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What is RICS And Why Is It Important?


Written by Reviewed by Mike Ashton

29th Nov 2019 (Last updated on 16th Feb 2024) 3 minute read

The Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors is the official regulatory body for Chartered Surveyors.

They issue and monitor the highest global standards that their members must adhere to in land, property, infrastructure and construction professions.

Using a surveyor regulated by RICS will guarantee your surveying experience to be one of a professional standard, performed by a trustworthy and highly-qualified Chartered Surveyor.

  1. Why Use a RICS Surveyor?
  2. How to Know if Your Surveyor is Qualified?
  3. How Surveyors Become RICS Members
  4. Benefits of Using a RICS Surveyor
  5. How We Regulate Our Surveyors
  6. Where Can I Find a RICS Surveyor?
  7. Finding a Surveyor
  8. Learn More About Surveying

Why Use a RICS Surveyor?

Using a RICS surveyor is vital if you want an accurate opinion on the property you're buying. RICS members are fully qualified in every aspect of property matters and are bound to the high standards that the institution set to maintain a trustworthy service.

Members must follow the ‘RICS Rules of Conduct’ that ensures you’re fully covered with professional indemnity insurance, something that not every surveyor may be able to offer. This ensures that you’re fully protected throughout the process.

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How to Know if Your Surveyor is Qualified?

The following should signify if your surveyor is regulated.

  • They should have their RICS number and badge on their website
  • They should be referred to as a Chartered Surveyor
  • They will appear on RICS’ find a surveyor tool

How Surveyors Become RICS Members

To qualify as a member, surveyors must have a degree or relevant experience that is accredited by the institution. The assessment process is lengthy and very thorough, ensuring you receive the highest of standards from your surveyor during the property survey.

Along with the accredited degree, another vital part of the verification process is completing the lengthy APC assessment. This consists of a 5,500-word written piece showcasing their ability to meet the technical and mandatory competencies, as well as a 10-minute presentation followed by a 45-minute question session.

It’s also a requirement that members partake in 20 hours of continued professional development each year.

Benefits of Using a RICS Surveyor

There are certain things that only a RICS surveyor can help you with.

  • Only a RICS surveyor can provide a HomeBuyer Report (Level 2) or Building Survey (Level 3)
  • Membership rules state that surveyors must update their knowledge and skills to give you the most professional service.
  • Every technique and every device used is as modern and accurate as possible.
  • They can save you from a variety of future costs as you’ll know exactly what needs to be fixed.

How We Regulate Our Surveyors

Compare My Move operate a strict verification process to guarantee you’re only getting the very best surveying services available.

All our surveyors must be RICS registered with a fully working website with the correct details so that you can contact them, guaranteeing a speedy response.

We pride ourselves on our professional partners, therefore the importance of third party feedback from trustworthy sources is second to none. Potential accredited surveyors must follow the ‘Code of Practice’ which ensures that your experience with the surveyor is one of ease.

To reassure our customers, we regularly monitor our chartered surveyors throughout their partnership with us. In the rare case of any negative activity, we will remove the surveyor as a verified partner.

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Where Can I Find a RICS Surveyor?

The following will help you find a RICS surveyor to help when buying a house.

  • Comparison Websites - All of our surveyors are regulated by RICS.
  • Recommendations - Ask family and friends for recommendations.
  • Mortgage Lender Panel - They'll work with a nationwide list of surveyors.

Finding a Surveyor

Compare My Move can connect you with up to 6 surveyors and save you up to 70% on your surveying costs. Simply fill in our surveying comparison form. We can then connect you with the right company for you.

All our surveying partners have passed our strict verification process. For companies offering Home Surveys and Valuation Reports, this includes being RICS Registered. Firms that specialise in Party Wall and Snagging Surveys can also be regulated by either the RPSA or RICS.

Need a Removal Company?

Once your survey and property transaction has been completed, you may need to hire a removal company. Our integrated surveying form lets you request removal companies in just a few simple steps. We can connect you with up to 6 removal companies in the local area. This will also allow you to save up to 70% on your moving fees.

Learn More About Surveying

This article has been part of our guide to surveying. In the next part of this series we take a look at everything you should know about chartered surveyors. To learn more read what is a chartered surveyor.

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Mike Ashton

Reviewed by Mike Ashton

Director, Cambridge Building Surveyors

With over 20 years of experience in the property surveying industry, Mike Ashton is the director of Cambridge Building Surveyors.

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