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22nd Oct 2020 4 minute read

After living at their previous home for over five years, Robert and his wife, Patricia, decided it was time for a change. Due to the noisy area and the neighbouring stream banks looking a little worse for wear, they decided it was time to take the plunge and start looking for properties closer to their grandchildren. “After five years of suffering it, I thought it was time to move,” Robert said.

Luckily, it didn’t take too long until they had found ‘the one’, a beautiful two-story home that was within walking distance from their daughter and two grandchildren. “We moved into what’s essentially a townhouse. It’s a bigger house, but it’s not directly overlooked by anything so it’s much more peaceful,” Robert explained. It was exactly what they wanted and so, with the transaction complete and the keys ready to be collected, it was time for the biggest job in the process: the move.

However, along with age comes restrictions and so, the couple decided that this move wasn’t to be tackled alone. “I think, because of my illnesses, I would’ve generally packed all the stuff myself and even hired a van to move, myself,” Robert explained. “But I decided, this time, that it wasn’t worth risking my health and so that was why I came to Compare My Move to get some quotations in.”

Whilst searching for local removal companies in 2019, Robert came across Compare My Move. Instead of spending hours scouring the internet, he simply completed our online form and was soon presented with a number of different options. It made the process much simpler and allowed him to find a company who could help with their specific requirements.

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Robert instantly received four quotations from different removal firms who then contacted him for further information. “And then two of the moving companies actually came down and did a full review of what we had to do. That was really reassuring, it showed that they were actually there as experts.” After the initial house survey and one final quotation, Robert and Patricia soon accepted the family-run company, Moved By Experts, as their movers.

A Compare My Move partner since 2013, Moved By Experts are a hard-working team who have been working in the industry for over twenty years. They have a ‘superb’ five-star rating from our previous users and continue to provide first-class services across the UK. After the typical wait for a completion date, Robert and Patricia were happy with their choice and finally booked their move for June 2019!

The excitement was building for the pair but, as per usual, so were the nerves. However, as Moved By Experts had already assessed the home and items to be moved through a pre-move house survey, everything was planned out in advance ensuring a much more efficient process. “The move itself was superb!”, Robert explained. “My wife and I had already packed our stuff ourselves but the guys came in, took over, took everything out and they were really, really slick.” Despite expecting it to take all day, Robert told us that Moved By Experts only needed four hours to load the van and get set for the journey.

“They definitely made the whole move smooth, that was really, really super,” Robert continued. “As I said, the loading took four hours and they did things I hadn’t even thought about! They were on the ball!” Whilst Robert and his wife got their new keys, Moved By Experts’ team waited patiently, with their vans on hold. Then, within a couple of hours, the couple were settled into their new home with every box in the correct room. “Fairly seamless”, Robert happily told us.

“Normally, I might’ve gone out and gone to different companies myself...but doing it through one medium was absolutely, much, much easier. And then, of course, the removals company just lived up to their name. They were experts!”

Having been living at their new home for over a year, Robert and Patricia have greatly enjoyed making it their own, updating the garden, kitchen and bedrooms whilst in the British lockdown. “When we bought the house, although I liked it, the gardens suddenly didn’t appear to be what I really wanted. So, I’ve had all the gardens done, front and back, and we’ve now got a nice urban space where, throughout lockdown, we could go enjoy the Summer sunshine!” Their two grandchildren have also been enjoying their new, urban gardens, soaking up the sun during their more frequent visits.

Robert now also runs the local community centre where he organises exciting activities and meets the locals he now calls neighbours. With his daughter’s home being a two-minute walk from him, he’s also been able to spend much more time with his beautiful grandchildren, taking them to and from school when required. When telling us about his daughter and family, Robert stated, “As she’s an NHS nurse, we’ve been almost looking after her two young children full-time...Now, I can finish the community activities, pick up the children and walk them off to school.”

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Originally living in a noisy area far from their grandchildren, Robert and Patricia now have a much more family-oriented life. They’ve enjoyed updating their new house and are very grateful to our removal partners, Moved By Experts, for making their move as efficient and simple and possible. “I think Compare My Move and the company we selected, provided such an excellent service,” Robert told us. “They were experts!”

As the home of moving home, Compare My Move has everything you need to ensure a professional and stress-free move. Not only do we provide users with insightful guides that have been fact-checked by our property experts, but we can also help you compare conveyancing, surveying and removal quotes to ensure you’re connected with the best in the business.