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Use Compare My Move to save up to 70% when moving to Bahrain. Of this island nation's 1.45 million residents, over 12,000 are British.

The capital Manama is a popular spot for expats, with other major cities including Saar, Hamala and Budaiya. As a country with plenty of sea and sun, Bahrain is home to many expats eager to work abroad. This appeal is boosted by an excellent standard of living and many high-income roles.

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Compare and Save Bahrain

Which Shipping Option Do You Need?

After finalising your move date, you’ll need to settle on the preferred shipping method for your goods.

Shipping your furniture overseas can be expensive if you don’t think about the items you’re sending. Consider your inventory's total number, size and weight to find the most suitable option. You can also save plenty by getting rid of anything bulky that can be replaced once you’ve moved, such as furniture or a car.

As an island country, you can move to Bahrain by any of the following freight methods:

  • Shipping freight
  • Part-load
  • Air freight

Feel free to use different options for different items e.g. air freight for essentials and sea freight for the rest.


Shipping Options Bahrain
Shipping freight Bahrain

Sea Freight

Sending possessions by sea is a popular choice when moving abroad since this method is versatile for how much it can carry. Besides being capable of carrying heavier loads, shipping containers come in 20ft and 40ft sizes to suit inventories big and small.

Bahrain has 5 major ports, with the Port of Mina Salman in Manama being the most used. The other main ports across Bahrain are:

  • Port of Khalifa Bin Salman
  • Al Manama Harbour
  • Port of Sitra
  • Port of Al Muharraq

Shipping freight charges you for the container you use rather than the contents inside - making it very cost-effective. The downside is that you’ll have to wait longer for it to arrive, with transit times to Bahrain taking around 25-35 days. You’ll also need to add 7 days or so to your wait time to account for domestic collection and loading.


Air Freight

Air freight is the quickest option for shipping items, taking only 1-3 days to arrive in Bahrain. Due to this transit time, air freight is best for those needing immediate access to their belongings.

The country’s only international airport is Bahrain Airport, situated on Muharraq Island within easy driving distance of Manama.

There are drawbacks to match the convenience that air freight provides. Since planes only have limited hold space and weight capacity, air freight is unsuited to larger or heavier loads. Air freight is also the most costly option of any freight type.


Air freight bahrain
Part load Bahrain


Anyone relocating with fewer items or funds will prefer part-load as their freight method. With part-load, you’ll be allocated a portion of a container instead of a full one, meaning you pay far less.

Your items will be sharing space with possessions from other expats. As a result, part-load deliveries take longer as they have to make stops to drop off other items along the way. When ordering part-load to Bahrain, expect to be waiting for 8-12 weeks for it to arrive.


Cost of Shipping Furniture to Bahrain

A 20ft container to Bahrain will cost an average of £2,905 to ship, whilst a 40ft container will set you back around £3,940. International shipping costs can differ depending on the amount and weight of items you’re moving, as well as the container size you choose.

You can expect to pay the following average prices when shipping items to Bahrain:

Container SizeCost
20ft Container£2,905
40ft Container£3,910

Data taken from DFS (commercial), MoverDB and Movehub


Cost of moving furniture Bahrain
Documentation Bahrain

What Documentation Do I Need?

In order to make Bahrain your new home, you’ll need to provide several essential items to certify your stay. Unless retiring or investing, you’ll need to secure a job before moving in order to secure a work permit. Besides that, expect to need the following when applying for residence:

  • A valid passport
  • Passport size photograph
  • Your health record from an authorised medical body
  • Proof of sufficient funds

Visas and Permits

Brief trips to Bahrain can be covered by a Visit Visa, which can be obtained either online or upon arrival. The duration of different short-term visas ranges from 2 weeks to 6 months.

For longer or permanent stays, you’ll need to go through the Ministry of the Interior e-visa website. This allows you to access and apply for visas relating to investment, property ownership and retirement.

If you’re moving to pursue career opportunities, your employer will need to submit a work visa application to the Labour Market Regulatory Authority. Work visas typically take around 5 days to process, though with delays this can extend as long as 2 weeks.


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