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Every storage partner that enters our network is verified by our expert team and reviewed by you. We only work with the most experienced and dependable companies to ensure our users receive the best quality storage solutions. Rest assured, your items will always be in safe hands as our partners use state-of-the-art security systems and active CCTV to continually monitor and protect their facilities.

We will match you with up to 6 Lambeth-based storage providers to help you save both time and money when you need it most. By comparing quotes, you’ll be presented with the best possible deals available in your local area. It just takes a few simple details to be added to our online form and you’ll be contacted by our partners in no time. They will then ask about your personal requirements and tailor their quotes to you and your specific needs.

Factors such as the length of the contract, the type of storage solution required and the volume of items being stored will need to be clarified during this discussion. You can then compare the quotes provided and choose the best company for you and your budget.

It should be noted that whilst Compare My Move will connect you with storage companies, the quote will not initially include the price of delivery. If you require this service, it must be specified during initial contact. Many of our storage partners offer removal or delivery services should you require additional help.

Our Lambeth Storage Companies

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    FAQs About Storage in Lambeth

    Our team has researched and answered all your questions concerning storage in Lambeth. According to our data, the average storage unit size in the area is 75-100 sq ft.

    We also discovered that the most popular day for our Lambeth storage users is Saturday, whilst July is the most popular month.

    How much does self-storage cost in Lambeth?

    With approximately 321,813 residents in Lambeth city as of 2021, it’s easy to see why so many people would be searching for additional storage space. Many populous urban areas have issues with space and self-storage units can be an ideal and cost-effective way to solve the problem.

    Whilst we couldn’t find enough data for Lambeth city itself, we do have data concerning the price of self-storage in London, where the city is located. According to SSA’s 2021 UK Industry Report, the average storage rental rate in London is £33.06. As expected, this area holds the highest rental rates, with the average rental rate for the UK as a whole being £23.94.

    To help you secure the best deals in your local area, don’t forget to compare storage quotes with Compare My Move as soon as possible. Our expert team will connect you with the most reliable storage providers in Lambeth, saving you both time and money during the process.

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    Average storage rental rate in London
    Average storage rental rate in London

    What is the best time of year for storage in Lambeth?

    According to our unique data, July is the most popular month for our storage users in Lambeth, with 13.21% visiting their units at this time of the year. Summer is the busiest time for the removals and storage industry, so it’s not surprising to see July receive such a high percentage. The moving house journey will be well underway for many across the city, meaning the need for self-storage space dramatically increases. It’s the perfect way to gradually unpack and safely store your items, without adding to the pressure of moving house.

    Both February and May were revealed as the least popular months in Lambeth, with only 3.77% choosing these dates. As February is a winter month, the lack of interest is likely due to the reduction in people moving house. Winter brings hazardous weather and lower temperatures, meaning many people across the UK will prefer to stay at home and not risk travelling.

    However, May might have seen lower numbers due to exam season. Many students will be in the middle of sitting their exams, reducing the amount of free time they have. Those moving houses with children will also avoid this month to reduce stress and ensure revision time isn’t disrupted.

    Popular Months For Storage in Lambeth
    Popular Months For Storage in Lambeth

    What is the best day of the week for storage in Lambeth?

    Our team discovered that Saturday is the most popular day for our storage users in Lambeth, with a majority of 41.51% transporting items into storage during this day of the week. The weekend is often a popular time for the removals and storage industry, with Friday being the most popular day to move house across the UK. It is then understandable that movers would use the following Saturday to sort through their items and return to their storage units.

    Tuesday is the least popular day of the week, seeing just 1.89% of storage users in Lambeth. The days within the middle of the working week will often see lower numbers as many users don’t want to disrupt their work shifts to visit their units. Our previous data also found that Tuesday is the most expensive day to move house, again limiting the reasons why users would visit self-storage providers.

    Popular Days For Storage in Lambeth
    Popular Days For Storage in Lambeth

    Moving house storage in Lambeth

    Throughout 2018 and 2019, Lambeth Council estimates that 37,891 residents moved into the city. Self-storage can help make the process of moving house more efficient and less stressful as it reduces the pressure of any time restraints when it comes to packing. You will have peace of mind knowing that your items are in a safe, clean and dry space whilst also having the additional time to sort through everything, cutting down the length of your packing process. It can also help keep your removal costs down as you’ll need fewer moving boxes and smaller vans to transport furniture.

    According to rightmove, flats are Lambeth's most popular property type due to the high house prices. This means many people moving to the city will be looking to downsize, thus increasing the importance of additional storage space. Self-storage units give you extra to carefully sort through your belongings, ensuring you don’t lose items or throw anything away by mistake.

    By using a verified and trusted storage provider, you’ll have peace of mind knowing your items are constantly monitored by active CCTV. This allows you to focus on your house move with absolute ease. Whether you require short or long-term storage solutions, don’t forget to compare quotes first to save both time and money. Don’t risk damaging your furniture by rushing the process - use a trusted storage company to efficiently and safely organise your belongings.

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    Business storage in Lambeth

    According to London Councils, Lambeth is home to approximately 15,660 businesses in local units with management consultancy activities being the top industry across the borough. Of these 15,660, around 13,645 are microbusinesses with 0-9 employees. No matter the size of your company, self-storage can be an ideal and cost-effective way to grow your team and expand even further.

    Most commercial storage providers will offer flexible and secure storage solutions with various contracts to choose from. Business units have a variety of purposes, including storing excess stock, housing seasonal equipment, protecting important documents and even storing furniture.

    Rest assured, all of Compare My Move’s partners use state-of-the-art security systems and alarms, with active CCTV constantly monitoring the facilities. You will also have peace of mind knowing that you’re the only keyholder for your unit, with the building consistently manned by experienced guards and staff members.

    To learn more, read our guide to business self-storage units.

    Student storage in Lambeth

    The London Borough of Lambeth is home to 3 universities and colleges, with Lambeth College alone housing 10,000 students. These numbers are just one of the many reasons why self-storage is in such high demand across the borough. There are many student storage units available in Lambeth, offering both short and long-term contracts depending on your specific needs.

    Whether you’re moving between student accommodations or visiting family during the holidays, self-storage units can be an ideal solution to safely house your unused or heavy furniture whilst you travel. Our partners use state-of-the-art security systems and have active CCTV monitoring the units, ensuring every item is protected. Your chosen facility will be completely safe, dry and clean.

    Self-storage can be a flexible and affordable solution for students who require more space. Many storage providers offer a range of services, allowing you to store single items or an entire household’s worth. You may find self-storage especially useful should you be an international student as you have added peace of mind knowing your items are secure for as long as you need to.

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