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At Compare My Move, we can connect you with up to 6 trusted and verified container and self-storage providers in Hackney. Rest assured, the storage companies we work with have the necessary insurance in place to give you peace of mind throughout your time using storage.

Whether you need storage for your business needs, student storage or personal storage units, we’ve got you covered. Your belongings will always be in safe hands with our storage partners as they all use state-of-the-art security systems and have active CCTV monitoring the facilities 24/7.

When you’re matched with one of our London storage providers, they’ll contact you to discuss your specific requirements. You’ll need to let them know the type of storage required and the length of time needed. The company can then provide you with a quote so you can choose which provider would best suit your specific budget and needs.

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    FAQs About Storage in Hackney

    We’ve researched everything you need to know about self-storage in Hackney. 

    Our data shows that January and September are the best times to use storage in the area and Saturday is the best day of the week. The average cost of storage in Hackney is £33.06 per square foot. 

    How much does self-storage cost in Hackney?

    Our research shows that storage costs £33.06 per sq ft in Hackney, according to SSA’s UK Industry Report. This is the average cost of storage for London as a whole, making it the most expensive area for storage use in the UK.

    London is almost £10 more per sq ft than the UK’s average cost of storage at £23.94 per sq. ft. Rest assured, this is just an average and your storage costs will depend on location, how long you need storage for and whether you need a specialised unit. To save on your storage quotes, compare storage companies with Compare My Move.

    According to Pick and Move, the average cost of a 70 sq ft container in England's Capital is £36.69 per week. This is a large container, providing you with more space than a lot of self-storage units can provide. The same sized unit in self-storage will cost as much as £89.53, making it the more expensive option.

    To learn more, read how much does self-storage cost?

    Average Cost of Self-Storage in London
    Average Cost of Self-Storage in London

    Container storage in Hackney

    Container storage consists of renting large, metal containers making it ideal for large, heavy items such as vehicles, machinery and more. Whilst self-storage units are indoors, the containers used in container storage are often outdoors in facilities such as warehouses or secure compounds. Despite providing more space, container storage is around 64% cheaper than self-storage in some areas of London.

    Depending on your chosen storage provider, you can either visit the container whenever you please, or you may have to book appointments in advance. However, some types of containers are portable, meaning they can be delivered straight to your door. Container storage is best suited to people looking to store large, heavy items or furniture for long periods of time.

    A lot of users will be concerned about the security of container storage in Hackney as the containers are outdoors. Whilst there's not always staff present, container storage is very much safe. The containers can only be accessed by staff members and verified clients, with active CTTV constantly monitoring the premises. The only other issue to consider is that they may not be as weatherproof as self-storage units.

    Moving house storage in Hackney

    Many UK movers use storage before, during and after their move. Storage can be ideal if you’re in-between homes during a move or you need to declutter for a house viewing or prior to downsizing. With 29% of people saying they use storage when involved with a house move, it’s clear that storage can be a great help.

    Self-storage units are most commonly used by movers as the varying sizes are perfect for different-sized households. They provide safe, clean and dry units to store your most precious items. However, if you need to store large or heavy furniture, you may want to consider container storage instead as it gives you more space for a cheaper price.

    Rest assured, we work with a range of storage providers across the UK who can tailor your storage unit to your specific needs. Whether you require small or large units for your move, our storage companies can help. We can also connect you with companies that offer climate-controlled units to help with delicate and valuable items.

    To learn more read our guide to moving house and self-storage.

    Business storage in Hackney

    According to the London Council website, the borough of Hackney contains just over 21,145 registered businesses. The professional, scientific and technical sectors are the most popular. With a huge amount of businesses in Hackney, the need for self-storage is on the rise. Whether you need to store some office equipment or private documents, our storage providers can cater to your business storage needs.

    If your business deals with vehicles or heavy machinery, you may want to consider renting container storage instead as it provides the additional space you'll need to store such large items.

    You may be a start-up looking for extra space or you have overflowing stock. Whatever your business needs are, we can cater to them. Our storage companies can offer a range of unit sizes, spanning all the way up to 250+ sq ft.

    To learn more, read our guide to commercial self-storage.

    Student storage in Hackney

    Hackney is home to the London College of Fashion, Hackney Community College and in close proximity to the City of London College and many others. As East London is home to many students, international and from all over the UK, there’s no surprise that student storage is in demand in London.

    Student halls and accommodation throughout the UK notoriously lack space, limiting what you can store in your room. Both international and UK students will often return home during holiday periods, so leaving your personal belongings unattended can be daunting. Rest assured, our storage providers will offer safe, clean and dry self-storage units for your belongings.

    Don't forget to compare storage quotes to get the best deal for your storage needs. Whilst students don't typically use container storage, you will also have the option of choosing this service should you have larger items.

    To learn more, read our guide to student self-storage.