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With a head office based in Cambridge, Camsure Homes are an independent company providing high quality RICS Homebuyer Reports and Building Surveys across Cambridgeshire, Hertfordshire, and parts of Suffolk, Norfolk, Essex, Bedfordshire, Buckinghamshire and Kent.  

Including surveyors who independently have over 30 years' experience in the property surveying industry, we have the skills, knowledge and experience to deliver an efficient and reliable service by surveyors based in your local area. You will always have direct contact with your appointed RICS regulated surveyor, who will have expert knowledge on a variety of residential property types.

At Camsure Homes we are very happy to tailor our survey report to meet your specific needs. We aim to issue reports via email the following working day although do ask that you allow up to three days, and you are very welcome to speak to your surveyor after receipt of your report to discuss any issues you may have.  We pride ourselves on our friendly, professional service and would be very happy to discuss your requirements.

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Since December 2018
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Homebuyer Report

The RICS Homebuyer Report is recommended for traditionally constructed properties, usually those built after 1900 although properties constructed prior to 1950 share similar traits to older properties and therefore a Building Survey may be more appropriate for those properties.

A Homebuyer Report will help you make a reasoned and informed decision on whether or not to go ahead with buying the property, to take account of any major repairs or replacements the property needs and to consider what other advice to take before exchanging contracts.

Our findings are presented in a clear, easy to read report and if you are buying a property constructed in the last 60 years or so we consider this report to represent the best value for money because the construction techniques used are less likely to result in defects which require the same level of reporting as older ones and therefore paying for a Building Survey does not necessarily prove worthwhile.

Building Survey

The RICS Building Survey is recommended for older properties (we advise those built during or prior to the 1930s) or where the property is in poor condition or has been significantly altered, or if the property was built using non-traditional methods.  This is the most comprehensive survey that you can have and is designed to best address the sorts of defects typically found in older properties, including structural movement and wood-boring insect infestation. 

You will be given a customised report which includes technical information on materials and construction, as well as details of the whole range of defects found and advice on the need for any further investigations and repairs and/or future maintenance necessary. If you are buying an older property, the extra level of detail can be helpful for you moving forward as it will be a source of information and advice which you can refer back to in respect of maintenance and repairs which you may undertake in due course.

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