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Nationwide Approved Conveyancing Solicitors


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2nd Feb 2023 (Last updated on 10th Apr 2024) 3 minute read

If you plan on taking out a mortgage with Nationwide, you will need to ensure that your solicitor or conveyancer is on their lender panel. This applies to those planning to remortgage their home and people looking for a first-time buyer mortgage.

The Nationwide Building Society lender panel list contains a list of approved firms from all over the country. If you use a firm on Nationwide’s conveyancing panel, there is a minimised risk of delay or extra cost.

You can complete our conveyancing comparison form to receive up to 6 quotes from licensed conveyancers that may be part of the approved list. You can then compare quotes and save money on your conveyancing fees.

This guide takes you through everything you should know about the Nationwide conveyancing panel.

  1. How Much Does it Cost to Use a Nationwide Mortgage Panel Solicitor?
  2. What if My Solicitor is Not on My Lender’s Panel?
  3. What is a Mortgage Lender Conveyancing Panel?
  4. How to Check if My Solicitor is on the Nationwide Panel?
  5. Finding a Solicitor on the Nationwide Conveyancing Panel

How Much Does it Cost to Use a Nationwide Mortgage Panel Solicitor?

The average conveyancing fee when buying a house is £2,239. Using a solicitor on the Nationwide conveyancing panel can be extremely beneficial. You will only have to pay one set of solicitor fees as the lender has already approved their service. The total cost is dependent on various factors including property value.

Using a panel solicitor is not a legal requirement. However, it is highly recommended. Nationwide will have to use an approved solicitor to work on their behalf if you wish to use an unapproved solicitor. In these instances, you may be liable to cover the cost of their solicitor fees.

Your current solicitor can apply to join the Nationwide conveyancing panel if they meet the criteria. However, it’s best to check whether your solicitor is part of the panel before you proceed with the conveyancing process.

What if My Solicitor is Not on My Lender’s Panel?

Choosing a solicitor who is not on the lender’s panel will cause delays and may incur extra costs.

Delays can occur because Nationwide will have to open up a separate file for their chosen solicitor. Depending on how far along in the legal process you are, this can be an extremely timely process due to the paperwork involved.

You can choose to swap solicitors and select an approved firm. While this will still delay the process, it means that you won’t have to cover any extra costs. You will simply have to pay your previous solicitor’s fees for their time on your case so far.

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What is a Mortgage Lender Conveyancing Panel?

A mortgage lender panel contains approved conveyancing solicitors and conveyancers. Most mortgage lenders will have a conveyancing panel. In order to join a conveyancing panel, the firm will have to meet criteria laid out by the lender.

Nationwide Building Society legal panel solicitors guarantee a high level of service. This helps to avoid a stressful experience regardless of whether the case is a recent remortgage or a house sale.

How to Check if My Solicitor is on the Nationwide Panel?

In order to check whether a solicitor is on the panel, you’ll need to contact Nationwide directly or speak to your mortgage advisor.

Sometimes, your solicitor won’t disclose whether they are on the conveyancing panel until the conveyancing process has begun. Therefore, it’s best to communicate with your bank and advisor before proceeding. This can save you money and time in the long run.

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Finding a Solicitor on the Nationwide Conveyancing Panel

The best way to find a solicitor on Nationwide’s legal panel is by filling out our form. You can ask the firm if they are on the panel before agreeing to instruct them.

Compare My Move’s conveyancing partner network includes the best firms across the country. All firms must pass a strict verification process. This includes proving that they are regulated by one of the following regulatory bodies:

  • Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA)
  • Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC)
  • Law Society of Scotland (LSS)
  • Law Society of Northern Ireland (LSNI)
  • Chartered Institute of Legal Executives (CILEX)

This ensures that your solicitor is able to offer you sound legal advice. They’ll liaise with relevant parties including the seller’s solicitor, estate agent and the solicitor working on the lender’s behalf.

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Please note: Compare My Move is not affiliated or connected to the Nationwide Building Society. We do not manage the Nationwide Building Society Conveyancing Panel. We cannot guarantee that all of our conveyancing partners are on the Nationwide Building Society Conveyancing Panel, so make sure you check when comparing conveyancers.


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