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Looking for a removal company in Bromley? With an average moving cost of £937, We have helped over 1,400 people move home and save money in the Bromley area in the last year. We can connect you with up to 6 verified and reviewed removal companies in your local area, taking the stress out of moving home.

Bromley is a popular location that has had a number of well-known residents over the years, including Enid Blyton and Charles Darwin. We have 50 quality removal companies covering the Bromley area, each having undergone our strict verification process. Every removal company must agree to our code of practice and our new business team diligently checks third-party reviews. We also check company documentation, ensuring every company has both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance.

If you're moving within or from Bromley, compare home removal companies with us to save up to 70% on your moving costs.

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    FAQs About Moving to Bromley!

    We have researched your most frequently asked questions to help with your move to Bromley. Our unique data shows that the average removal cost in Bromley is £937, but this will vary depending on your exact location. 

    We also found that our Bromley users prefer to move house in the summer, with August being the most popular month. The average property price for the area is £464,868. For those looking to rent in Bromley, the average cost is £1,233 pcm. 

    Avg property price: £464,868
    Avg rental price: £1,233
    Avg removal costs: £937
    Best time to move: August

    How Much Are House Removal Costs In Bromley?

    Our dedicated team have done all the research for you, revealing the average cost of moving house in Bromley. This should then allow you to accurately budget for your move, depending on your personal circumstances and specific location.

    As Friday was the most popular day, the average cost of moving in Bromley was £937. Our data also showed that the lowest price for a Friday move was around £699 whilst the highest price was around £1,185. This clear fluctuation shows that whilst we can calculate a basic average, the price of your removal will greatly depend on a variety of factors - such as the distance travelled and the number of items to be moved.

    The cheapest day to move house in Bromley was Sunday, with the average price standing at around £717. The most expensive day to move house was Tuesday, with the average price increasing to £1,110. The day you choose to book your removal will greatly affect the overall cost as well as the amount of competition, highlighting the importance of comparing quotes as early as possible.

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    Average Removal Costs in Bromley 2023
    Average Removal Costs in Bromley 2023

    What is The Best Time of Year To Move in Bromley?

    Our data discovered that the summer months were the most popular time to book removals in Bromley, increasing the competition. August was the favourite month, with 13% of removal companies carrying out house moves during this date. July was a close second with 10% of movers choosing this warmer month.

    Summer was also a popular time for other movers across the UK as the increased temperatures and sunny days often create the perfect moving conditions. Whilst there may be a slight increase in traffic when the weather brightens, it still makes for the perfect moving journey due to the clear skies and abundance of light.

    It’s no surprise that our data revealed December to be the least popular month for our Bromley movers, with just 5% of house removals scheduled around this festive period. With shorter days and darker nights, many people avoid a winter move as it can sometimes mean a busier and delayed moving day, depending on the local weather conditions.

    Popular Months to Move House in Bromley 2023
    Popular Months to Move House in Bromley 2023

    What is The Best Day Of The Week To Move In Bromley?

    Friday was the most popular day to move house in Bromley according to our data, with 27% of removals taking place on the gateway to the weekend. A further 21% of people preferred to move house on a Saturday whilst 17% chose Thursday. One possible reasoning for this could be that it ensures they then have the entire weekend to unpack and settle into their new house, meaning fewer disruptions and a more efficient process.

    Our data also found that Sunday was the least popular day for moving house in Bromley. With estate agents and conveyancing offices closed on Sundays, if a problem occurred, you’d have to wait until the following Monday when they open back up to resolve the issue. This would delay the whole process, especially if you’re part of a property chain.

    However, if it suited your schedule, you shouldn't immediately dismiss a Sunday move. Not only would it mean less competition when it comes to booking a time slot, but it can often mean a cheaper house move. Despite only 2.69% of moves occurring on this day, Sunday was the cheapest option in Bromley with an average cost of £717.

    Popular Moving Days in Bromley 2023
    Popular Moving Days in Bromley 2023

    With a fairly high average property price of £464,868, it's understandable that many movers would search outside of the borough when looking for a new home. According to data from the UK House Price Index, in just one year (between January 2020 and January 2021), Bromley house prices rose by £29,025. Whether you’re staying local or moving out of the borough, our verified and trusted removal partners can accommodate both short and long-distance moves.

    For our previous Bromley movers, our data revealed that the most popular location when searching for a property was London, with 12% of moves taking place in England's capital. Other popular locations included Orpington, Beckenham, Sevenoaks and West Wickham.

    Rest assured, we’ve done all the hard work for you and have listed the most popular areas down below, along with their average house prices taken from the property website, rightmove. Whilst the majority of these locations did have a higher average, there are still a number of property types to explore within a range of prices.

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    Top Locations For Bromley Movers 2023
    Top Locations For Bromley Movers 2023
    • London

      With an average property price of £496,269, London is the most popular destination for many Bromley house removals according to our unique data. Being the most expensive city to live in in the UK, London offers a variety of property types, a wealth of job opportunities and plenty of green spaces for young families.

    • Orpington

      A prime location for London commuters, Orpington saw 6% of removals booked, according to our personal data. With an average property price of £528,329, Orpington is popular with young professionals as well as families. The town is situated near many well-respected primary and secondary schools which is perfect if you're moving with children.

    • Beckenham

      With house prices averaging at £574,192, Beckenham boasts a rich history and a range of property types from late Victorian and Edwardian homes to 1920s flats. Home to highly rated primary and secondary schools, Beckenham is especially popular among families.

    • Sevenoaks

      Boasting a wealth of heritage, Sevenoaks was crowned one of the best places to live in the UK in 2018. With an average property price of £696,323, Sevenoaks boasts a wealth of green spaces, a bustling town centre and strong transport links to London, Ashford and Sussex.

    What Are The Average Property Prices In Bromley?

    The average property price in Bromley is £464,868, making it more expensive than the national average of £250,341. There was a slight decrease throughout the summer of 2020 due to the national lockdowns, but we have since seen a major recovery. According to the House Price Index, house prices in the area saw an increase of 6.7% in January 2021 alone and then a further 7.4% the following month. This could be great news for those looking to sell before moving out of the area.

    During this increase, new-build properties specifically saw a rise of 2.6% highlighting the growing interest amongst movers. In December 2020, new-build properties averaged at £455,564, whilst existing properties increased to £459,285.

    Our team work hard to make every step of your moving journey seamless and stress-free. That’s why we’ve researched some of the best areas to live in Bromley, along with their average property prices to help you with your house hunt. We've taken data from websites such as Rightmove and the UK House Price Index to ensure you receive the latest numbers.

    Average Property Price For Locations in Bromley 2023
    Average Property Price For Locations in Bromley 2023
    • Downham

      Offering a more affordable average than in Bromley, Downham has an average property price of £374,696. Just North of Bromley, Downham offers a community feel and a range of property types.

    • Lower Sydenham

      Popular amongst families and first-time buyers, Lower Sydenham has an average property price of £416,503. Lower Sydenham is well connected with transport links, helping commuters get into Charring Cross in just 24 minutes.

    • Bellingham

      Situated in the Southeast of London, Bellingham has an average house price of £394,839, which is more affordable than Bromley’s average. With a wide variety of property types available, Bellingham offers a real community feel.

    • Catford

      From large Victorian properties to one-bedroom flats, Catford boasts a range of property types to suit a range of budgets. Catford’s average house is £476,699 and the area is home to many “outstanding” Ofsted rated primary and secondary schools making it an attractive home for growing families.

    What is the Average Rent in Bromley?

    The average asking rent in Bromley stands at £1,233 pcm, according to Zoopla, which is more affordable than the national average of £1,957 pcm. Bromley offers a variety of property types to rent, with 1-bedroom flats costing on average £937 pcm and 2-bedroom houses around £1,348 pcm.

    We have researched a number of different areas with Bromley, highlighting their average asking rent, as well as the averages for 1-bedroom flats and 2-bedroom houses. We have added a variety of property types and prices to cater for all tastes and budgets, ensuring you have a range of options to consider.

    Below, we’ve listed the most important information for those renting in Bexley, Hayes, Shortlands, Leaves Green and Bickley. We have taken the average prices from the property website, Zoopla, ensuring they are correct as of April 2021.

    Average Rent (pcm) In Bromley 2023
    Average Rent (pcm) In Bromley 2023
    • Bexley

      With a variety of property types ranging from 1930s semi-detached homes to quaint cottages, Bexley has an average renting price of £1,219 pcm. You can find 1-bedroom flats to rent for £861 pcm and 2-bedroom houses for an average of £1,258 pcm.

    • Hayes

      Boasting strong transport links to Central London, Reading and Stratford. Hayes is the perfect commuter hub. It has an average current renting price of £1,265 pcm, with 1-bedroom flats costing £1,047 pcm and 2-bedroom houses around £1,367 pcm.

    • Shortlands

      An ideal area for families, Shortlands offers an abundance of reputable primary and secondary schools. The average renting price in Shortlands is £1,292 pcm, with 1-bedroom flats costing £1,002 pcm and 2-bedroom houses averaging £1,400 pcm.

    • Leaves Green

      Boasting beautiful green spaces, Leaves Green offers more affordable renting than in Bromley and the UK, with the average standing at £1,030 pcm. A 1-bedroom flat will cost you £863 pcm and 2-bedroom houses stand at £1,224 pcm.