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Moving House in Bexley? Save Up To 70% On Your Removal Costs

Do you need a trusted removal company for your house move in or out of Bexley? Look no further than Compare My Move! We have reliable and friendly removal partners in Bexley who are ready to make your move stress-free.

For your peace of mind, all of our partners have gone through a strict verification process before they can join us. This is to ensure we only work with legitimate and professional companies. All removal companies have both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances to protect you.

Our dedicated team of specialists work hard to connect you with up to 6 professional removals companies in the Bexley area, helping you save up to 70% on your removals costs. Save time, money and stress on your London move

Our Bexley Removal Companies

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    FAQs About Moving to Bexley!

    At Compare My Move, we work hard to gather all the information you need for your house move. We've discovered that the average cost of a removal company in Bexley is currently £936. We also found that the Summer month of August is by far the most popular time for people to move in the area. 

    The average property price for the area stands at £469,512. For those looking to rent, the average cost is £1,194 pcm. Why not save time, money and stress on your Bexley house move with Compare My Move?

    Avg property price: £469,512
    Avg rental price: £1,194
    Avg removal costs: £936
    Best time to move: August

    How Much Are House Removal Costs In Bexley?

    Compare My Move’s data show that the average removal company cost in Bexley is £936, with the average lowest price you could pay being £614 and £1,259 is the highest removal company cost our Bexley movers faced.

    It’s important to note that these are just average costs based on a sample of our Bexley moves. Your removal company cost will depend on your location, size of move, distance travelled and potentially time of year or day of the week. 

    To ensure you’re getting the best deal, let Compare My Move compare up to 6 removal quotes for you so you can save time and money. 

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    Average Removal Costs in Bexley
    Average Removal Costs in Bexley

    What is The Best Time of Year To Move in Bexley?

    Looking at Compare My Move previous Bexley movers, our data shows that August is the most popular month to move house, with 11.58% of all moves taking place. July is another busy month for our Bexley movers with 10.93% of moves happening. 

    The least favourite time of year for a house move in Bexley is unsurprisingly winter. January and February are months that don’t see a lot of moves, with just 5.87% and 5.71% of moves happening, respectively.

    Rest assured, our Bexley removal companies offer their first-class house removal service all year round. Let us do the hard work and connect you with trusted and reliable removal companies near you.

    Popular Months to Move House in Bexley
    Popular Months to Move House in Bexley

    What is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Bexley?

    We’ve looked at our own data from previous Bexley movers to reveal that their favourite day to move house, by a mile, is Friday with a massive 32.79% of movers choosing this day. Bexley’s second favourite day for a house move is a Saturday, with 18.43% opting for a weekend move.

    Sunday is the least favourite day for a house move in Bexley, with just 4.89% of moves taking place. With most solicitor’s offices closed, many people avoid a Sunday move in case of any issues occurring. 

    At Compare My Move, we can help you move house whenever you require. Our removal companies are all professional, friendly and have both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances to give you peace of mind. 

    Popular Moving Days in Bexley
    Popular Moving Days in Bexley

    Are you moving out of Bexley? Whether you’re staying put and moving locally, or you’re packing up and moving out of the borough, our Bexley removal companies are here to help wherever you’re going. 

    The most popular location for our Bexley movers, beside Bexley, is Wandsworth, with 10.39% of all movers relocating here. Other popular locations for our movers include Camden, Newham and Lewisham. 

    Below we list the top 4 destinations our Bexley movers pick for their new home, along with the average house price in each area and some information about the location. 

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    Top Locations For Bexley Movers
    Top Locations For Bexley Movers
    • Wandsworth

      10.39% of Bexley moves went to Wandsworth, and we can see why. With an abundance of Victorian and Edwardian homes, green spaces and the Thames, Wandsworth has an average house price of £874,856.

    • Camde

      Filled with Georgian and early Victorian houses, some converted to flats and some remain family homes, Camden has an average property price of £1,104,393. The area is sought after due to its property scene, which is evident from 7.79% of our Bexley movers relocating there.

    • Newham

      Popular with young professionals, Newham offers great schools for both primary and secondary aged children. With 6.49% of all Bexley movers going here, it’s good to learn the average house price is £413,135.

    • Lewisham

      Providing a family-friendly community feel, Lewisham is another popular location for our Bexley movers. Lewisham has an average property price of £509,923.

    What Are The Average Property Prices In Bexley?

    If you’re staying in Bexley, you might need some inspiration for your move. We’ve done the research and looked at some areas offering affordable property in and around Bexley. It’s good to know that the average house price in Bexley currently stands at £469,512.

    To help you with your house hunt and research, we’ve listed 4 areas of Bexley and their average property price. We’ve included Barnehurst, East Wickham, Sidcup and Crayford and listed some information to help your house hunt.

    Rest assured, we work with trusted and reliable Bexley removal companies to help with your house move. 

    Average Property Price For Locations in Bexley
    Average Property Price For Locations in Bexley
    • Barnehurst

      With direct links to London Bridge and Waterloo East as well as plenty of green space, Barnehurst is a lovely residential area of Bexley. The average house price stands at £361,062.

    • East Wickham

      Offering a variety of property types, East Wickham has an average house price of £334,340. Property prices are slightly above the UK national average but lower than London’s.

    • Sidcup

      Just 12 miles from Central London, Sidcup offers a variety of housing from one-bedroom flats to large detached properties. The average house price in Sidcup is  £414,214. 

    • Crayford

      A top commuting town, Crayford also offers a fairly affordable average property price of £303,495, compared to London’s average price. 

    What is the Average Rent in Bexley?

    If you're not ready to buy a house or flat in Bexley, then renting might be the best option for you. Our Bexley removal companies can help with your move into rented accommodation.

    We've done the research to help your search. The average asking overall rent price in Bexley is £1,194 pcm, with one-bedroom flats costing £901 pcm and two-bedroom houses averaging at £1,293 pcm.

    We've listed below 4 areas in Bexley that also offer rental options. We've included the overall average rent as well as the price for a one-bedroom flat and two-bedroom house.

    Average Rent (pcm) In Bexley
    Average Rent (pcm) In Bexley
    • Welling

      If you’re looking to rent in Welling, you can expect to pay around £1,056 pcm on average, with one-bedroom flats as low as £609 pcm and two-bedroom houses costing £1,300 pcm.

    • Belvedere

      You can expect to pay around £1,031 pcm for the average rent in Bexley, with one-bedroom flats costing around £659 pcm and £1,200 pcm for a two-bedroom house.

    • Sidcup

      The average overall rent price in Bexley currently stands at £1,341 pcm, with one-bedroom flats costing £1,059 pcm and £1,300 pcm for a two-bedroom house.

    • Crayford

      If you're looking at living in Crayford, you can expect to pay £1,037 pcm on average, with one-bedroom flats costing £867 pcm and two-bedroom houses averaging at £1,049 pcm.

    Some Happy Bexley Movers

    Our Bexley removal partners go above and beyond to ensure a stress-free moving day, providing a reliable, confident and friendly service.

    But don’t just take our word for it: check out the beaming reviews from some very happy Bexley movers below. Let us know about your move and get removal quotes.

    "Great team came out to move and wrapped everything and got it to our new place without any damages. Really efficient work and lovely guys"

    Laura Hurley on 09/04/21

    Moving from London

    "Punctual and professional - arrived on time on the day and the movers were wearing gloves and masks. Quick and efficient and by far the most competitive quote out of all the companies"

    Stephanie on 08/04/21

    Moving from London

    "Asif and the team were fantastic. Very fast and hard working and also good fun to deal with.
    They wrapped all delicate items carefully and were very communicative and helpful during the whole process. Would definitely recommend them!"

    Daniele De Paola on 06/04/21

    Moving from London

    "Great service, quick and efficient - highly recommend."

    Charlie on 28/03/21

    Moving from London

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