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Your personal belongings will always be safe and secure in storage as we only work with companies that are verified by us and reviewed by you. All you have to do is enter your details in our quick and easy form and we’ll match you with up to 6 local storage companies in Brighton so you can compare quotes, saving you time, money and stress on your storage needs.

Once you’ve submitted the form, up to 6 storage companies that you match with will reach out to you to discuss your specific requirements such as the size of the unit and how long you need it for. They can then discuss a tailored quote and you choose who you want to pick as your storage company, based on your requirements and budget.

It should be noted that Compare My Move will connect you with storage companies to give a quote for just the storage unit, which doesn’t include the price of the delivery of the items. Some companies may offer removals as well as storage so this should be discussed during initial contact.

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    FAQs About Storage in Brighton

    We've studied our unique data to reveal storage trends in Brighton. 

    We can reveal the average unit size needed in the area is 75-100 sq ft and the best time of year to use storage is July.

    Friday is the most popular day for using storage. This is also the UK’s favourite day of the week to move house. 

    How much does container and self-storage cost in Brighton?

    The average cost of a self-storage unit in Brighton is £23.27, according to SSA’s UK Industry Report. This is the cost of storage units in South East England.

    Brighton’s average is on the higher side compared to Wales, West Midlands and the North, but remains lower than the UK’s average. This is a common trend with big cities, the closer you get to the centre and London, the more expensive prices go.

    Container storage is calculated differently, however. The cost of container storage in Brighton will depend on the size of the container you need, often making it cheaper than self-storage. As an example, a 50 sq ft container in the UK has an average cost of around £140 per month according to Blue Box Storage. This calculates at £2.80 per sq ft.

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    Average storage costs for South East England
    Average storage costs for South East England

    Container storage in Brighton

    When comparing storage quotes in Brighton, you'll have the option of choosing self-storage or container storage. Self-storage units come in varying sizes and are located indoors. With container storage, you can rent large metal containers that are in remote outdoor locations. Container storage is most beneficial if you're moving large or heavy items.

    Despite being outdoors, container storage is completely secure as the units are only accessed by staff members and clients. The facilities will have active CCTV and are under constant surveillance. Some types of container storage will even be portable, meaning your unit can be delivered straight to your door depending on why you require it.

    The cost of container storage depends on your location and the size of the container required. Keep in mind that you may be expected to book an appointment when visiting your unit due to its remote location.

    Moving house storage in Brighton

    Moving house is not always straightforward and you’re often subject to delays. Using container or self-storage for your move will really help alleviate stress. Flats are the most popular property type in the area, which means many people require that extra space. Our data shows that the average customer in Brighton requires between 75 and 100 sq ft of storage space, ideal for the contents of a 2-bed house.

    Self-storage is most commonly used by movers in Brighton as the containers used with containerised storage are often too big. Unless you're storing large, heavy items or vehicles, self-storage will be the most suited and cost-effective option when moving house.

    Using storage during a house move, whether it’s short or long-term can also help you save on removal costs. If you’re not ready to get rid of items or unsure what to bring, using self-storage whilst you decide will reduce your total costs.

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    Business storage in Brighton

    Brighton is home to 16,000 businesses, with the knowledge industry representing over 40% of the economy. The area has seen a strong and rapidly growing ICT and Digital sector as well. Whether you’re a new business or a long-established company, container and self-storage for business is an ideal way to save time, money and stress.

    Your business might need extra space for stock or machinery, or you want to keep private documents secure, using storage will give you peace of mind knowing your items are protected 24/7 with CCTV.

    Self-storage is best suited to businesses looking to store additional stock or important documents. However, if you're a large company that needs to store heavy furniture or machinery, then container storage will be the most beneficial.

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    Student storage in Brighton

    Brighton is home to two universities and has a student population of over 35,000. With over 22% of the University of Brighton students being from outside of the UK, the need for container and self-storage is vital.

    Many students return home during the holiday period, so keeping certain items in storage will give you peace of mind it’s safe and secure. With 24/7 CCTV and locks, your personal belongings are guaranteed to be in good hands. Student accommodation is notoriously small, so whether you need more space or you’re in between moving to a bigger flat, placing items in storage short term can really help.

    Self-storage is typically more popular with students as you'll only need a small unit. Container storage is better suited to those looking to store vehicles, heavy furniture or machinery. However, with a range of options to choose from, there’ll always be a solution for your storage needs.

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