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Compare My Move Provided Us With the Perfect Match

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12th Oct 2021 6 minute read

Moving house can be a stressful process but moving with children can sometimes be even more complicated. Depending on their age, it can be difficult trying to entertain a child whilst battling through the chaos of moving day. This is why it’s vital you work with a verified removal company to take some of the hard work off your hands. This is exactly the challenge Kerri and her husband faced during their latest house move from Emsworth.

Originally living on Thorney Island, Kerri and her husband had decided it was time for a change. Kerri currently works as a nurse in Southampton, meaning the daily commute was quite a challenge. “We moved locations...about an hour and a half journey from Thorney Island to Southampton. It's quite a long move,” Kerri explained. “My husband's military…[but we wanted] our own house and to be able to do things in it. What we were originally doing was living closer to his work, but now, having a child, my social bubble is around Southampton. We moved so that I would have people's help with [our child] when my husband's away and things like that.”

Not only were they searching for a home they could actually work on themselves, but the couple had realised throughout the recent lockdowns that their requirements as a family had changed quite a bit. “Our priorities changed,” Kerri told us. “Maybe because of COVID, but our priorities changed in that I needed to be near my friends.” They were beginning to outgrow their military home and needed to look further afield. About an hour and a half away, they soon found the home that fitted perfectly.

Whilst it was a 4-bedroom property just like their old home, it had much more space to work with and was in the best location possible to ensure Kerri was still surrounded by her dependable social bubble. The couple fell in love with the home and, once the buying process was completed, they soon had their moving date for June 2021.

The next hurdle for the family would be finding the right moving company. “So to be honest, we've not used a removal company before,” Kerri explained. “And I wasn't quite sure what to expect and how much we'd have to do and how much they’d do.” Organising a house move can be stressful and it’s often overwhelming trying to find a suitable removals company when you don’t know where to start. Luckily for Kerri and her husband, the answer was quickly available to them. “I think I Googled it actually, just to try and find somewhere to have a quote on how much it would be to use removals because we didn't really have a ballpark figure of how much it would be.”

To help narrow down their options, the couple decided to complete the Compare My Move removals form to get connected with an experienced company. “It came up with 1 result, but actually that result was perfect!”

It was quite literally a perfect find too as Kerri was matched with Perfect Removals, a verified removals company that has been a Compare My Move partner since 2018. Over the years the team has garnered amazing reviews from users and a superb 5-star rating overall. They work hard to ensure every client has an organised and efficient house move, allowing you to enjoy the exciting milestone rather than get caught up in the chaos.

“We've not used a removal company before, and I wasn't quite sure what to expect and how much we'd have to do and how much they’d do. But they were really good! They rang us a couple of days before and informed us of the plan for the day. And that included them coming the day before packing up the van, so most of it was ready to move the next morning.”

The glaringly positive reviews sealed the deal and the couple happily waited for the call. “Reading the reviews was helpful because when there's only one result that comes up, you do kind of worry whether that company is good enough...But the reviews were amazing! So that kind of gave us the confidence we needed.” Only 24-hours after completing the form, Kerri and her husband were contacted by Perfect Removals and started organising their bespoke removals plan.

The team at Perfect Removals kept an open line of communication with the family right up until their moving date to ensure there were no delays. “They rang us a couple of days before and informed us of the plan for the day,” Kerri recalled, “That included them coming the day before to pack up the van, so most of it was ready to move the next morning.” Everything was planned and prepared, making for an easy and efficient day. “Pretty much all but what we needed for that night was all packed up.”

“Having a toddler, he was at nursery the day they packed up, but he was with us the day we we left them to it.” The team’s careful planning and their expert eye for detail ensured that Kerri and her husband were able to entertain their beautiful toddler and focus on the more important aspects of the day. “The removal is an expense, but it is worth it, especially if you've got children. It's worth it to take away that stressor. The morning of the move, we went to the park for a couple of hours and then took him out for lunch. And by the time we came back, all our boxes were in the rooms ready to unpack - 100%, we’d do it again.”

The couple were delighted with the movers’ work: “Oh, I was completely happy with how it went and we’d definitely use it all again!” With a simple and seamless move, it didn’t take long for the family to settle into their new home.

“Our new house is lovely. It's slightly bigger. We have gone from a 4-bed to a 4-bed, but actually, the space downstairs is much more utilised.” The property gave the family the much-needed space they were looking for and provided them with the opportunity to re-work and redecorate as they pleased - something they were not able to do whilst living on Thorney Island. “So we potentially wanted another room downstairs that we could have as a playroom - just having that is really handy.”

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When describing her new home, Kerri continued by stating, “Everything is pretty much on our doorstep. We go out for daily walks and there's a lot of things for my son to get involved in. Just being able to go around [my friend’s] for a cup of tea rather than an hour journey.”

Here at Compare My Move, our verified partners have helped many happy movers throughout the years. No matter what the requirements, our partners will ensure that you’re able to reach your new homes as safely and swiftly as possible. If you’d like to find your perfect match just like Kerri did, then simply complete our online form to be connected with the most reliable removal companies in the local area. We can even help you compare conveyancing and surveying quotes should you require further help.