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If you’re searching for a trusted and verified storage provider in Wandsworth, our expert team at Compare My Move can help. We work with a number of experienced and dependable London-based storage companies, all of which provide cost-effective and high-quality services. Simply complete our online form and we’ll connect you with up to 6 of our helpful storage partners in your local area.

Once the form has been completed, you’ll be contacted by the relevant self-storage companies who will then discuss your quote and specific requirements. You can compare prices and find the right company for your personal needs and budget, saving you both time and money. Rest assured, all of our partners are verified by us and use safe, clean and dry storage units with state-of-the-art security systems and active CCTV.

It’s important to note that the quote will not include the price of the delivery of your items unless specified by the company directly. Some storage providers will also offer removal or delivery services, so don’t forget to ask during initial contact. This way, you avoid additional hidden fees and are provided with a bespoke quote tailored to you.

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    FAQs About Storage in Wandsworth

    To answer your storage-related questions, we’ve done all the hard work and research for you. Our data discovered that the average storage unit size in Wandsworth is 75-100 sq ft. 

    We also found that the most popular day of the week for our storage users in Wandsworth is Saturday, whilst January and September are the most popular months.

    How much does self-storage cost in Wandsworth?

    Wandsworth’s resident population reached 329,700 when last recorded by the Office for National Statistics in 2019. With these numbers, it’s not surprising that many people are looking for additional space in this lively London Borough.

    Whilst we were unable to calculate the average cost in Wandsworth, we did find the data for London storage, where Wandsworth is located. According to SSA’s 2021 UK Industry Report, the average storage rental rate in London is £33.06. London proved to be the most expensive area in the UK for storage costs. This isn’t surprising as most populous urban areas see high demand and, as a result, higher prices. As a comparison, the average storage rental rate for the UK as a whole is £23.94.

    To keep your storage costs down, make sure you compare quotes with Compare My Move before choosing a company. It will help you save both time and money, as well as ensure you’re matched with the very best in the business.

    To learn more, read how much does self-storage cost?

    Storage Costs in Wandsworth
    Storage Costs in Wandsworth

    What is the best time of year for storage in Wandsworth?

    According to our data, the most popular months for our storage users in Wandsworth are January and September, with both seeing 14.96% of users arranging visits to their units. September is a fairly busy time for the removals and storage industry as summer is the most popular season to move house. Many movers use September and the following months to organise their items after the house move, allowing them to gradually unpack and decorate their new homes.

    Whilst many people become less active in the winter, especially after the stress and expenses that come with the Christmas holidays, January still saw a high percentage. Many users may be looking for self-storage at this time to store their holiday decorations until the following year. There will also be a lot of students looking for storage in January, as they return to campus after the Christmas holidays, bringing new items and pieces of furniture with them.

    April was the least popular month for users in Wandsworth to utilise their self-storage units, seeing just 4.16%. March and November also saw low numbers, with both reaching just 6.65% of users.

    Popular Months For Storage in Wandsworth
    Popular Months For Storage in Wandsworth

    What is the best day of the week for storage in Wandsworth?

    Our team discovered that Saturday is the most popular day for storage users in Wandsworth, with 27.42% transporting items to their units. A further 21.33% chose a Friday. The weekend is a very busy period for the removals and storage industry as Friday is the most popular day to move house across the UK. Many movers will then be looking to organise their furniture the following day (Saturday) to help them through the unpacking process, increasing the number of visits to storage facilities. Students can also make use of the weekend as they then have time outside of lectures and revision times.

    We also found that Tuesday and Sunday are the least popular days for our storage users, with 8.03% choosing these particular days of the week. As Tuesday is situated at the start of the working week, many students and workers will be too busy to arrange the trip. Previous research also found that Tuesday is the most expensive day to move house in the UK, meaning the number of movers looking to utilise self-storage will also decrease.

    It’s not surprising to see Sunday also receive such a low percentage. There are many storage providers across the UK that reduce their opening hours on Sundays, thus reducing the number of staff onsite. This could be a major factor that influences many of our users.

    Popular Days For Storage in Wandsworth
    Popular Days For Storage in Wandsworth

    Moving house storage in Wandsworth

    There can be a number of challenges that affect the timescale of the moving process. However, self-storage can greatly reduce moving stress by providing you with extra space to keep your unused items, reducing the length of the packing process. You can organise your belongings at your own pace, without worrying about accidentally damaging or losing items.

    Renting a storage unit can also help you cut down on your removal costs as you’ll be able to declutter your items first, reducing the number of moving boxes you need. All of our storage partners use state-of-the-art security systems, alarms and CCTV to protect their facilities and ensure your items are in a clean, dry and safe environment. It is a safer option than using damp attics, garages or other people’s property.

    No matter what the requirements, self-storage can help reduce the stress that comes with moving house. Whether you’ve sold your previous house before buying a new one or need somewhere safe to keep furniture in the interim, renting a storage unit can be the ideal solution to ensure your items are completely protected.

    To learn more, read our guide to moving house and self-storage.

    Business storage in Wandsworth

    According to London Councils, there are 19,010 local businesses in Wandsworth, with the professional, scientific and technical sector being the most prominent industry. Of these 19,010 businesses, 17,110 are microbusinesses with 0-9 employees. Self-storage can be essential for many companies, whether it’s for the overflow of stock or for storing seasonal equipment. It can also be an ideal solution for smaller businesses looking for space to grow and expand.

    A lot of commercial storage facilities in the UK offer flexible and cost-effective services that accommodate 24-hour access. The units can be used for multiple purposes including protecting private documents, storing additional stock and housing seasonal equipment. Every partner that enters the Compare My Move network uses modern security systems and has active CCTV to protect their facilities 24/7.

    To learn more, read our guide to business self-storage units.

    Student storage in Wandsworth

    There are around 17 universities located across South London. Whilst Wandsworth isn’t home to any of these campuses, many students look to the area to find their next home due to its proximity. Self-storage can be a great benefit when moving between student housing, with short and long-term contracts available to ensure flexibility.

    If you’re leaving your accommodation during the term holidays, you may be searching for additional space to store furniture or unused items until you return. Self-storage solutions provide students with a safe and secure facility to protect their items whilst they’re travelling. Whether it’s during the holidays, during a house move or during your time abroad, there is a perfect storage plan for you and your requirements.

    Many storage providers across the UK will offer exclusive deals for students, helping you save both time and money. The storage plans are often very flexible and cost-effective, allowing you to store anything from a single item to a household’s worth.

    To learn more, read our guide on student-self storage.