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Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 trusted and insured storage providers in Croydon to help with your storage needs. Whether you need storage for your business, student storage or personal storage, our providers can provide a tailored quote to match your needs.

Once you’ve completed our quick and easy form, up to 6 companies will be in touch to discuss your specific requirements so they can tailor your quote. You’ll need to let them know the size of storage you require, how long you need it and if you need any extras. You should also decide whether you require container or self-storage.

Rest assured, the London storage providers we connect you with will have safe and secure units to offer, with 24/7 CCTV monitoring for full peace of mind. Compare storage quotes in Croydon now to save money.

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    FAQs About Storage in Croydon

    Our team has researched everything you need to know about storage in Croydon. Compare My Move’s data shows that January and September are the most popular times to use storage in Croydon and the average cost is £33.06 per sq ft.

    How much does container and self-storage cost in Croydon?

    Our research shows that self-storage costs on average £33.06 per sq ft, according to the SSA’s 2021 UK Industry Report. This is the average cost for London storage overall, which is the most expensive place in the UK for storage. The UK average is almost £10 less than London’s at £23.94 per sq ft.

    Even with larger-sized units, container storage in London is actually 64% cheaper than self-storage. According to Pick and Move, the average cost of a 70 sq ft container in England's Capital is £36.69 per week. The same-sized unit in self-storage will cost £89.53, meaning it's the more expensive option.

    Storage often costs more in big cities like London as there is such a demand for it due to the large population and big businesses. Remember this is just an average and your true costs will vary depending on the size of the unit you need and how long you need it for.

    To learn more, read how much does self-storage cost?

    Average Cost of Self-Storage in London
    Average Cost of Self-Storage in London

    Container storage in Croydon

    You will need to decide between self-storage or container storage when comparing quotes in Croydon. Self-storage units come in varying sizes and are typically located inside buildings owned by the provider. Container storage instead consists of large metal containers that are outdoors. Whilst this makes them more susceptible to extreme weather, they are ideal for moving big or heavy items.

    Some users believe container storage is less secure due to it being outdoors but this isn't true. Container storage is completely secure as the units are only accessed by staff members and clients. There is also active CCTV monitoring the premises as well as state-of-the-art fire and theft alarms.

    One thing to consider is that the cost of container storage will mostly depend on the size of the container you're renting. Whilst often cheaper than self-storage, it does mean you'll need a lot of items when renting for it to be worth it.

    Moving house storage in Croydon

    Many UK movers will use storage before, during and after their move. Storage is an ideal way to save space if you’re downsizing. It can also come in handy if you’re in between homes or need to temporarily declutter for a viewing. With self-storage being so flexible, you can put a few or a lot of items in storage for as little or as long as you like. You’ll be able to access your unit at any time and have peace of mind knowing it’s in good hands with 24/7 CCTV.

    Whilst not as common amongst movers, you do also have the option of choosing container storage. This includes renting large mental containers that will be located outside in a remote location. A 20ft by 8ft ground container is actually ideal for storing the contents of a 3-bedroom house.

    It’s easy to misplace important items, so using short-term storage while you move can really save you time, money and stress. Using self-storage during a house move can also save you money as you’ll be transporting fewer items in the moving van.

    To learn more read our guide to moving house and self-storage.

    Business storage in Croydon

    There are over 16,000 registered businesses in Croydon, with 99% being small- to medium-sized businesses, according to the London Council website. The professional, scientific and technical sectors are the most popular, with wholesale and retail trade businesses well represented in the borough.

    Using self-storage for your business is an ideal way to save on space and money. If you’re a start-up business and can’t afford an office or workspace just yet, using storage for your stock can save you a significant amount of money. You can rest assured knowing your stock will be protected with security measures and 24/7 CCTV monitoring.

    However, if you're looking to store large furniture or machinery, your business may benefit from container storage rather than self-storage.

    To learn more, read our guide to commercial self-storage.

    Student storage in Croydon

    Croydon is home to South Bank College, The University of London and Ravensbourne University of London, making it a popular area for students. Using self-storage as a student is an ideal way to create more space in your flat, as we all know student accommodation is often on the smaller side.

    Both international and local students often return home for the holidays, so leaving personal belongings for a long time can seem daunting. Using self-storage for small or even large items is a great way to create a spacious living environment. Don't forget to compare storage quotes to get the best deal for your storage needs.

    You'll also have the option of choosing container storage as a student, however, these units are usually considered too big. If you're moving extremely heavy or large furniture, you may find this storage type more beneficial.

    To learn more, read our guide to student self-storage.