Compare My Move Partners ‘On a Mission’ to Get Us Moving Safely During Lockdown

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28th Jul 2021 7 minute read

Thinking of their future, Matthew and his wife had decided it was time to explore new locations and find a home that would provide more space for their beautiful family of 4. They wanted a home with the potential to extend and were incredibly excited when they finally found ‘the one’. However, with lockdown causing disruptions such as an incredibly poor line of communication in their chain, they would soon realise it wasn’t going to be a simple house move.

With the COVID-19 lockdowns continuing to affect the nation and the way in which we worked and lived, Matthew and his family soon began to notice that their living arrangements had become outdated. They found that their home was no longer adequate and did not suit their new family lifestyle.

“I was previously working from home, from a desk in the main bedroom. It was always in the way,” Matthew explained. “My wife also works nights occasionally. So because I was working in that bedroom, she was having to sleep in one of the kid’s bunk beds when she was on nights - which I think was OK for a couple of nights, but not after that. She got sick of it.” Luckily, the UK’s housing market soon re-opened and the family were able to slowly begin their house-hunting journey.

“We wanted to move to a better house in a better area,” Matthew told us. “We thought about moving for the purposes of being closer to different schools. But to guarantee that that would work, as you would expect, it kind of doubled the price of property...So that was something we did factor in, but we weren't successful.” It took some time and a lot of research, but the perfect home was a lot closer than they thought.

“We’re in an urban area so there's a lot of different kinds of styles of property within quite a small geographical area here,” he said. “We chose a property which had the potential to be extended to create more space for our family...It was about a mile [away]. It’s not that much bigger, but the layout was better. Also, it’s at the end of the cul de sac, which was nice. It was just going to suit us so much better.”

The property was a spacious, semi-detached house built sometime in the 1930s. It had everything Matthew and his wife were looking for: it was located in a quiet area, contained more space for them and their children, it had the potential to extend and a layout that would easily fit into their new lifestyle. “So everything's kind of separate...What it meant for me is that I can now work in the front room, the kids can be in the family room and then my wife can be asleep in the main bedroom in between the night shifts. That just makes everything a lot easier for us.” It was definitely the right home for them, so after months of searching it was finally time to begin the buying process. However, the actual sale wasn’t going to be quite so simple.

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Matthew’s completion date was expected around January 2021, so with the nation still under COVID restrictions, communication throughout the property chain became rather stagnant. “We had a couple of problems with systems and people that weren't entirely available,” Matthew recalled. “We found that our buyers [may have] possibly just appointed the various services that they needed and then walked away and expected it all to be sorted. For that reason, we were close to becoming involved with other people in the property chain and their solicitors just to speed things up.”

There was a lot of waiting and wondering during the process, meaning Matthew and his family were unsure when they could begin preparing for their moving day. “I mean, we possibly could have planned ahead, but it was difficult to commit to packing a house when we were unsure if everything was going to go through.” In the meantime, however, there was one aspect the family could begin planning: the removal company.

“I found [Compare My Move] via a search engine and found that, because the reviews were verified (i.e. left by actual customers), I could get an honest opinion of the removal companies that we could choose from,” Matthew explained. “The businesses that we shortlisted via Compare My Move were all professional and each had different advantages. [But] we decided that TCS Services was a good choice, as they seemed very keen to do well as a business and were focused on customer service. They wanted to make sure that they maintained their excellent record.”

TCS Services have been partnered with Compare My Move since 2018 and have since gained a superb 5-star rating from our users, something Matthew was very impressed by when researching potential removal firms. “There were entirely five out of five stars, there were top marks from everybody who used them and when we spoke to them, they were very focused on maintaining that obviously.”

Based in the heart of North East England, TCS Services have a wealth of experience moving a variety of property types such as homes, flats and bungalows. They provide quality removal services that are highly commended in their continuous 5-star reviews. With years of experience in the industry, the team’s amazing attention to detail and vast knowledge of removals ensures a smooth and seamless process every time. As part of our verification process, the company has both Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurances to ensure their clients are completely protected during the journey.

“I just think that they seemed very confident and knew exactly what they were doing. They turned up and cracked on! They were definitely on a mission...They [just got] on with it, worked out what they were going to do and got people moving. There were a couple of last-minute things we had to do during the process, like dismantling a couple of bits of furniture and that kind of thing, [but] they didn't seem to have an issue with that at all.”

After a very organised and successful home removals survey, Matthew, his family and the team at TCS Services were all ready for the move. Communication issues were still halting the process slightly but their completion date was finally in sight for January 2021. So with the property chain moving again, the family were soon on their way.

Due to the continued spread of COVID-19, the family had to abide by certain rules to ensure a safe relocation. The removals team had already organised their work bubbles and planned ways to maintain social distancing rules whilst helping the family. “If they were working in one part of the house we would be in another,” Matthew said. “They just did everything without any damage. They answered any questions when you needed them to, but they weren't pussyfooting around. They wanted to get on and they were quite firm with what they needed to get done, but they were polite at the same time so I think they've got that balance right.”

Despite the many delays and issues brought on by the pandemic, TCS Services ensured a safe, efficient and organised house move that greatly aided Matthew and his family. “We had doubts about the time that we chose to move and the market, but in terms of the actual moving day, the firm that we chose to do the work was excellent! They were well focused on their mission...They kept things 'moving' [whilst being] polite and considerate.”

Once they settled in, the family of 4 were soon inundated with thoughtful gifts and well-wishes from their new neighbours, further confirming that this was the right home for them. “All the neighbours were knocking on the door to introduce themselves and asking what we needed and dropping off bottles of Prosecco and cards and flowers...that was very much appreciated.”

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The house itself also immediately had a big impact on the family as the layout completely suited their needs and even began to inspire them creatively. “Yeah, I mean, the property itself is absolutely ideal as a project, as something that could be extended and because it is so good for that purpose, (which is partly why we chose it) there are so many options,” Matthew told us. “...There are lots of different things we could do. So many options that it's actually making it difficult for us to decide, which is a good problem to have,” he laughed. “But we need to get on with it soon.”

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