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What is the Best Day to Move House?

Martha Lott
Written by Martha Lott
15th August 2019 (Last updated on Wednesday 18th September 2019)

Friday is the UK's most popular day to move house whilst Sunday is the cheapest day to move house, according to new Compare My Move data.

We've looked at data from over 95,000 house removals over the past year to reveal that around 34% of Compare My Move UK users preferred to move on a Friday, with Sunday being the least popular day for moving at just over 2%. The UK prefer to move house in August.

Compare My Move explore the UK's favourite moving days along with the cheapest and most expensive days to move house. 

UK Moving Day Data at a Glance

Most Popular Day to Move House: Friday
Least Popular Day to Move House: Sunday
The Cheapest Day to Move House: Sunday
Most Expensive Day to Move House: Tuesday
Most Popular Month to Move House: August

This article will cover the following points

What is the Cheapest Day to Move House? Friday is the Most Popular Day to Move in the UK The Best Day to Move in Your Region Why Friday is the Best Day to Move Avoiding a Friday Move Can You Move House On a Saturday Choosing the Best Moving Day

What is the Cheapest Day to Move House?

Sunday is the cheapest day to move house in the UK, with an average move costing £717.13. 

  • Compare My Move looked at the average quotes received by a sample of its users and discovered that although Sunday was the cheapest day to move, Tuesday was the most expensive day for moving house.
  • Sunday has proven to be the least favourite day for house moves, with only 2.69% of movers choosing the day. This could explain the cheaper rate, with companies trying to entice movers. 
  • If you're looking for a midweek move, the second cheapest option is Wednesday at £770.03, almost 20% cheaper than the weekly overall average cost. 
  • Tuesday is the second most unpopular day for moving house, but the average cost for a Tuesday move is £1,110.36, 44% more expensive than a Saturday move and 55% more than a Sunday move. 

If you're looking to save money on your house move, choose one of the cheaper days such as a Wednesday, Saturday or Sunday, if you can afford the time off work.

Compare My Move Data 2019

Friday is the Most Popular Day to Move in the UK

Of the 95,000 UK movers that used Compare My Move last year, almost 34% arranged to move to a new house on a Friday. Moving house on a Friday is by far the most popular day, following closely by Saturday as a distant second, with 17% of users opting to move on that day. Even then, many of these movers will likely complete on Friday and move on the Saturday.

Many people prefer to move house on a Friday or Saturday because the weekend gives movers plenty of time to unpack and get adjusted. Moving house can be stressful with surveying and estate agent fees to think about, which is why having enough time to do it properly is key.

The least popular day to move is Sunday, which 2.69% of people opt to move on. Sunday is out of hours for conveyancing solicitors and estate agents, banks and a whole range of other services, meaning Sunday is the day you should not move house. 

Compare My Move User Data 2019

The Best Day to Move in Your Region

We've looked at over 95,000 house moves arranged through Compare My Move throughout the last year to discover Britain's favourite day to move house in every region. We've discovered that Friday reigns supreme across every region in Britain except Northern Ireland and Central London.

Compare My Move User Data 2019

Wednesday is the favourite day for people in Northern Ireland to move house and Central Londoners prefer to move house on a Saturday. Our data revealed that both Wednesday and Saturday are among the cheapest days to move house, with a Wednesday move costing you £770.03 and a Saturday move averaging at just £774.47.

If you move house on a Wednesday or a Saturday, you will be paying less than the UK's favourite moving day, Friday. 

Why Friday is the Best Day to Move

Compare My Move data revealed that Friday is the most popular day to move house.

The main reason such a huge amount of people move house on a Friday is because it’s the gateway to the weekend. Booking Friday off work to move means a healthy three days to get settled and unpacked in your new home.

Moving house on a Friday will mean less disruption to the housing chain if you’re buying a house. Having the completion day on the Friday morning, followed by a long weekend to move in makes for an ideal moving house process.

Here are a few points to keep in mind when moving on a Friday:

  • Book your house removals well in advance, as Friday is a popular day for house movers and demand is high. This will keep removal costs down too.
  • Make sure you complete in the morning, as the bank deadline for transferring money is usually 3pm.
  • If anything goes wrong with the chain and you miss the 3pm transfer deadline, you’ll have to wait until the next working day.
  • Arrange for your solicitor to perform all pre-completion work ahead of the Friday so that things go smoothly. This includes signing of mortgage deeds, and the ordering of mortgage monies. Any issues with funds clearing will mean delays.
  • Factor in a heightened likelihood of delays from the likes of estate agents.
  • If anything goes wrong with utilities or if you need to contact your solicitor, it’s likely you’ll have to wait until Monday.
  • Remember to use a moving house checklist to keep organised. 
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Avoiding a Friday Move

Moving house on a Friday is clearly the most popular day, but if you can live with having a few extra days off work, opting to move midweek such as a Wednesday may be a good day to move house.

Choosing a midweek move or a Sunday move may see you saving more money. Although your removal company shouldn’t charge you more for a Friday move, due to less of a demand there may be a midweek discount to the cost of moving house to take advantage of.

With only 10% of our users opting for a Wednesday move for example, removal companies may lower their rates to entice movers. In fact, our data shows that Wednesday is the cheapest midweek day to move, costing £770.03, over 20% cheaper than moving house on a Friday.

Generally, you should choose a week day if you want to avoid a busy move with the assurance that if something goes wrong, the problem can be resolved quickly during working hours. You'll avoid a weekend rate for tradesmen if something goes wrong in your new home, and a quick response from utility companies so you won't be left in the dark.

Moving house on a Saturday may be an option if you want to avoid having time off work, but keep in mind you'll need to arrange everything with your solicitor ahead during the working week if you're buying. You should compare conveyancing solicitors so you get the best deal too.

Can You Move House On a Saturday

Moving house on a Saturday is possible, however if anything was to go wrong with your conveyancer or the bank, these issues won't be fixed by the following Monday due to bank and solicitor closures over the weekend. 

If you want to move house on Saturday, you should ensure everything is sorted with your conveyancer during the week building up to the move to avoid any delays on the day of the move.

Choosing the Best Moving Day

Compare My Move can help you choose the perfect moving day for you needs, and save you up to 70% on your house removal costs in the process. Just enter a few quick details of your move including your preferred moving day, and get connected with up to 6 professional removal companies to find the best removal quote.