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Moving House Tips 2018

Your Complete Moving House Tips Guide!

Moving house can bring with it chaos and stress but here are Compare My Move, we aim to alleviate some of that for you. 

Let’s get real....Moving is a pain in the proverbial, it’s tough, it’s arduous and it’s laborious but fortunately it’s short lived and once it’s done, you’re in your new home and everything is peachy.

Follow our tried and tested list of life-saving Moving House Tips and you’ll be golden. If you really can't face moving or packing by yourself you can compare the best house removal companies in your area. On average our users save a massive 70% off their removal costs.

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  • 1. Get the Professionals in : Why create more work for yourself? Hiring a removal company is an absolute must. 

    You could argue that you can save money if you just hire a van, recruit your friends and crack on with the move yourself but you’d be surprised what professional movers can do for you. 

    And you won’t be saving yourself a penny when your buddy drops your Grandma’s fine china on the patio or when you smash the edges of your furniture on the door frame are you now?


  • 2. Pack as Early as Possible: Newsflash – Packing takes time. Once the moving date is confirmed, get started. 

    The obvious thing to do is begin with the items that you don’t regularly use or with rooms that you don’t frequent. 

    The spare bedroom, the garage or attic are usually great places to start. It’ll be box city before you know it but that’s when the excitement kicks in.

  • 3. Declutter your Belongings: Moving is no picnic for the hoarders among us. You know who you are. 

    There’s no point in moving things you don’t need and packing for a big move is the perfect excuse to declutter. It’s time to be brutal, be cut-throat. If you haven’t used it in two years, get shot of it. 

    You’ll be glad of it come moving day and believe us, the removal guys will be glad that they don’t need to shift your lava lamp, inflatable chair and broken down computers.

  • 4. Use Quality Materials: This is no holiday so, unless you possess supernatural powers, a car and a suitcase will not do. 

    You are going to need boxes... And lots of them. 

    There are a plethora of different boxes you can get from removal companies along with the correct packing materials. You will also need packing tape, bubble wrap, zip tie bags, labels and marker pens.

  • 5. Label Properly: It is wise to clearly label the boxes so you know what’s inside them. 

    The consensus is to write on the box what items are inside and which room they have come from or are going into. 

    If you don’t want to write a short novella on the boxes you could consider using coloured stickers/labels to help categorise rooms.

  • 6. Pack a Survival Box: Pack the things you are going to need first in a clear plastic tub. 

    Trust us, this is a life saver and you can thank us later. This will be your moving house survival box. This can include a box cutter, paper towels, bin bags, cutlery, the kettle and some mugs as well as tea, coffee, milk, sugar (you’ll be parched when you get there). 

    Oh and one more thing… Don’t forget toilet paper.

  • 7. Create an Inventory: This is one for the super-organised. Creating an inventory helps you keep an eye on all your belongings to make sure nothing is lost. Although laborious, it is a great way to be absolutely on top of things. 

    Your removal company can create an inventory for you if they have been hired to pack your belongings so this is also worth considering.

  • 8. Visit your New Area: Don’t be a stranger. You have chosen this place for your new home – Use any free weekends you have in the run up to the move to get acquainted with your new area. 

    Check out the pub or the local shops. You might even make a few friends in the neighbours – You’re going to be thankful of that come the summer and the subsequent barbeque season.

  • 9. Take Photos: Photograph the wires at the back of your television or any other electronic sets ups. This is a great way to keep track of what’s what, especially if you are notoriously scatterbrained when it comes to technology. 

    You can also take photos of any wall displays, ornament placement, or shelving setups in your current home that you are fond of and wish to recreate in your new pad.

  • 10. Update your Address: Another tip from Captain Obvious is one that a surprising amount of people forget about… Change your address. 

    It is a good idea to start this with companies or organisations like the bank, the doctor’s surgery and dentist 2 weeks before you move. 

    You can also divert any mail going to your old address with the Royal Mail for a small fee.

  • 11. Keep Cupboard Doors Open: It’s a great idea to keep cupboard and cabinet doors open in the days up to and on Moving Day. 

    This way, you will be able to see that you have everything or if you have left anything inside. 

    You can do the same with the kitchen drawers.

  • 12. Cheaply Fill Nail Holes: Got any nail holes in the walls? A clever tip is to fill them with a bar of soap. Just rub the bar over the hole working the soap in – You can paint over the covered hole and it will look good as new. 

    The same can be done with toothpaste – who knew?

Packing Tips 2018

Your Guide to Packing - Room by Room

OK so we've gone over the basics but there is still a tonne of work to be done with the packing. Fear not…The Compare My Move Team have got your back on this one. 

Read on for some of the best packing hacks to get you through the daunting task of gathering all your worldly and loved possessions ready to be swiftly transported to your new digs.

Keep Calm

Some General Packing Tips To Get You Started...

  • Don't Overload Boxes -  One of the most basic packing tips for moving house is to not overload the boxes. It is easy to get a bit ‘pack happy’ and throw all your things into a box with little care or logic, you’ll cramp everything in making it fit perfectly... Well done Hotshot... Now try picking it up... A good tip if you reach a point where the box is about half full and it’s getting heavy, top it off with pillows or soft toys
  • Be Inventive with Packing - If you are using a removal company then they will supply you with boxes. If you are gathering your own boxes then it can be a tricky task getting enough box space to fit everything in. It is time to get creative. Look around you, what kind of containers do you already have?... The laundry baskets, the bins, your suitcases and large holdall bags. Cram stuff in everywhere.
  • Start with Rooms you Don’t Use Often - It makes perfect sense to start with the rooms you don’t use on a daily basis like the garage or the garden shed and the spare bedroom. Choose items that are out of season, your Christmas decorations or your winter coats. If you’re moving in winter then pack the barbecue, the hose and your summer sandals and t-shirts. 
  • Fill Empty Gaps - Use packing paper, old items of clothing or towels to fill empty gaps in the boxes. You could even use kitchen paper, tea towels or old rags. The idea is to keep your items securely in place during transit. 
  • Non- Allowable Items - It’s important to know what your removal company won’t be able to shift for you. Hazardous items like propane cylinders, paints, paint thinners and fireworks will not be allowed on the removals truck. Check out the full list of non-allowable items here.
  • Specialists for Special Items - Get specialist help with any special, antique or valuable items such as artwork, sculptures or pianos. Professional movers have the experience needed to safely transport such items. You can ask friends for help but you will be left pretty devastated when you’re staring down at a smashed piano on the street asking yourself ‘whyyyyyyy’.
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Living Room Packing Tips

Your living room is often the place where you keep your treasured knick-knacks and you will want to make sure that all your lovely home accessories and your furniture are safely transported to your new place. Here are some failsafe tips for packing your living room for a move.

Packing Electronics:

Our electronic items are valuable and if we are being honest, we are pretty much reliant on technology so getting our devices to the new home in perfect condition is of great importance. 

For the TV or Computers, it is best to pack them up in their original packaging (if you still have it). 

Be sure to back up your devices, you may have important information or documentation on your computer or perhaps sentimental and irreplaceable.

Packing Rugs & Carpets

Roll up your rugs, tape them closed and wrap it in plastic or cling film. Here is a clever packing hack for the rug… If you have a sound bar then you can roll it up in your rug. 

Once the rug is taped and wrapped in plastic, your sound bar is padded and secure. 

Don’t forget to add a label though so whoever is moving it is aware that it’s not just a soft rug that can be thrown into the van.

Mirrors and Glass Frames:

For obvious reasons, mirrors and glass frames can easily be damaged in the move. The best thing you can do is put some tape in an ‘X’ across the glass. 

This should hopefully prevent shattering – or if the worst happens and it does smash, then you won’t be left with shards of glass all over the place. 

Wrap it in bubble wrap and then some.

Kitchen Packing Tips

The heart of the home, and the home of breakable items! The crockery, the glasses arrrggghhh! Fear not… Your kitchen packing tips are right here! You’re welcome 😊

Large & Small Appliances

Now, you can’t exactly pack your washing machine or dishwasher into a box, but it will be a good idea to tape everything closed to avoid doors swinging open when you’re lifting and shifting the items. 

Don’t forget to defrost the refrigerator/freezer before moving day either. 

Items like the toaster and kettle are important for day 1 in the new place... ‘Toaster Tip’…. Go outside, tip the toaster upside down and shake like it’s nobody’s business because if that bad boy tips over, it’ll be crumb city and on moving day, you don’t need it!

Crockery & Fragile Items

Let’s begin with the plates... Don’t waste your time wrapping them in newspaper, seriously, why do people do this? It’s hardly going to do much, is it? 

Thin paper is not going to stop an impact from breaking a plate. Baffling that this has become a known technique. The clever thing to do is to buy a pack of polystyrene plates and place one in between every one of your plates stacked up. 

Wrap the whole thing with bubble wrap. Paper? Give yourself a chance at least!

Glasses, Mugs and Cups

Guess what? Newspaper won’t do jack for your glasses either. 

So, again, get some polystyrene or plastic cups and apply the same stacking – A load of bubble wrap or tea towels are a simple choice for padding the box. 

Don’t overload – you will reach breaking point 
(no pun intended) if you pick up that box and the mad hatter's tea party comes crashing to the floor in devastation and chaos beneath you!

Bedroom Packing Tips

Home to some of your most personal items, your bedroom is a sanctuary. It can be a bit cringe-worthy having the strangers on the removal team pack your bedroom, going through your delicates and what not… If you want to know the best way to pack up the boudoir then here are the Compare My Move bedroom packing tips.

Mattresses & Bed Frames

It is a good idea to dismantle the beds ahead of moving day. This can be loads of fun. When you are sleeping on mattresses on the floor a night or two before the move, it can be exciting. 

Put all nuts, bolts and Allen keys into little bags and tape to the main frame of the bed.

Clothes & Accessories

Use a wardrobe or fashion your own. Use a tall box with a pole inserted through. Use cable ties to secure clothes hangers together and wrap the clothes in plastic. 

Another clever way to pack your clothes is to use vacuum compression bags.

Drawers & Wardrobes

Now, it is likely that your packing instincts tell you to empty every drawer in your room into a box and transport the drawers empty. 

Wrong!... If the drawers aren’t overstuffed and super heavy, you can secure the drawers closed with tape and move them as they are.

Bathroom Packing Tips

Packing toiletries and cosmetics can be messy work. The bathroom is often one of the last rooms you think about packing when you are moving house but here at Compare My Move, we think of everything. Check out these bathroom packing hacks and you’ll be golden.


In general, the best advice with toiletries if you are moving is to have all your items used up before the move or throw them out. 

If you do need to take opened toiletries with you then use zip lock bags and wrap tape around lids.


Like blankets, towels are great to use for extra padding on breakable items, then any leftover towels are best folded and packed on top of the clothes in the suitcase.


Put cotton wool on top of compressed powders, this should stop the powder cracking and breaking up in transit.

Packing Smaller Items & Personal Documents

Throw fiddly bits like wires and cables, important documents, chargers, adapters, headphones and medications into sandwich or zip lock bags. 

Carry your important documents with you on the day of the move or alternatively, you can use a folder or plastic wallets in a carefully marked box.

Miscellaneous Items

You will find that you have a collection of miscellaneous items that just don’t fit in with 
any of your categorising. 

A good tip is to put all these things together in one room and then into one box, you can label it miscellaneous and you’ll know what’s in there.

Good Luck!

That pretty much covers everything. We hope these moving tips for moving house will come in handy. It’s a big old job but you can do it – 

Happy Moving Day!

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