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Located between Austria and Switzerland, Liechtenstein is a small double-landlocked country. It's very appealing to expats thanks to its gorgeous landscape and low taxes.

The total population of Liechtenstein is 39,584, a third of which are foreign nationals. The major cities of the country include the capital Vaduz as well as Schaan, Triesen and Balzers. No city has a population larger than 6,000.

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Which Shipping Option Do You Need?

Arrange shipping before moving to Liechtenstein to ensure belongings arrive without delay. To find the right shipping method, you should consider the number of items you’re moving and how heavy they’ll be. This will ensure it best matches your budget and inventory,

You need to ensure you stick within your budget when shipping furniture overseas. That’s why it’s pivotal that you select the correct shipping method for your possessions.

Despite being landlocked, goods can reach Liechtenstein by road, sea or air. With that in mind, the following freight options are available for international removals:

  • Shipping Freight
  • Road Freight
  • Part-Load
  • Air Freight


Shipping options liechtenstein
Shipping freight Liechtenstein

Shipping Freight

With no coast and few rivers, Liechtenstein has no major ports for deliveries by boat. However, Liechtenstein is close to large river ports in neighbouring Switzerland and Austria. This means sea freight is still available, though it will take longer than with a coastal country.

Due to the logistics involved, sea freight to Liechtenstein can take between 3 and 8 weeks to arrive. This makes sea freight the slowest method of transport for international removals.

Shipping container costs are affordable and ideal for larger items due to their size. They're greater for heavier items like furniture thanks to a higher weight capacity.

Keep in mind that since items will need to cross the border to reach Liechtenstein from a neighbouring port, costs will be higher. This is because you’ll need to hire a removals vehicle to transport goods from the port to your new home.


Road Freight

Road freight is convenient and cost-effective when moving from the UK to Liechtenstein. You can book suitably sized vans to match your items, making road freight ideal for moves of every size.

Express deliveries can get road freight from the UK to Lichtenstein in 72 hours. Standard moves take 6-8 days to arrive depending on the destination. Road freight will use either ferries or the Eurotunnel to suit the journey. Expect possible delays due to post-brexit regulations.

International removal companies should have Goods in Transit and Public Liability insurance. This will protect your items between properties.


Road freight Liechtenstein
Part load Liechtenstein


Those shipping fewer items may find part-load as the best option. This keeps removal costs low by having you share vehicle space with other people’s contents. As a result, you only pay for your portion of space, rather than the full vehicle.

This is an ideal choice for budget moves. On the offside, part-load takes longer to arrive as more stops will be taken to unload other goods along the way. The more people sharing a vehicle, the longer the journey will take.


Air Freight

Air Freight is the most direct and thus the quickest way to get your possessions shipped. Transporting by air takes 2-4 days to reach Liechtenstein.

Liechtenstein has no international airports due to its size. However, 3 international airports are within an hour’s drive of the country:

  • Zürich-Kloten in Switzerland
  • St. Gallen-Altenrhein in Switzerland
  • Friedrichshafen in Germany

Remember that air freight is unsuited to larger loads and heavy items such as furniture. This is because air freight has limited space and weight allowance. Whilst it is quick, air freight is also the most costly option, making it unsuitable for budget movers.


Air freight liechtenstein
Cost of moving furniture Liechtenstein

Cost of Shipping Furniture to Liechtenstein

Container shipping costs to Liechtenstein range from £475 to £645. What you pay differs depending on the number of items you’re shipping as well as the container size you choose. Such quotes will not include packing services, which costs an additional £250.

You can expect container shipping from UK to Liechtenstein to cost an average of:

Container SizeCost (£)
20ft Container£475
40ft Container£645

*Data taken from MoverDB and Three Movers

To learn more, read our guide on How Much Do International Removals Cost?


What Documentation Do I Need?

Essential documents will need to be submitted whenever applying for a visa or permit. The items you’ll need to submit include:

  • A valid passport
  • Two passport-sized photos
  • Medical certificate
  • Proof of accommodation
  • Proof of funding

Visas and Permits

People looking to visit Liechtenstein short-term can apply for a Schengen Visa. This permits the holder to stay for 90 days in any 180-day period.

Expats will need to secure a residence permit to live in Lichtenstein. The lottery draw for residence is closed to British expats as only EEA members can apply. As a result, residents from third-party states (including the UK) can only gain residence in Liechtenstein by qualifying as a manager or a specialist in a desired field.

If you qualify, you’ll first need to find a job, then apply for a cross-border commuter permit. This allows you to commute and work in Liechtenstein whilst living in another country. You can apply for one at the Office for Migration and Passports (Ausländer-und Passamt).


Documentation Liechtenstein

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