 pcm.

    • Goring-by-Sea

      Goring-by-Sea currently has an average asking rent of £787 pcm, with 1-bedroom flats averaging at £738 pcm. For movers who would prefer a larger property, 1-bedroom houses have an average asking rent of £901 pcm and 2-bedroom flats average at £1,027 pcm.

    • Littlehampton

      Another area for renters to consider is Littlehampton which has an average asking rent of £800 pcm. In this seaside town, 1-bedroom flats average at £592 pcm whilst 1-bedroom houses average at £529 pcm. However, 2-bedroom flats have an increased average of £793 pcm.

    Some Happy Worthing Movers

    Our Worthing removal partners go above and beyond to ensure a stress-free moving day, providing a reliable, confident and friendly service.

    But don’t just take our word for it: check out the beaming reviews from some very happy Worthing movers below. Let us know about your move and get removal quotes.

    "Excellent. Id been let down by another company with just one week to go. I was in such a panic. Express were fantastic. I should have chosen them in the first place and will definitely use them when I move again hopefully in a few months time"

    Lucy Paget on 18/12/21

    Moving from Brighton

    "The team at Moved By Experts were hard working, polite and friendly. Coupled with a very competitive price we would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone."

    Justin Warwick on 15/12/21

    Moving from Brighton

    "They were so friendly and professional from start to finish. Thoroughly recommend them. I will use them again."

    Stephen Wallace-Jones on 29/10/21

    Moving from Brighton

    "Competitive pricesGood communication and after move support with boxesAble to accommodate changing moving date."

    Kyle James on 26/10/21

    Moving from Brighton

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