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A Removal Team So Good I Used Them Twice

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22nd Oct 2020 5 minute read

It’s fair to say that, having moved from South Africa to the UK over twelve years ago, Dawn is no stranger to the moving process. The long journey provided her with a plethora of experience, but it soon became clear that this latest move would require an extra helping hand.

After arriving in the UK, Dawn found the perfect flat to call home - a cosy space for living alone with a great area to meet new neighbours. However, circumstances changed throughout the years, and with two added guests looking to move in, 2019 was definitely the time for a bigger living space. “When I moved into the flat I was on my own,” Dawn told us. “And then my son moved in and my partner moved in, so a one-bedroom flat wasn’t a lot of space.”

Luckily, Dawn and her partner soon found a gorgeous and, more importantly, spacious house just five minutes from her flat. It was still within the area they loved and was exactly what they needed, a place to feel like they could breathe again. But, despite the short journey making the process a little easier, Dawn quickly realised that they needed to call in reinforcements.

“In South Africa, you’ve got your bog-standard people that you’d see,” Dawn explained. “We didn’t have little companies that did the move. It was always big companies and you knew who they were. So, moving here, once I’ve accumulated twelve years of stuff, I didn’t know where to start.” With multiple options available, it was difficult to narrow down the search to just one reliable and trusted removals firm.

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Luckily, Dawn was soon presented with a solution as she noticed an advertisement for Compare My Move. With an easy comparison service, it provided her with a simple way to assess the many local removal companies in her area. We asked Dawn why she was first drawn to using Compare My Move, to which she replied, “It gets the local guys in the area to have the opportunity too, instead of just going to a big, known, random company. It’s supporting the local [firms] which, for me, is quite important.”

After completing our online form, Dawn was then provided with a number of options who would then contact her for further information. “With the guys that I got from Compare My Move, the prices were all different. So, it was a good exercise to see quality and quantity.” Dawn then agreed to a few pre-move house surveys with some of the companies, to help ensure she was getting the best price.

“They actually took the time to come to the property, walk through everywhere. The one company actually poked his head up into the loft to see what was there.”

Within the list of recommended moving companies, Dawn eventually found Eaton’s Removals. Eaton’s Removals joined the Compare My Move network in 2013 and have received an impressive five-star rating from our users. They are a family-run business based in Kent, who have years of experience in the industry. Like all of our removal partners, Eaton’s Removals are fully insured and verified by us.

After seeing their glowing reviews, Dawn requested a house survey and with one final quotation, Eaton’s Removals became her final choice. When discussing the house survey, Dawn explained, “I wanted somebody to actually come in and look to see what’s being moved...They actually took the time to come to the property and walk through.”

As the journey to her new home was only five minutes, the main difficulty would be relocating twelve years’ worth of personal items. But with the team’s determination and hard work, the day was completed without a hitch. When asked about the move, Dawn was more than happy to recount how helpful the team were, “They just told us to sit down and please relax…[they] were asking us ‘Where would you like this?’, and not just dumping it in one room and saying, ‘Right we’re off!’ They were actually asking where everything was going. That was a nice touch.”

With every item in its proper place, the process didn’t take long to complete at all. “It’s a great team to have move you!” Dawn stated. “Moving into a house from a flat felt like a bird being released after being in captivity.”

Dawn was so impressed that she will actually be revisiting the team again quite soon as she’s chosen them for a future move, making it her second time working with Eaton’s Removals. “Funny thing is, we’re actually moving again in three weeks time,” she laughed. “We’re using the same guys as well because they’ve just been fantastic and their prices were great.”

Once the move is complete, Dawn and her partner will be settling into a cosy bungalow where the loft has been converted into the main bedroom with an en suite. “Coming from South Africa, I’m used to a bungalow house where everything’s on the same level and you don’t have to go up for the bathroom or go up to go to bed,” Dawn explained. “So it’s going to be novel being back in a bungalow situation again.”

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Here at Compare My Move, we are so happy to hear that Dawn and her partner will be using one of our removal partners once again. We constantly monitor any and all reviews left by our users and are proud to work with companies who provide such high-quality services.

When asked about her overall experience, Dawn cheerfully replied with, “Not knowing the movers in the country, it helped to have a site like Compare My Move as it gave me options I had not thought of. The guys we ended up with were earlier than expected and really professional, they had us moved in less than 4 hours.”

Whether you’re looking to compare property surveyors, conveyancers or removal companies, Compare My Move can connect you with the best in the business. Every partner is verified by us and must go through our strict verification process to ensure they can provide quality services to aid you with your move. No matter what the requirements, our dedicated team is on hand to connect you with the right professionals - it’s this hard work and dedication that makes Compare My Move the home of moving homes.