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What is the Best Day to Move House?

Katie Cullen
Written by Katie Cullen
15th February 2017

According to Compare My Move data, the most popular day to move house is Friday.

As one of the UK's leading removals comparison websites, we help hundreds of thousands of people move house year after year. Through these moves and the data that we have compiled, we know that Friday is the most popular day to move house but does that mean that Friday is the best day to move house? Let’s have a think about this.

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Compare My Move's Data Why Friday? Why Not Friday? Moving Day Prep

Compare My Move's Data

Based on our residential quote forms from 2016 alone, Compare My Move can reveal that out of 53,584 residential moves, Friday was the most popular moving day with 13,119 (24.48%) moves taking place.

Interestingly (well, we use that term loosely because of course, we are just talking about what day to move)… The least popular moving day was Sunday, with 4,284 moves (7.99%). It makes sense that if people are thinking of moving house, they might want to avoid a Sunday; often there’s a full working week ahead so people will either have to rush to get everything finished in a day, or take a few days leave off work.

Why is Friday a Popular Day to Move House?

Raise your hand if you live for the weekend…. The majority of people get some sort of respite on the weekend. Whether it’s time off work or a break from the school run, we humans are usually on countdown to Friday. People that move house on a Friday most likely take advantage of having Saturday and Sunday free to busy themselves with unpacking and settling into their new home and often, this means they haven’t had to take too much leave from work.

The fact that Friday is a popular moving day for most home movers means it will cause less disruption to the housing chain, as other movers are also opting to move on a Friday. Its popularity also means that some removal companies will give you special offers on your move.

Things to keep in mind when moving on Friday

If you are in a chain, make sure to complete in the morning, as the bank deadlines for transferring money is usually 3pm.

Also, ask your solicitors to order mortgage monies to arrive from your lender before the day of completion. This will allow the money to be transferred first thing.

Should you avoid a Friday move?

Although our data has shown Friday to be the most popular moving day, it does have a fair few downsides.

Fridays often lead to bank money transfer systems overloading, especially on the last Friday in the month. These transfers are essential so you don’t run into any problems and end up homeless over the weekend.

If something were to go wrong, moving on a Friday means you have to wait until Monday to contact your solicitor. On any other weekday, you could have the problem solved the day after. Along the same lines, any problems with your new house will make it expensive to hire a plumber or electrician to come over on the weekend.

Although your removal company shouldn’t charge you more for a Friday move, the rush might mean there is limited availability, so you need to book a removal company as early as possible.

If you want to avoid a busy move and have the assurance that if something went wrong, the problem could be resolved quickly, you might want to move from Monday to Thursday. However, you might have to take time off work.

Be Prepared for Moving Day

No matter what day you decide to move house, it’s going to be chaotic. Stay as organised as possible leading up to moving day using our moving house checklist.

No matter what day you choose to move house, you will want to save as much as possible on your costs. Compare My Move have a network of verified removal companies that will give you up to six free quotes and help you save up to 70% on your moving costs.

Last updated on Tuesday 19th December 2017